Best Cold Press Juicer in 2021 for Healthier Life Style

Best Cold Press Juicer in 2023 for Healthier Life Style

Let’s begin like this; only the best cold press juicer can make perfect beverages as you buy from a café. After going through many products and juicing different drinks, we have handpicked five best value cold press juicers for juice enthusiasts. If you are exploring the best cold juicer to buy, this article has few great options for your consideration, and you will come across all the pros and cons of those products so that you will have little to no chances to go wrong. 

Our Recommendation

At the end of the trials, Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer appeared head and shoulders above the rest, and if you are a newcomer to the subject, this product is the best juicer for your home use.

It functions superbly with minimal sound, and the juicing process is straightforward to understand. The juices it provided were absolutely up to the mark, and notably, Aicok was the best slow juicer to extract most out of the fruits we tried. Further, going through the product profile, it was evident that most of Aicok’s users approve that it is the best cold press juicer on the market, and the results of the trials also seemed to support that fact. 


How Did We Pick?

Typically, the best masticating cold press juicer should extract tasty and less-foam juices with minimal effort. Overall, the following are the factors we considered when picking the products for the tests. 

Size of the feeding tube Considering the easy handling, the first thing you have to worry about is the feeding tube’s size. The bigger the tube, the easier it gets while handling, and it helps you minimize the time you spend for the extracting process. With larger tubes, you can put in bigger chunks of fruits and veggies comfortably, and you can lower the amount of waste as well. 

  • Compactness

The best juice extractor must not be bulky and heavy; it should be easy to move. So, it’s essential to choose products that have smaller footprints in the first place as the bigger-based machines eat considerable space meaninglessly. Not all kitchens are big enough to provide you with the luxury of having broader and taller units, and this is the exact reason why the demand for vertical juicers is higher than the horizontal ones. Moreover, you can place vertical machines in the corners of kitchen countertops saving space for the other appliances. 

  • Easy cleaning

The truth is most of the so-called best cold press masticating juicers are annoying to clean. You will have to separate the machines to get rid of the trapped food parts. This is where you must pay attention to dishwasher-safe parts, and it’s always useful to receive suitable brushes with the product than buying them from third-party suppliers. You got to have specialized brushes for easy cleaning, else it will be detailed work and cause damages to the machine. 

  • Warranty

Having a comprehensive warranty is something you must look for while buying a machine, and it’s the same with the juicers. Yes, you want to own the best cold press juicer in the world, and it must come with at least a warranty of more than two years. These machines have moving parts in them, leading small parts to wear down gradually; so, it’s a must to have extended warranty coverage. 

How We Tested?

The best cold press juicer on the market must have the capacity to juice a wide range of veggies and fruits. `So, we have tested hard and soft kind of fruits and vegetables. Each machine was given the same nature of fruits in the same amounts, noticed the outputs’ quality, and how the machines react to the ingredients.

Some of the units managed to crunch and squeeze without much of a problem making less noise. In contrast, few machines had difficulties juicing hard vegetables, which led them to make annoying noise while operating. 

Also, we wanted to see how much juice these machines are producing at a specified time frame. As an example, we squeezed two evenly ripped oranges in all the machines for twenty seconds, and the amount of juice received was different from one to another. Aicok Extractor was the best small juicer we came across, and it could extract maximum out of the oranges.

According to the prior user experiences, cleaning was a huge criterion in our trials where machines had to prove the fullest worthiness. Not all units were easy to clean and observed that food pieces were trapped in some places where reaching was nearly impossible.

This seems to have a direct say on the juicers’ longevity, and as we mentioned earlier, the best cold press juicer must be easy to clean, and Aicok had the upper hand over all the products with regards to cleaning as well. 

In our search for the best juicer, we had tried ten products in all and thought it would be ideal to mention only the top 5 products for your consideration to help to figure what is the best cold press juicer to buy. There was nothing much to separate one product from another and let us start the best cold press juicer review with our top pick, which is Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor.

What Is The Best Cold Press Juicer 2023?

MaterialPMMA, ABSStainless steel and plasticPlastic
Weight8.3 Pounds10.43 Pounds9.83 Pounds
Speed80 rpm80 rpm80 rpm
ColorClassic BlackIvory WhiteWhite
Dimensions 16.1 x 7.9 x 11.6 Inches14.57 x 7.32 x 11.42 Inches15 x 10 x 8.75 Inches
Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is the best cold press juicer 2021

First thing first, this is the machine that produced the best quality juice in our trials. Despite its affordability, it consists of all the modern-day features in it, and Aicok seem to have designed the best cold press juicer for home use. As mentioned earlier, it got the ability to extract juices efficiently from even leafy greens like kale, and it barely had any noise while it’s in full swing. 

The 150-watt motor of the unit is somewhat lesser than some of the juicers, but it’s more than enough for a masticator. With the seven-segment spiral auger’s help, the motor is capable enough to perform superbly with a wide range of vegetables and fruits. Though it’s a high powered motor, it can generate up to 80 revolutions per minute, and we did not notice the machine getting heated throughout the process.

According to the researchers, if a juicer becomes hot during work, it can kill vital enzymes and vitamins; if you are a health-conscious person, this product from Aicok is the best slow juicer for most nutrition extraction we suggest.

The plastic padding under the machine helps it to sit upright on any surface. Also, the Aicok juice extractor is well-renowned for its quiet operation, and yes, we noticed that it has lived up to the reputation magnificently. According to the manufacturer, the dB rate is less than 60, not even close to any annoying sound limits. It’s quieter than a conversion; your neighbours won’t know you are juicing!

What sets this best Aicok juicer apart from the rest is that it works quite outstandingly with leafy greens. We have tested different kinds of leafy greens, and most of the juicer choices did struggle to make any juices from them. Leafy veggies typically don’t carry much moisture in them, but the Aicok juice extractor was simply the best vegetable juicer, which had excellent results over other products. 

Tip: Do you know how to make celery juice without a juicer?

Let’s talk about the features and options of the machine. First of all, it carries a single speed setting, which is specifically designed to work slowly so that it has no chance to generate heat. The juice catcher is well capable of collecting about three glasses of juice at a time, and it was enough for us to catch the ingredients we tried.

An auto pulp ejection system automatically separates from juices and is stored in a separate partition, making cleaning a less problematic work. It wobbles a little when crushing hard sorts of veggies and fruits, but it has nothing to do with safety as it is well built for maximum safety.

In terms of the cleaning process, it was impeccably easy, unlike most of the popular brands.

It’s not dishwasher safe, but the unit doesn’t have any irregular shaped or hard-to-get-into pieces in it; this made cleaning a walk in the park.

Also, Aicok slow masticating juicer comes with a cleaning brush, and we barely needed it to clean the machine as the interior and exterior surfaces were so smooth that we could wash and clean with ease. Nonetheless, the addition of the cleaning brush is vital for a juicer due to various reasons, and Aicok got you covered in that aspect.

Regarding the value of the money, this product is highly affordable and has all the features you anticipate from a juicer. On top of all, it has a two-year warranty for the manufacturer defects, and it’s a product that has UL and ETL certifications to approve its quality.

The unit’s overall size is 16.1 x 1.79 x 11.6 inches and weighs only 8.25 pounds; this says it demands less space from your countertops and easy to move wherever you want. So, all in all, Aicok juicer covers almost everything and considering all the above facts and features, there were no second guesses; it’s the best low speed masticating juicer out of the choices we tried.  

Features of the Cold Press Juicer
  • Weight: 8.3 Pounds
  • Material: PMMA, ABS
  • Upgraded Spiral System
  • Wattage: 150
  • Speed: 80 rpm
  • DC motor
  • Runs less than 60 decibels
Amzchef slow masticating juicer is the best commercial cold press juicer 2021

It’s another popular juicer and a well-built machine to crunch all types of hard food items with ease. The juice yield of the unit is high, and because of the minimal heat creation, it keeps the nutrition intact in the juices, similar to the Aicok product. Actually, in terms of performance, we hardly had any reasons to put this below the levels of our top pick, and surely it’s one of the best price cold press juicers you will find these days. 

It’s equipped with seven spinning spirals and rotates 80 revolutions per minute to extract maximum juice from the veggies and fruits. The juice it produced had less foam due to this slow rotation, and it made no noise to produce high-quality outputs. It was so easy to handle the unit, and if you are a newbie to juicing stuff, this is the best electric juicer you can ever think of. 

The unit carries an efficient filter to separate pulp and juices. The tiny holes on the filter help you to have pure juices from the ingredients way more productively. The pulp is getting eliminated from the process automatically and continuously, so you don’t have to worry about stopping the device while you juice for a longer period of time.

The feeding tube is relatively small, which means it is quite a safe machine to work with as the chances are slim for accidents. However, we had to cut some of the fruits and veggies to insert them into the juicer, so inevitable prep work is there for certain food items. 

Concerning the outlook of the machine, it looks spectacular and attractive. Also, it fits any kitchen surface due to its ergonomic and compact design. Amzchef slow masticating juicer is made with BPA-free food-grade plastics, and they are sturdy and durable. Though it comes with only a two-year warranty, we know that it can produce quality juices for more than two years. 

Features of the Cold Press Juicer
  • Weight: 10.43 Pounds
  • Material: Stainless steel and plastic
  • Updated Spiral System
  • Multi-purpose Juicer
  • Wattage: 150
  • Speed: 80 rpm
Koios Juicer Slow Masticating Juicer the best cold press juicer on the market

It had no fancy features, bells, whistles, or any confusing features. Manufacturers seemed to have built this machine thinking about one thing; that is juicing with less hassle, and it is what we experienced as well. It’s one of the best slow speed juicers in the market nowadays, and 80 RPM, slow and methodical rotations mean the juice extraction and nutrition retention are at the highest standard. The device was so comfortable to move from place A to B as it weighed only less than 10 pounds. 

This particular machine has a reverse function, which we found very useful for unclogging the juicer to get high yields. You can change the direction of the rotation with just a click of a button, and you can use this feature to clean the device as well.

The noise was always a deciding element of the trials; the unit manufacturer mentioned the dB rate is less than 60. We definitely felt it is less than that and it was unbelievable to see the way it works in such an efficient manner without making any noise. 

The cleaning process is made easy with numerous removable parts. The only difficulty we faced was cleaning the machine’s filters; however, it was not a reason to worry thanks to the cleaning brush that comes with the Koios slow juicer. Overall, you can clean most of the parts under the tap, and if we rate cleaning feasibility, it’s 9 out of 10. 

When you search for the best cold press juicer for commercial use, the chances are huge that you will get countless Koios juicer reviews. This says that KOIOS juicer has established its name among juice loving people around the world, which was one of the major reasons that tempted us to try this product. It was fun to work with this juicer, and it takes only a couple of minutes to become a fan of it. 

Features of the Cold Press Juicer
  • Weight: 9.83 Pounds
  • Material: Plastic
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage: 150
  • Speed: 80 rpm
  • Runs less than 60 decibels
Jocuu slow juicer masticating juicer machine is the best cold press juicer machine 2021

Jocuu slow juicer has two-speed settings for hard and soft ingredients and a reverse function to avoid jamming; these are the main benefits we saw in this machine, and observed that these two features help to get enhanced yields compared to some of the selected juicers. If you ask us which is in our list of best cold press juicer machines that worked most quietly, the answer lies in Jocuu slow juicer.  

Yes, it operates less than 60 dB, and the quiet extraction means the juices are always high quality and preserves helpful enzymes and vitamins for a long time. The control button is smartly placed on the unit’s body, which you can adjust according to the speed you want for maximum productivity.

The components are easily removable, and assembling is as easy as ABC. Considering the cleaning, Jocuu provides you with a brush to run through the machine’s difficult partitions. But, we never used it as it was never required. The juicing part of the machine can be detachable easily, and even you can place it in a dishwasher (in the top rack) after rinsing the debris a wee bit. 

The unit’s small chute demanded us to cut the veggies and fruits, but the machine works so fast to save the time you lose on prepping. Anyway, it will be ideal if you pre-decide the food items you plan to get juices and cut them in advance before you start using the machine.  

You will receive a warranty of 10 years for the motor, and all other parts carry a warranty for three years; this is amazing given the affordability of the product. All the parts of the juicer are designed from food-grade materials and weigh around 10 pounds. All in all, this Jocuu’s product is one of the best juicers 2023 and well-equipped with all the qualities to answer the question of, “which is the best cold press juicer”?

Features of the Cold Press Juicer
  • Weight: 10.28 Pounds
  • Material: PMMA, ABS
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Wattage: 150
  • Upgrade Two-speed Program
  • Runs less than 60 Decibels
Aobosi slow masticating juicer is the best cold press juicer 2021

You will only need less than three minutes to become a pro in juicing if you choose this bad boy. Yes, it’s that simple to get high-quality juices with it, and it is one of the best home cold press juicer machines with regards to green juices.

Extracting juices from green leafy vegetables is the most helpful feature of it, we received just took all of us surprised. 80 RPM motor and auger design is supporting immensely for a nutritious and less-foam juice extraction. The juices that it extracts can last up to 3 days if you store them properly.

The juicer components are small compared to the other choices in this list, but most of them are easy to detach. We would say that Aobosi slow masticating juicer extractor is relatively easy to clean and assemble since the parts are dishwasher safe. And, it would be best if you brushed off the screen thoroughly before you place it inside the dishwasher. 

The chute size allows you to put food chunks up to a diameter of 1.5 inches, and the pulp ejection can be done externally without much of a problem. It carries a 150 watt motor, and the noise of operation is low. The warranty period is two years for the components, and you can use the machine with a wide range of vegetables and fruits. It’s another legit option you can consider for the best cold press juicer 2023.

Features of the Cold Press Juicer
  • Weight: 11.08 Pounds
  • Multi-purpose
  • Wattage: 150
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • 80 RPM
  • Runs less than 60 Decibels

Wrapping up..

So, we have reached the end of our review. Yes, you may not find the best industrial cold press juicer or the best commercial cold press juicer in this list. The five options we brought to you would help you own the best cold press juicer for home use. These are fantastic entry-level juicer machines a newbie can try with guaranteed great results; of course, these machines won’t cost you an arm and a leg as well. Until the next time, it’s a wrap from us, have a great day!

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