are fruit roll ups vegan

Are Fruit Roll Ups Vegan?

Do you know how long fruit roll-ups have been in consumption? According to food records, fruit roll-ups are a popular snack that originated in the 1980s. So many people are inquisitive about fruit roll-ups’ content. Are fruit roll ups vegan? It is usual for food lovers to be curious and concerned about what they eat. So here we go to explore whether fruit roll ups are indeed vegan.

In a nutshell, the shortest answer to the question “are fruit roll ups vegan?” is Yes. They don’t have any animal products. So keep reading to know more about these edible fruit roll ups.


Are Fruit Roll Ups Vegan?

Are fruit roll ups vegetarian? Before answering, let me make you nostalgic. Even as a kid, fruit roll-ups were an awesome candy I had. I remember fruit roll-ups hit the shelves as it was (and still are) an excellent alternative to typical candy bars. And guys, they contain natural fruits. As a result, they taste extraordinary. Believe me, I am not exaggerating. Fruit roll-ups are mouthwatering candy items.

Since it includes fruits, there comes the question, “are fruit roll ups vegan?”. Yes, they are. However, I should tell you that some fruit roll-ups contain sugar and palm oil. Those two ingredients might not be very inviting for some vegans. Other than that, fruit roll-ups are completely free from animal products like gelatin and dairy.

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Are Fruit Roll Ups Healthy?

Well, the answer to this question has an explanation. If you get a YES to the question “are fruit roll-ups vegan?”, it should be healthy. Isn’t it?

Even though fruit roll-ups contain natural fruits, they aren’t always healthy. Now you might wonder why that is. It is because manufacturers coat these fruit roll-ups with excessive sugar. Therefore, such sugar-added fruit roll-ups aren’t healthy.

Don’t worry. I have some advice if you want to revive your childhood fruit roll-up memory. Of course, they are healthy if your fruit roll-ups are unprocessed without adding too much sugar. I will tell you how to select healthy fruit roll-ups for you and your kids.

When you buy fruit roll-ups, the following things should be considered.

First of all, look for whether they are made of natural fruit. Moreover, examining how much sugar there is also essential. If it has too much sugar, you’d better withdraw your thoughts of eating fruit-roll ups. Besides, some fruit-roll-ups come with fillers. They include complex carbohydrate types. Apart from that, ensure that your fruit-roll ups don’t come with artificial things like preservatives and colors.

Fruit Roll Ups Ingredients

I will leave the vegan fruit roll up recipe here so you can make it at home. Don’t look astonished! Using your favorite fruits, you can make your own fruit roll-ups at home.

I love any kind of fruit. But when I make fruit roll-ups, I use my favorite fruit types. For instance, mango, pineapple, strawberry, fresh berry, blueberry, and raspberries.

Next, you need lemon juice to keep the acidity in the fruit roll-ups. Finally, you can add sugar to your taste. Instead of sugar, you may use healthier honey.

The benefit of homemade fruit roll-ups is letting your inner child taste healthy fruit roll-ups.

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How Are Fruit Roll Ups Made?

Even though my favorite fruit roll-ups are mango and strawberry, you can use the following method to make any fruit roll-ups. And thank me later! So here are the steps to produce edible fruit roll ups at home.

fruit roll ups ingredients
  1. First, you should blend the fruit type you selected. And it must come to a smooth level. (before I forget, I am going to give you another tip. If you are making multi-fruit roll-ups, don’t grind them together. Blend the fruits separately and combine them when you bake them.) Moreover, don’t forget to add lemon juice at this very point.
  1. Next, you need a baking tray. Or else a dehydrator tray. And lay a Silpat on the tray. You can use parchment paper too. But I don’t use it because parchment absorbs some juice from your mixture. Spread the blended fruit. And it should be a thin layer. Otherwise, it will take longer to dehydrate. I use my spatula to spread it evenly. So you also can use a spatula or something similar item in your kitchen.
  1. After that, you should dehydrate the fruit mixture in the oven. And remember, the temperature must be as low as possible. The temperature level that I use is 135-150 0 F. The thicker the mixture, the longer you wait to see the final results. That is why I ask you to make a thin layer. And the average time taken for dehydration is 7-12 hours.
  1.  Finally, you can make any design out of this dehydrated fruit layer. My favorite is rolled-up candy. But you can cut them without rolling them up.

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Are Fruit Roll Ups Having Gelatin?

Are fruit roll ups vegan? And then you might wonder whether fruit roll-ups contain gelatin. Most fruit roll ups don’t contain gelatin. So such fruit roll ups are purely vegan. However, on rare occasions, there can be fruit roll ups that have gelatin.

Are Fruit Roll-Ups Dairy Free?

Well, not all fruit roll-ups come from the same source. There can be thousands or even millions of fruit roll-up manufacturers. So some of these fruit roll-ups are entirely free from animal products, including dairy. However, some might manufacture them, including dairy. Therefore, you’d better check whether fruit rollups are completely vegan before you buy them. So if you are concerned about this, you can make your own fruit roll-ups at home.

Do Fruit Roll Ups Contain Any Fruit?

Are fruit roll ups vegan? Definitely, they are. But it depends on the manufacturer and your taste. The original fruit roll ups were utterly free from animal products. So they contained fruits only. However, with time, people started to add flavors in addition to natural fruits. Somehow, all fruit roll ups do have fruits.

Wrapping Up 

Hope you got clear answers to “are fruit roll ups vegan?”. Since fruit roll ups are an old candy item, today, it has evolved into many flavors and new recipes. Accordingly, you may encounter non-vegan fruit roll-ups in the market. If you want that childhood memory of pure fruit roll-ups, you can make them home. As a result, you can make pure vegan fruit roll-ups and eat them without any doubt.

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