Keep You and Your Family Safe with Best Whole House Humidifier

January 9, 2023

A humidifier is an electric appliance that can increase the humidity level of a room or a building. Obviously, a whole house humidifier is a machine used to humidify an entire house. The best whole house humidifier takes water straight from the water reservoirs and injects fumes to your entire house. 

Why is It So Vital to Keep an Eye on Your Home Humidity Level?

Simply, having a humidity level of between 30% – 50% is crucial for a healthy life both for you and your pets. Usually, dry air can enhance the chances of bacteria, flu viruses, and allergies; even it’s not ideal for your furniture and most of other home appliances as well. 

The easiest way of keeping these issues at bay is to own the best whole house humidifier which can come in handy for you to reduce the risks of asthma, dry coughs, and damages to the structural integrity of your house as well.

How to Diagnose Your House is Crying for a Humidifier?

Often, we used to put the blame on various other factors rather than identifying the real issue and the above mentioned unwanted situations are coming fast towards you if you neglect following signs at your home.

  • Your indoor plants are appearing to be droop.
  • Dry lips and throat
  • Edges curled wallpapers
  • Frequent allergies and flu attacks
  • Strange nose bleeds
  • Cracked furniture

Home Steam Humidifiers vs Evaporative Humidifiers, What is the Difference?

Actually, evaporative humidifiers are considered the old way of humidifying a room or house. Typically, water goes over a panel (filter) and blows air top of it. On the other hand, the house steam humidifiers are way too fast than evaporative water humidifiers as they get the water to heat quickly in order to release the steam throughout the house.

Keep You and Your Family Safe with Best Whole House Humidifier

Buying Guide for the Best Whole House Humidifier

Before going through 10 of the best Amazon humidifiers, let’s see what you have to see for the best whole house humidifier? By the way, Amazon is the best place to buy these types of household items, because you can skim through real customer reviews and experiences which can automatically help you to choose a good deal.

The Capacity Of Your House

Your choice of humidifier must have the capacity to cover the entire area of your house. Most of the products do reveal the space it covers in square feet, and it has to match your intended area. Also, the covering area must not exceed your houses’ space as well because it will leave you with too much humidity.


Furnace humidifiers are relatively hard to install as they have to integrate with your HVAC system, whereas portable whole house humidifiers are more comfortable to fit and use. Another thing is if you try to install the furnace humidifiers by yourself, you are bound to void the warranty of the product as well.


Usually, the humidifiers come with at least two-year warranty; so check whether your pick has a considerable warranty period as well. There are products that even have a warranty period of five years.

Other Features

Check out whether your product has features like a timer, overflow protection, and automated options to enhance the user experience as well.

Top 10 Best Humidifiers in 2023

As mentioned earlier, we have done thorough research on all e-commerce stores and found the top 10 best humidifiers for home use. You are not buying a humidifier every day, so picking the right one can be tricky and can be a foreign experience for many. Pick one from these ten products with confidence for a log-lasting and super-efficient humidifier.

Before we move in to the reviews here you can find a table of comparison for the best three whole house humidifiers.

Aprilaire – 800Z 800 LEVOIT LV600HH Aprilaire 700 
Room Coverage6,200 (Sq. Ft.)753 (Sq. Ft.)4,200 (Sq. Ft.)
Weight24.5 Pounds4.92 pounds15.5 Pounds
Capacity11.5 to 34.6 Gallons6L / 1.59 Gallon18 Gallons

Aprilaire – 800Z 800 Whole Home Steam Humidifier

Aprilaire - 800Z 800 Whole Home Steam Humidifier, best whole house humidifier

Aprilaire, the US inventor of the whole home evaporative humidifier, brings you this magnificent product which can cover up to a whopping 6,200ft. This is the best humidifier for hard water as it doesn’t require purified water. Even, manufacturers say that tap water is the best for the machine as well.

Read more about water softeners for learn about hard water.

This Aprilaire whole house humidifier monster can generate up to 35 gallons of water per day which makes this ideal for bigger sized houses and dessert-like climates. Another reason we like this product is it’s fully automatic, which means the machine can provide optimum humidity 24/7 with its dual sensors. Just install and forget it.

This Aprilaire 800 whole house steam humidifier can maintain a humidity level of 45%, which is up to the mark to protect you from allergies, viruses, and fungi. Not only it can protect you, but Aprilaire steam humidifier can also enhance the longevity of all your household items by protecting them from dryness.

Features of the Humidifier
  • Material – Steel
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Item Weight – 24.5 Pounds
  • Dual Sensor
  • Automatic Control
  • Coverage – 6,200 (sq. Ft.)
9Expert Score

  • Best choice for dry climates
  • Covers up to 6200 square feet
  • No need for purified water
  • Best apartment humidifier
  • Water wastage is considerable 

LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier

LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier

The next one is from LEVOIT, and we are so impressed with its ability to provide both cool and warm mist features. Also, we recommend that this is the best ultrasonic humidifier of our list. It will keep you protected from congestion, sinus, dry skin, allergies, bloody noses, flu and many more illnesses, and it’s perfect for 24/7 usage. 

The built-in humidity sensor of the machine automatically recognizes the mist levels and returns an ideal comfortable level of humidity. So, you don’t have to mess around with the controls, and the unit is designed to turn-off automatically once it runs out of water.

If you are in search of the best large room humidifier, search no more as LEVOIT humidifier can cover up to 750 Square feet and it can work without any problem up to 60 hours continuously thanks to its large 60L water capacity. 

If you want, you can control the machine while being your bed with the remote controller and your good night’s sleep is guaranteed with its ultra-quiet operation. The unit is so convenient to clean; however, make sure you don’t let water to the air vent while you are cleaning.

Features of the Humidifier
  • Capacity – 6L / 1.59 Gallon
  • Humidification Mode – Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist
  • Coverage – Up to 753 ft²
  • Moisture Output – Up to 500 ml/h
  • Voltage: AC 120V / 60Hz
9Expert Score

  • Affordable
  • Warm and cool mist
  • Perfect for a large room
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Needs frequent cleaning 

Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier

Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier

Aprilaire is a pioneer in the industry and manufactures the best whole house humidifiers. So, you will come across a couple of Aprilaire products on our list; after all, we have to be true to you because we are bringing you the best rated humidifiers. It’s the best humidifier for house (fan-powered) and very much similar to Aprilaire 800 product.  

The built-in fan of the machine pulls heated air directly from the furnace and enough to cover an area of 4,200 square feet. Moreover, this product comes with a capacity of 18gallons. The humidity that machine provides is an excellent protection to you as well as your pets and your home appliances. 

In addition, you will get an installation instruction template, a 24 VAC transformer, a digital remote controller with a sensor, outdoor temperature sensor, and saddle valve with the package. Considering the price tag of the product, we say it’s the best deal out there with so many options, and the size of the coverage area makes Aprilaire 700 is one of the best home humidifiers in the modern-day market.

Features of the Humidifier
  • Material – Plastic
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Item Weight – 15.5 Pounds
  • Dual Sensor
  • Automatic Control
  • Coverage – 4,200 (sq. Ft.)
9.2Expert Score

  • Good value for money
  • Big space coverage
  • Fan powered
  • Easy to clean
  • Installation is difficult 

AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console

AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console

Alright, from our top 10 best whole house humidifiers, this is our pick for the best evaporative humidifier. You know the difference between evaporative and steam humidifiers, right? Aircare whole house humidifier is an automatic machine, so all you have to do is set the device to the intended humidity level, and the unit will do the rest of the stuff for you. 

Once the machine gets your home to the desired humidity level, it turns off automatically. Another main factor for us to include this product to our list was, it’s super easy to clean, and it’s on wheels. So, moving the machine place to place is never a hassle, and do keep the doors open if you want to humidify your entire house. It can help you to cover 3600 square feet quite easily, making it one of the best whole home humidifiers for medium-sized houses.

The Aircare home humidifier machine can run up to 36 hours at a time and have a water tank capacity of 3.6L. AIRCARE MA1201 comes with a two-year warranty and considered as a machine that is efficient to save energy as well. 

Features of the Humidifier
  • Material – Plastic
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Item Weight – 14 Pounds
  • Tank Capacity – 3.6 gallons
  • Coverage – 3,600 (sq. Ft.)
  • Runtime – Up to 36 hours
8.8Expert Score

  • Capacity up to 3600 square feet
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to operate and move
  • Compact design
  • Water spillages


AIRCARE EP9 800 best whole home humidifier

Another evaporative humidifier from AIRCARE but this product got no wheels. Apparently, it looks like another piece of beautiful furniture in your house. The digital humidistat automatically controls humidity to your desired level, and there are nine fan speed levels for you to select for the best performance.

This is the best humidifier for baby congestion and the best humidifier for sinus problems as well. We say that because it can cover up to 2400 square feet so keeping it in your baby’s room is all you have to do in order to stay away from said issues.

Users around the world say that Aircare ep9 800 digital whole-house unit can last up to more than two years without much of a problem with regular upkeep and as we said it sits majestically anywhere in your home. This best type of whole house humidifier is ideal for the small-sized homes or apartments, and we recommend it’s best if you keep the unit at your baby’s room or the place where you spend the most time.

Features of the Humidifier
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Item Weight – 27 Pounds
  • Coverage – 2,400 (sq. Ft.)
  • Automatic Control
  • 9 Fan Speeds
  • Voltage – 120 volts
8.6Expert Score

  • Eye-catching design
  • Digital display
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Affordable
  • Limited coverage and not easy-movable 

AIRCARE 831000 Space-Saver

AIRCARE 831000 Space-Saver portable whole house humidifier

This is the third evaporative humidifier of our list; definitely one of the best small humidifiers going around. This machine has four main features and they are; adjustable humidistat, three-speed fan, four casters and an easy-pour-in reservoir.

The covering capacity is 2700 square feet and can hold up to 6gallon of water. The display of the Aircare humidifiers shows fan speed, refill and humidity level, and when it runs out of the water the unit will turn off automatically.

You know it’s not an air-conditioner, but as an evaporative humidifier, AIRCARE 831000 is quite similar to an air conditioner because this machine blows out water as mist; for some, it’s an affordable air-conditioner! Usually, these types of humidifiers are a little bit noisier than ultrasonic ones; but it’s not the case with this product, and previous users have confirmed it again and again.

Generally, the machine is easy to clean, and all you have to do is open the top lid in order to clean or access the fan blades. On top of all, there is a two-year warranty period as well.

Features of the Humidifier
  • Material – NULL
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Item Weight – 14 Pounds
  • Tank Capacity – 6 gallons
  • Coverage – 2,700 (sq. Ft.)
  • Voltage:120 V
8.8Expert Score

  • Digital controls
  • Automatic shut off
  • 70-hour run time
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Little bit bulky

Aprilaire – 400Z 400 Whole Home Humidifier

Aprilaire - 400Z 400 Whole Home Humidifier

According to our research, this is one of the best humidifiers of 2023, and it remains the same to date. It’s also one of the best, if not the best humidifier for apartments as it has the capability to cover over 4000 square feet.

Out of all Aprilaire products, we feel this one provides the best value for the money. It’s a bypass type of humidifier which means it’s a must to get professional help to install the unit but totally worth it.

The Aprilaire humidifier always keeps the humidity level between 35 to 45; which is ideal for both humans and pets, not to mention the benefits for home furniture and other appliances. Making your home a sweet home should always keep under your control whether you are living in a dryer part of the country or an area with seasonal dryness. The feel of a home is always guaranteed with this Aprilaire product. 

The Aprilaire 400 whole house humidifier machine is fully automatic; it can provide ideal humidity level inside your house taking outside and indoor relative humidity level in to count, which is far more comfortable and easy when it comes to selecting most suitable humidity level. 

Features of the Humidifier
  • Material – Plastic
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Item Weight – 9.25 Pounds
  • Tank Capacity – 17 gallons
  • Coverage – 4,000 (sq. Ft.)
  • Dual Sensor
  • Automatic Control
9.2Expert Score

  • Saves water
  • Automatic humidity level detection
  • Great value for money
  • Easy cleaning
  • Complicated installation process


AIRCARE H12600 amazon humidifiers

Here is another brilliant product for you to choose and it’s definitely one of the best large humidifiers other than the products from Aprilaire. The covering capacity is 3700 square feet, and this particular product includes in most of the whole house humidifier reviews; and, that’s for a reason.

The Aircare h12600 filter unit can deliver up to 11.9gallons per day, and the machine’s evaporative system always provides natural humidity; you even won’t notice that that a machine is providing the comfortableness inside your house. There is a 4-speed motor you can control and a digital display; also the Aircare 12 gallon humidifier machine gets off automatically, and there are indicators to let you know on when to refill the water and check filters.

According to the manufacturer, the Aircare 12gallon humidifier machine is capable enough to provide a humidity level of up to 60%, which is super helpful for a musical instrument to provide optimum performance. This is, of course, other than the health benefits for you and your pets.

Features of the Humidifier
  • Material – Wood
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Item Weight – 20 Pounds
  • Tank Capacity – 11.9 gallons
  • Coverage – 3,700 (sq. Ft.)
  • 4-speed fan
8.4Expert Score

  • Save energy and money
  • Humidity up to 60%
  • 2-year warranty
  • The natural feel of a humidity
  • Water leakages are common

Honeywell Home HE360A1075 HE360A

Honeywell Home HE360A1075 HE360A honeywell whole house humidifier honeywell humidifier whole house honeywell he360a whole house powered humidifier

You want everything to keep under control, including the climate of your house, right? Then how about choosing this bad boy as your preferred humidifier? Honeywell he360a whole house powered humidifier can cover most of the houses without much of a problem, and it’s not a big deal to mount the unit as well. Machine’s flow-through design keeps it clean all the while, so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance like you do with other humidifiers.

Putting an end to your dessert-like house is simple with Honeywell whole house humidifier. The quality of the product is getting confirmed day by day with the over 82% of five-star ratings on Amazon. Overall the Honeywell humidifier whole house machine is built in a way to optimize the water usage so that you save more money on your electricity bill.

Features of the Humidifier
  • Power Source – Corded Electric
  • Item Weight – 18 Pounds
  • Coverage – 4,200 (sq. Ft.)
  • variable speed and multi-stage systems
9Expert Score

  • Energy and money-saving
  • Requires little cleaning
  • Easy to install
  • Considerable covering capacity
  • Installation kit has to buy separately 

Honeywell HEV685B 

Honeywell HEV685B best whole house humidifier

So we are wrapping our list of best whole house humidifiers with another Honeywell product which is actually the best humidifier for 1000 square feet rooms /houses. Finding a humidifier best rated on Amazon is not easy, but it’s not that difficult if you go with Honeywell products. If your ambition is to find a humidifier for multiple rooms in your house, this one would be our recommendation.

This Honeywell steam humidifier keeps the humidity in your house at 40% to 60% which is relatively higher than the ordinary humidifiers, and you can keep your family safe from nose bleeds, asthma, or dry skin issues. Especially in a pandemic time like this, it’s essential to take all efforts in order to keep viruses away from your loved ones. What else can help other than a humidifier best for all these tasks?

There are three speeds you can choose for the desired humidity level, and the ergonomic design of the Honeywell drum whole house humidifier machine makes it easy to carry and clean as well. Also, you can monitor the machines’ performances via a digital screen.

Features of the Humidifier
  • 3 Speeds and Adjustable Humidistat
  • Tank Capacity – 3 gallons
  • Run up to 24 hours
  • Weight – 18.76 pounds
8.6Expert Score

  • Ideal for multiple room spaces
  • Affordable price
  • Three speeds and adjustable humidistat
  • Easy to carry and clean
  • Durability is questionable

How to install a Whole House Humidifier?

Actually, the installation procedure can be different from brand to brand, and we urge you to follow the manual’s instruction as much as possible or to get professional help. Anyway, we will guide you through some basic steps to install a whole house humidifier. 

  • First, mark the places you are going to fit the humidifier with a marker. Drill holes using a drill and finish it off with snips.
  • Now attach the mount plates using a screw and do the same for the humidistat holder as per the instructions given by the manufacturer (there is a specific distance from the humidifier to humidistat and this distance can vary from brand to brand)
  • Now connect the required wires from mounting plates to furnace controls. 
  • Then you can place the unit on the mounting plate and screw; connect the cables.
  • There you have it, fill the water reservoir, and now you are good to go with your humidifier. 

Special note: this is just a general guideline. You must always read the manual carefully before you install. If you deviate from the manufacturer instructions, you may lose the warranty as well.

How do Whole House Humidifiers Work?

Whole house humidifiers can be found in portable/small ones to feature-rich models. The best whole house humidifier can come with loads of options and features. However, we can divide all these types into three basic sorts; evaporative humidifiers, steam humidifiers and evaporative cool mist humidifiers. 

On most occasions, evaporative and steam humidifiers work as central units which means one machine provides humidity for the whole house. Meanwhile, evaporative cool mist humidifiers are often portable and designed to cater to one or multiple rooms only. 

A humidistat handles all three sorts.

Inside of these machines, there is a humidifier pad (water panel), a rotating drum or a unique steaming system to provide humidity to your home’s air. All three methods would do one thing, which is converting water into humidity; keeping you safe from germs, viruses and other skin related illnesses.

Having a humidifier is ideal for your household items as well, because appropriate moisture would enhance the longevity of the appliances. 

Ducted vs Non-ducted Whole House Humidifiers

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages; we thought it’s much easier to bring you all with a chart. See below.

ProsNo need to refillPortable
 Even humidified airless in price
 uses less electricityaffordable
 ideal for two-story houses 
ConsInstallation is difficultNoisy
 relatively expensivecovers less space
 can over humidify 

Wrapping up..

We are living in an era of a pandemic; you have to do everything possible to keep you and your loved ones safe no matter what. The best whole house humidifier is definitely one thing you can do in order to keep your household safe from viruses. Not only viruses, but it can also come handy in protecting you, your loved ones, pets and your household items. So, why not? 

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