best flat top grill for Delicious, Healthy and Safety Grilling

The Best Flat Top Grills 2023 for Delicious, Healthy and Safety Grilling

An electric flat top grill would be ideal for all your cooking and BBQ needs and essential kitchen aid equipment to be kept in your kitchen for small gathering of your family as well. As with several brands available within the market you may confused on what’s the best flat top grill that you can go for. We believe that based on our buyers’ guide on best flat top grill 2023 you will be able to choose one which matches to your desirability and the budget.

The flat griddle would deliver the taste of meat, vegetables, or bacon as it’s that you’re grilling. And also, some may not intend to use within home that means you can pack up the flat top grill or griddle and take into your outdoor events easily. And most importantly using best rated gas grills you would able to cook many more foods all in one.


What is the Difference between Griddle vs Grill?

Sometimes you may struggle with whether to go with a griddle or grill. The difference between grill vs griddle are obvious as griddle have flat and smooth surface while grills have bars with opening. So, the temperature of grills is more than griddle as it directly opening to the heat source.

If you are hoping to cook lot of things such as pancakes, eggs with meat and vegetables and herbs then better to go with a griddle. Otherwise if you’re only need is BBQ better to choose the grill. And there is hybrid version of both within the market as well.

Factors to consider

Desirability of user

First you need to identify your desire as whether you look into cook within your home or else you wanted to bring them with you for outside adventures such as hikes, gatherings, camping. And also, if you are finding a best grill on the market for indoor usage it would be the best electric flat top grill, whereas if you’re looking for outdoor usage gas grill would be ideal.


Another important factor you need to consider is the grill size. Since today there are lot of offerings within the market with different sizes, you need to identify whether you want to cook foods using grill only for your family members or a crowd. And also, you need to match it with the space that you allocate in your kitchen too.

Ease of cleaning

Obviously, this is an important factor that need to be consider before you spent on. All the seasonings and oil left over with the grill after you cooked are harder to clean as well. Therefore, you need to choose one of the best flat top grills that able you to clean within a lesser time.

Ease of operating

If you’re using flattop grill for your frequent basis you need to choose a one that’s easy to operate. Some best BBQ grill brands design with one push button to begin with.

And also, it should ensure safe operation. If it’s a gas grill it shouldn’t accidently gas leaking. At the same time, it should burn the fat from your food that resulted a healthier food and also the operation process should allow you to use less oil.

Temperature control

Temperature is important factor to consider when grilling and smoking the BBQ using the smoker. Some may come with a fixed temperature. But if you’re looking for cooking several foods it may require several temperatures. So that it’s better to go with flat top grills with adjustable temperatures. There are several best rated electric or gas flat top grills with adjustable power contain in our buyers’ guide that able you to decide best grills to buy.

flat top grill for Delicious, Healthy and Safety Grilling

Gas Griddle Materials

There are several materials used to design gas griddles and it’s up to you to decide on which material that you need to go.

Out of all materials stainless steel material is the most suitable and durable material. And also, it’s easy to clean as well. The negative point is it’s bit pricey. But it’s worth to spent on it as it ensures longer durability.

When it comes to cast-iron commercial flat top grill it enables to keep warm the foods for a longer time. But the minus point is iron can be rust quickly and if so, it would harm for the healthiness of your foods that are grilling by using it.

Griddle that made with porcelain enameled steel is likely to crack easily. Therefore, it’s better if you’re not going with that.

Best Flat Top Grills 2023 – For Delicious Home Grilling

Here you can find the best flat top grill reviews, we will be discussing the features, pros and cons and use of these each grill available out there in the market

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This is one of the best gas griddles with a wide surface and easy to operate feature. This can be used to serve even only for your family or else for wider group as well. Best griddle grill combo is the best investment that you would made if you are looking for longer durability.

The most amazing feature in griddle cooking station is it comes with bottom shelf with two side shelfs one of which can be used to hold the paper towel and other one is a cutting board. And also, this can be easy to move around your place as it comes with 4 industrial strength caster wheels and also with detachable griddle top. Due to these features this is the best Blackstone griddle that anyone would like to invest on.

Moreover, this best grill and griddle combo has been designed with 4 independent burners which gives 60,000 BTUs heating capacity. So that griddle cooking station can be used to several foods than a traditional flat top grill.

Additionally, best griddle grill combo ensures a longer durability which become one-time investment for you due to stainless steel material that it made with. Let’s jump in to the pros and cons of this best gas griddle 2023.

Features of the Machine
  • Total 60, 000 BTUs from 4 burners
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Propane gas fueled grill
  • Bottom shelf and a side shelf
  • Removable cutting board
  • Convenient paper towel holder
  • 720sq inches of flat top
  • Build with stainless steel burners, powder-coated black steel frame, and thick cold rolled steel cooktop
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Blackstone griddle grill would take the outdoor cooking into a new level. This is the ideal choice for you if you’re looking a grill for your restaurant as it comes with wider surface. And also due to its 4 burners it will create higher heating capacity and can be adjusted the heating to match with several foods.

Blackstone griddle grill contained 4 wheels and two of them are lockable too in order to keep it steady when using. And also, it’s easy to assemble. The side tables that it contained added more value to the griddle when you use it in your outdoor functions. And also due to its steel made surface make it easy the whole cleaning process thereby save your time.

Moreover, Blackstone griddle grill comes with a quick ignition button that enable start up the griddle easily. Though it’s quite expensive, worth to spent on it due to the extra features than other offerings within the market. Therefore, this can be regarded as one of the best griddles 2023. You can check the pros and cons of this best outdoor grill 2023.

Features of the Machine
  • Quick ignition button
  • Rolled Carbon 7-Gauge Steel Griddle Top
  • Four independently controlled burners
  • Four good strength caster wheels
  • Solid Stainless Steel burners
  • Thick rolled steel surface
  • Total 60,000 BTUs
  • 720sq inches of flat top
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Camp Chef grill made at a professional level and budget friendly too. Camp Chef flat top grill comes with an interchangeable steel top that can convert between grill grates and a flat top griddle.

If you’re roaming around whether to go into a grill or griddle this is the best option for you to spent on as this provide both in one. And also, it has wider surface that specifically focus on outdoor events that engaged lot of crowd.

Due to its 4 burners it allows for customized grilling and heating flow. Moreover, it designed in a way that heat get distributed well around the surface. Due to its features it became best rated gas grill within the market and our top-rated list too.

When it comes to the design of Camp Chef flat top grill it contains two side shelves as well as two large bottom shelves too. If you’re on a budget this is the best flat grill that you can go for and for its price the features that it contains are more than enough.

Features of the Machine
  • 501 sq. inches grilling surface
  • Four 12,000 BTU Burners
  • Total 48,000 BTUs
  • Matchless ignition system
  • Two folding side shelves
  • Propane tank holder
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Non-stick surface
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The Blackstone 28-inch model is another best barbecue grill that you can go for due to its features. You should get to know the below features when you are searching the Blackstone grill reviews.

It provides 470 square inches of cooking space. When it comes to the design it contained two stainless steel burners that generate 30,000 BTUs in total and 15,000 from each. If you need the grill for your small family then you can only use one burner or else you can use both for wider group.

And also, this includes a bottom shelf for storage purpose. Additionally, its powder coated black steel frame made the cleaning easy as well as the grill can be long lasted. Propane griddle is an ideal choice for you if you’re looking on a griddle station for your restaurant.

Blackstone grills designed in a way that’s easy to use and assemble. Absolutely this best propane griddle would take lesser time to cook your foods.

Features of the Machine
  • 470sq inches grilling surface
  • Simple to use and easy to assemble
  • Battery-powered push-button ignition
  • Four industrial strength caster wheels
  • Build with stainless steel burners, powder-coated black steel frame and thick cold rolled steel cooktop
  • Total 30, 000 BTUs from 2 burners
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Royal gourmet grill gives you wide surface that enable to serve foods for a large group in your gatherings. This designed with 8 burners so that you can customized the heat generated based on your need.

Grill griddle Combo offers 950 square inches of cooking space that allows to serve 60 burgers or 120 hot dogs at a time. Therefore, this is the best choice that you can go on if you’re looking for a griddle for grill for your large outdoor events.

Moreover, the temperature that generate is 104,000 BTUs in total from all 8 burners. And also, this best barbecue grills contained a two folding side tables for additional preparation space. If you need to cook for a smaller group half of surface can only be operated.

Additionally, royal gourmet grill designed with 2 large bottom shelves that provide you enough storing capacity for your outdoor events. The most amazing feature is the integrated folding widescreen to protect food from wind while grilling. Below are the pros and cons of this royal gourmet griddle.

Features of the Machine
  • 8 stainless steel tube burners
  • Total 104,000 BTUs
  • 950 sq. inches grilling surface
  • 1/4″ diameter porcelain wire cooking grates
  • Electronic ignition system
  • 2 folding side tables
  • 2 levels of heavy-duty shelves
  • 4″ lockable caster wheels
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At glance CUISINART stainless steel griddle not looks like a backyard barbeque due to its unique style. It comes with 22-Inch cooktop. The most amazing feature in flat top gas grill is it made up with stainless steel that ensure a longer durability.

Two independently control burners provide 30,000 BTUs in total. This is the best outdoor flat top grill that you can spent on if you are hoping to buy a grill for your family usage. Stainless steel griddle automatically funnels grease to the grease cup that contained within it which save your time in cleaning.

Moreover, flat top gas griddle designed with a folding preparation table and a paper towel holder. Those make superior grilling experience for you and your family.

With its design you would able to cook restaurant quality foods within your home. It able you to move from your backyard to outdoor place easily with its four heavy duty caster wheels. And this is quite different from other offerings within the market as it contains stainless steel lid too which all other offerings do not have. Let’s put this best home grills pros and cons side by side.

Features of the Machine
  • Two Independent Burners
  • Total 30,000 BTUs
  • Over-sized 360-degree removable grease pan
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Paper towel holder
  • 12-inch Circular Wire Racks
  • 20-Piece Deluxe Grill Set
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22 inch Blackstone griddle wins buyers’ choice due to its simple and elegant design. In terms of mobility it’s the best grills 2023 that you can spent on. There are several models of Blackstone brand that you came across in our buying guide as it’s one of the best grill brands.

Blackstone flat top grill contained 2 independently control burners that enable you to operate with one burner if you have small quantity of foods or else you need to grill vegies.

Blackstone grill 22 inch griddle provides 330 square inches cooking surface that is much more enough to serve for an average family. When it comes to its grease management system that makes the cleaning as a super easy task.

If you’re reading Blackstone griddle review and looking for a more compact version of grill this best small gas grill 2023 is the best option that you can go for. When it comes to the space it counters space from your kitchen due to its design.

Features of the Machine
  • 330 sq inches grilling surface
  • 2 independently controlled H burners
  • Built-in grease channel
  • Heat resistant grip on the handle
  • Attaches and removes easily to change with preference
  • 32 pounds Weight
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If you go with Char-Broil tabletop griddle you would able to cook grilled food at anywhere in any time. This is the best portable flat top grill that you spent on. It comes with 2 burners that can be independently controlled.

From its gray color, it differs from other best outdoor griddles within the market. Due to its compact design it’s easy to pack up and take with you in your every outdoor adventures. Therefore, this is the best camping griddle if you’re going camping with your family or friends in your vacations.

Moreover, Char Broil best portable griddle has adjustable legs which can be used whenever you want. When it comes to cooking surface Char-Boil camping griddle provides 320 square inches. By using this you would able to cook variety of foods at any time. The grease management system of Char-Boil is one of the best outdoor griddle 2023 within the market that makes entire cleaning task super easy.

Features of the Machine
  • 320 sq inches grilling surface
  • Total 18,000 BTU’s grilling power
  • Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel cooking surface
  • Easy handling
  • Adjustable legs
  • Easily-accessible grease cup
  • Propane gas fueled grill
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It wins your choice if you’re looking for a grill with a unique design. It designed with heavy duty stainless steel that ensure longer durability and made it as one-time investment on the grill.

Evo griddle’s surface made with black-oil seasoned steel that gives better taste for your grilled foods within lesser time and it provides 650 square inches. Evo best flat top griddle comes with two independently controlled burners that provide 48000 BTUs. The stainless-steel lid that Evo grill contained cannot be seen among many flat top grills within the market. That can be used to roast, steam, warm your foods.

Evo flat grill includes rubber wheels that allows you to move around your place easily. This Evo flat top grill gives you wonderful grilling experience with its features for an affordable price.

Amazing feature that Evo griddle for gas grill has is it gets heat within a lesser time than others. Moreover, this counter limited space in your kitchen or backyard due to its compact design. The one touch electronic ignition of Evo griddle requires lesser effort from you.

Features of the Machine
  • One-touch electronic ignition
  • Propane gas fueled grill
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel construction
  • The solid oil-seasoned cooking surface
  • Dual circular burners with the inner and outer control knob
  • 48,000 BTU dual burners
  • 650 sq inches grilling surface
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Blackstone table top griddle comes with 36 inches or 720 square inches that allows you to serve for a larger group. The hard cover that it provides differ Blackstone top griddle from other grills within the market. And it includes two brackets to hang easily as well.

Since this is hybrid version of both grill and griddle this gives you restaurant quality grilling experience. This is the best budget grill that you can spend on. It’s easy to move around as table top griddle comes with four wheels. Due to its wider surface it comes with 4 independently controlled burners too. Those four provide 600,00 BTUs heating capacity from each 15000 BTUs. All parts of Blackstone table top griddle made with stainless steel that ensure the longer durability.

Moreover, its grease management system saves your time in cleaning too. Further you can read how to clean a Blackstone grill below. The two shelves that it contained provide you additional preparation space on specially for your outdoor grilling events. And the bottom shelf provides the storing capacity. Let’s jump in to the pros and cons of the Blackstone table top grill.

Features of the Machine
  • Designed to fit the Blackstone 36″ griddle top
  • Bear 60,000 BTUs of heat from four burners
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-duty handles
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Convenient hanging brackets

How to use?

All you have to do as the first step is preheat the grill. It’s better if you start at low heat and increasing the heat gradually. Then in order to prevent the food from sticking on surface you have to put some oil. It’s healthier if you are going for less oil with butter for more flavor.

Since in flat top grills there’s no openings for dropping fat contained in foods therefore you need to substitute the fat in meat for oil you using as far as you can.

Care and Maintenance of Best Flat Top Grill

Care and maintenance is an important topic for the person who follows the best gas barbecue grill reviews. In order to ensure a longer durability of your griddle you need to clean it on frequently while take caring it.  There are some tips that you need to follow for that and above content in our buyers’ guide get them to you.

When you take it to clean it should not be hot. If so, it shortens the durability of your griddle. So, before you clean you need to ensure that the griddle is cool. And then you need to have dish wash with you if you have to clean leftover foods stuck to your griddle only. A spatula with a flat edge helps you to clean oil which is harder to clean.

I recommend to follow these tips to increase life of the gas grills.

best flat top grill for Delicious, Healthy and Safety Grilling

Best way to Clean a Flat Top Grill.

Cleaning is essential irrespective of flat-top grills or indoor grills. Most of the time, peoples are facing threats from rats and other animals. Therefore, you must learn how to keep the grill away from the animals and clean it.

As we mentioned earlier for cleaning purpose of your grill all you need to have is a spatula with a flat edge, hot water, paper towel. And most specifically used dish washer only if it really necessary. Following content provides you the best way to clean your flat top grill. As the first step you need to use spatula in order to scrapping off all the leftover foods and grease on the surface. 

Then as the second step you need to wipe out the surface from the paper towel before pour hot water to the surface. The reason for using hot water is it enable easy to clean oil on the surface which cannot be clean using normal water.

Then wash the surface from normal water and if the grill can be separated to detachable parts it’s better to clean them after you detached.

How do you season an outdoor gas griddle?

Seasoning a flat top grill is important for best quality meet. First you have to clean the surface and wipe it using a damp cloth. Then you need to fire up the burners and keep it turned in to dark. Then put some best oil for flat top grill on that and make sure that oil is spread over by using tongs or heat resistance gloves.


We believe that this will guide you to make your choice wisely as it contains best 10 flat top grills 2023 with factors to consider, the best way to clean a flat top grill and etc.  You’ll not ended up with a wrong choice as this includes 10 best flat top grills. Now it’s your turn to get yourself a best outdoor grills 2023.

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