can you leave propane tank attached to grill

Can You Leave Propane Tank Attached To Grill?

So, can you leave propane tank attached to grill? Is it safe to leave propane tank connected to grill? No wonder you have asked these questions yourself if you own a gas-powered propane grill. Even some ask, “can you leave small propane attached to grill”? The size of the propane gas tank is really irrelevant when it comes to your and your machine’s safety. There is a lot to discuss on this topic; please keep reading.


Can You Leave Propane Tank Attached To Grill?

First of all, let us provide you with a direct answer to this question. If you are storing the grill outside of your house, you can keep the tank connected to the grill. Still, it is important not to leave the valve of the propane tank open when you store it. For those who intend to keep their grill inside, do not keep the gas tank and machine connected, no matter what.

Although that is a rule of thumb, we are not 100% recommend doing so. Instead, we would suggest you disconnect and store the gas tank machine when you are not using them. Another thing that you should stay away from is storing your grill inside your house. Keeping a propane gas tank indoors is always a dangerous thing and can put you and your loved ones in an undue risky position.

When dealing with powerful fuel resources such as gas, be it propane or from your direct line, it is mandatory to focus on safety rather than convenience. Still, if you prefer keeping the gas tank attached to the grill for whatever reason, make sure you shut down the valve on the propane tank without fail.

If you happen to forget and only turn off the knobs on the grill, the gas will flow through the line and cause catastrophic accidents. Moreover, it will lead you to waste gas, which is something you don’t want to take place, especially during the winter.

Also, keeping the gas tank connected to the grill when you are not using it will lead to something called “bypass. When this happens, the gas flow from the tank to the machine will be reduced, which will make it difficult for the grill to preheat as it would do in normal circumstances. Usually when in “bypass” the temperature will not be able to exceed 300°.

All in all, the best option we recommend is to disconnect the propane gas tank from the grill while it is not in use. And, yes, the readers who continuously asked us, “can you leave propane tank connected to grill” now should have the correct answer with them.

Is It Dangerous To Leave Propane Tank Open

Is It Dangerous To Leave Propane Tank Open?

If you keep your propane grill tank valve left open, the consequences can be so damaging if something goes wrong. When you are not cooking with the grill, ensure you turn off the gas supply from the gas tank, not from the machine.

Apart from the hazard it brings, you will also be likely to search on google for something like “propane tank empty too fast,” for sure, as keeping the valve open of a propane gas tank is one of the main reasons for gas wastage.

Coming back to the question, yes, leaving the propane tank open is dangerous when your machine is not in operation. It may save a minute or two of your time, but the cons are too considerable to leave it open. So, make sure you turn your propane tank to tight close position right after you finish cooking.

How To Disconnect Propane Tank From Grill?

For easy understanding, we will bring you a step by guide on how to disconnect the gas tank from the grill.

1st Step

The first step is to turn the machine off using the knobs on it. Make sure the flames are all gone before moving on to the next step.

2nd Step

Then, find the gas tank of your grill and shut the valve off. There is nothing to worry about; there is no rocket science. The valve should be located on top of the tank, turn the valve all the way to the off position and have a close look at the gas line to verify the gas flow is no more there.

3rd Step

Now you can safely disconnect the line from the gas tank to the barbecue machine. Now you should have safely separated the gas tank, line, and gas grill with you.

4th Step

The final step is to store the tank and grill in a safe place. As we previously mentioned, do not store your propane tank indoors simply because of safety concerns. Please have a dedicated place for it outside and ensure no one has access to it.

is it safe to leave propane tank connected to grill

Do You Leave The Gas On When Grilling?

Yes, you need to have a consistent gas flow from the gas tank to the machine when you are grilling. This is pretty much a straightforward thing, but we know that some think otherwise and tend to switch off and on when cooking. Instead, you can control the flames and heat using the knobs on the machine rather than doing so from the gas tank itself.

In an ideal world, you should be touching the propane gas tank only two times when you are cooking, when starting and finishing. Also, keep it in a place where you and your invitees don’t have a chance to come across during the BBQ session.


So, can you leave a propane tank on? When cooking, yes, absolutely, but when not, you should shut down the gas supply from the tank to the machine without fail. Safety is the number one reason for doing so. Also, it leads to gas wastage and improper cooking temperature. So, leave no chance to the propane tank valve left open when it is not in operation. If you need more help from us, we are more than happy to assist you. Have a great day, guys!

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