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How Long Should A Gas Grill Last? and How To Make It Last Longer

How long should a gas grill last? Don’t expect me to tell you an exact time period as an answer to this question, as the number can easily fluctuate depending on various factors. However, I can understand that you are not reading this piece to end up with grey spots. So, I urge you to read the entire article to get a fair knowledge of gas grill life expectancy. Let’s dive in and see


How Long Should A Gas Grill Last?

Frankly speaking, it should last somewhere around 5 to 15 years. That said, I know as a fact that most people tend to dump way earlier than that without knowing how to make a gas grill last longer. Given the nature of the gas grills and the purpose of them having do suggest that they are bound to wear over time.

With my experience combined with the expertise of my close Pitmasters, I’m now in good shape to teach you some tactics on how to make a grill last longer. Keep scrolling down!

What Factors Directly Affect The Gas Grill Life Expectancy?

As far as I see, the life expectancy of a gas grill hugely depends on how you use it. This means the grills that last and ones that don’t is a result of your own habits. The quality of the brand does have a fair bit of say in longest lasting gas grill, but your actions do matter. This is how they impact.

Exterior Wiping

If you are not wiping the exterior on a regular basis, I’m afraid you are inviting rust to develop on your machine.  

Cleaning the Grates

Cleaning the grates not only helps you extend the lifespan of the grill but also important to cook food with great taste. You can use a wire brush with soapy water to get rid of leftovers without any issue.

Checking Burner Tubes

In order to provide with best tasting food, your grill must generate adequate flames. In that sense, it’s your duty to check the burner tubes and clean them regularly.

Removing Grease

The grease stains are another factor that decides the life of your grill. It can reduce the performance and eventually vanish the grill if not properly looked after.

Practices That I Followed To Expand the Life Of My Grill

Let me elaborate on the steps that I use to expand the lifespan of my gas grills. Yes, they are pretty much simple but highly efficient.

  • After every cooking session, I clean the grill to the fullest leaving no food particles in the machine. In addition, I make sure to remove the food drippings as I know that it is one of the major reasons for corrosion.
  • I never keep my grill running when I’m done with cooking. This obviously saves me fuel and, importantly, prevents the overheating of parts of the grill unnecessarily.
  • It is imperative to cover the grill when it is not in use. I want you to love the cover of the grill if you want your machine to last for a lifetime.
  • Also, I look for the parts that are prone to rust issues and clean them as soon as I notice any issues. In addition, I always replace the broken or problematic parts of the grill before the situation gets out of my control.
  • Another thing that I keep an eye on is the paint of the grills. If I come across grills that are losing paint layer, I opt for a repaint as soon as possible. Moreover, if left unattended, you could end up with paint in your stomach as well.
How Long Should A Gas Grill Last? and How To Make It Last Longer

How Are Materials Used In Long-Lasting Gas Grills?

I may not be the most advanced BBQ enthusiast in terms of the tech side of things, but I do have a fair understanding of the materials used in gas grills. Also, the article wouldn’t be a complete one if I don’t talk about the connection between materials and the life expectancy of a grill.

Stainless Steel

Do stainless steel grills last longer? Yes, they do. How long do stainless steel grills last? You can use these grills for at least ten years without major issues. I answered these two questions because stainless steel is the premium material sort you should eye when you purchase a grill. As the name suggests by itself, a stainless steel-made grill can prevent rust issues. 

Cast Iron

Even though this is not a prominent material, I have seen various tabletop and flattop grills made from cast iron. Cast iron grills are prone to corrosion, so if you own one of this kind, you must make sure to clean the grill after every use. Anyhow, average life span of cast iron gas grills are 5 years.

Enameled Steel

Enameled steel grills also have what it takes to last for many years. This is because of the heat-resistant enamel on the metal. You can expect a lifespan of a minimum of 7 years, but one thing you have to be vigilant about is that scratches could minimize the said time drastically with corrosion.

Coated Steel Aluminum

I personally don’t recommend this material as the aluminum coating is not strong enough to hold the state for longer periods compared to the above-mentioned materials. The best you can expect is five years, that too with frequent upkeep. 

How I Came To a Conclusion of Repairing My Grill vs. Buy a New One

Guys, I’m preaching here simply based on my previous experience. Once I had to decide whether is it easy to fix my grill and stick with it or to go with a new one. This is how sorted the dilemma. 


First of all, I have considered the repair cost and found it to be significant. Also, the assumption of the repair time also was a concern. Another valid element I had was that the replacements were not under warranty. 

If you choose to buy a new grill, you can go for high end gas grill.


We all go through the phase of a rookie, and my case is not an exception. I have never thought about the availability of the grill parts to replace if something happens. The parts that I was looking for were not readily available. 

Recurring Problems

According to my point of view, once you replace a pivotal compartment of the grill, there is hardly any assurance that the issue will not happen again. I hate to be in this situation, so I have decided to buy a new machine, and I have rectified my initial faults with the second purchase. 

Signs My Gas Grill Indicate When It Needs Replacing

This is important, folks. These are some symptoms I observed on my machine. If you notice these on yours, perhaps it’s time for a new grill. 

  • Inadequate flames to cook (yellowish flames)
  • Unusual smoke
  • Difficulties in achieving even heat (low-temperature levels)
  • Gas leakages
  • Cracked fuel lines
  • Exterior damages (the obvious one, of course)
  • Unintended flames
what is gas grill life expectancy? do stainless steel grills last longer?

Common Grill Parts That May Need To Be Replaced Frequently

While you think about how long should a gas grill last, you have to keep in mind that these are machines, and irrespective of how you care for them, they are bound to break somewhere along the journey. I have suffered a lot with my first machine, and the following are the problematic parts that you should pay extra attention to. 

  • Fuel hoses
  • Switches on the control panel
  • The ignition system of the grill
  • Assemblies of burners

How to Make A Gas Grill Last Longer?

Other than the guidelines that I provided earlier in the article, the below-mentioned steps too can help you with a long-lasting gas grill.

Lockable Lids

Lockable lids are considered one of the main safety features of a gas grill. Also, they become handy to cover the essential parts of the machine if you don’t have a dedicated cover for it. In addition, using lockable lids is beneficial to keep the interior clean when you are not using the grill as well.


When you are in the market to buy a gas grill, try to grab a product that has a considerable warranty period. A lengthy warranty period suggests that the manufacturer is confident with the product, and you get the cushion of contacting the manufacturer if something goes wrong.


Accessories make the cooking process a cakewalk, and some of them are essential to creep inside unreachable sections of the grill when it comes to cleaning. So, identify the accessories and buy them separately if they are not provided with the product.


What Gas Grill Lasts The Longest?

What is the most durable gas grill? I’m not naming the names of brands, but the ones that are made of stainless steel have the tendency to last longer than others. If properly handled, you can work with a stainless steel-made grill for at least ten years.

How Long Propane Gas Grill Last?

John, a good friend of mine, has a propane gas grill older than 17 years. As a norm, a propane gas grill can last up to 20 years. I think now you can understand that it’s more to do with how you care your grill.

Final Verdict on How Long Should a Gas Grill Last

Even though I have mentioned that it is difficult to provide an accurate answer to how long does a gas grill lasts? Now you should be able to understand that it could last for years if you provide the love that your gas grill demands from you. Let me know if you have further questions regarding this; I will reply to you in a jiffy.

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