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Flat Top Grill Cooking Temperature Complete Guide

Usually, flat top grills can bear high temperatures than other cooking methods. Compared to the temperatures of most other cooking appliances, a flat top grill has the ability to cook your food at around 100° more. If you are exploring the internet right now, searching for the exact flat top grill cooking temperature, you have finally landed on the best possible place. Let’s get going. 


Flat Top Grill Cooking Temperature Guide

Although a flat top grill can cook at high temperatures such as 600°, you often don’t have to use that much heat for cooking food. In addition, there are several aspects that decide the flat top grill temperature that you need to have. 

As an example, the thickness of the meat is one of the main factors that require your attention when determining flat iron steak grill temperature. Other than the thickness, the internal temperature, the level of cooking, and cooking time also have a huge say when finalizing the temperature on your flat top grill

Please refer to this flat top grill cooking temperature chart for a better understanding. 

Level Of HeatTemperature (Minimum)Temperature (Maximum)

We recommend referring to the above chart as the standard, but the temperature levels really depend on the food you cook. Later in the article, we will add a separate FAQ section for you to learn the exact temperature on your flat top grill to cook different food choices. 

Temperature Related Flat Top Grill Tricks

If you are cooking on a flat top grill and want to know some tips and tricks to get mouthwatering stuff every time you cook, the below points will do you a huge favor.

Preheating Has To Happen Slowly

For those who opt for a flat top for cooking, the rule of thumb is to preheat the grill slowly, taking sufficient time. Most flat tops are big in size and tend to take some time to preheat throughout the surface evenly. 

You should start the preheating process from low heat and gradually increase it to the point you want. Once it reaches your intended temperature, the grill will successfully maintain the heat for a considerable period of time, allowing you to cook a significant amount of food without having to face temp issues. 

flat top grill cooking temperature

Different Temperature Zones

If you are cooking for a party to serve a few heads, you might have to cook different kinds of food at the same time. If this is the case, you will have to maintain different temperature zones on your grill, as not all food can cook at the same temperature level. 

You can play with the burners of your grill to have various temperature zones and feed all your loved ones without leaving them to wait for the next bite. 

Stay Away From Overheating

If you are a rookie to working with a flat top grill, no wonder, you want to turn the knob all the way to get the fullest temperature on the grill. That is not how you go about things, and it is not the right way to bring your grill to high-temperature levels, such as 600°. 

Most modern-day grills don’t require more than half or three-quarters of power to reach 600°, and as we stated earlier, you should preheat your grill as slowly as possible to get better results. 

The Smoke

Smoke can be a problematic aspect when you cook on flat top grills. Smoke happens when it goes past the smoking point, and you have to use the right temperature for the oil that you use to stay on the safe side of things.

Please refer to the below chart for Flat top grill cooking temperature for some prominent oil types.

Type of OilSmoke Point F
Coconut Oil (extra virgin)350°
Coconut Oil (refined)450°
Olive Oil (extra virgin)375°
Olive Oil (virgin)390°
Peanut Oil450°
Vegetable Oil400°
Avocado Oil570°


What Temperature to Cook Fish on Flat Top Grill?

Cooking fish on a grill is something that you need to perform with utter care as it is so delicate. When it comes to the ideal temperature, we would say it is 400°. The standard timing is 15 minutes for most types of fish but depends on the recipe more often than not.

flat top grill temperature

What Is The Ideal Flat Top Grill Temp For Eggs?

Eggs are not the easiest to cook on a grill because they will burn even before you notice. Most experts suggest a temperature level of 250° to 325° would be ideal for cooking eggs on a grill. Again, keep an eye on the doneness and make sure you don’t overcook them. In addition, you should be cooking eggs on low-medium heat.

 What Is The Best Flat Top Temp For Pancakes?

If you want to cook perfect pancakes on your flat top grill, you should eye a temperature level of 375°. You must not exceed this margin no matter what. If you happen to do so, your pancakes will burn from the outside and undercook inside. 

What Is The Best Flat Top Grill Temperature For Burgers?

The appropriate grill temperature for burgers is 375°. You can go up to 400° on most occasions cautiously by monitoring the gauge on the grill. That said, we know some love to cook burgers at 350° disregarding the extra couple of minutes just to stay on the safe side. 

How Hot Should A Grill Flattop Be All Day?

The secret to successful cooking on a flat top grill throughout the day is to cook at medium-level temperature. Most people prefer to maintain grills at 375°, and it is the ideal temp to match most oils as well. You can refer to the above chart again to see the smoking point of some oil types. 

Can Flat Top Grills Cook At Different Temperatures?

Yes, flat top grills allow you the cushion to reach high temperatures such as 600° and low temperatures as well. In addition, you can adjust the burners of the unit to get different temperatures at different places on the grill.


That’s it for our guide on flat top grill cooking temperature. Cooking on a flat top grill is always a luxury if you want to cook at high temperatures as far as you have a good understanding of the process. Now, it should not be an issue as we have gone through some critical aspects of flat top grill temperatures. If you need more assistance, please drop us a message. 

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