How to Clean a Grinder for Better Quality Grinding?

How to Clean a Grinder for Better Quality Grinding?

Grinders help us in giving us an essence of spices, grains or herbs with a similar texture and condition for home use. Grinders must be cleaned from time to time to keep the same smoothness of the grinder as they get clogged quickly and there’s nothing worse than a sticky, clogged grinder. The residue collects over time and makes it harder to grind the material as it gets accumulated on the motor of the grinder and make it way less effective. Here’s a guide to help you clean your different grinders depending on the grinder you want to clean. Let’s jump in to the solutions of how to clean a grinder?


How to clean a Plastic Grinder?

Plastic grinders are easy to clean as they have no problem of rusting, what you have to do is disassemble a plastic grinder and remove the metallic components which may tend to rust and wash all the parts with soap and water and dry all the pieces before reassembling.

Can you clean plastic with rubbing alcohol? You can use alcohol to clean our grinder. Alcohol can kill germs attached to your home grinder but make sure to mix isopropyl alcohol and distilled water.

How to clean Metal Grinder?

Metallic grinders must be cleaned with care as they can rust if the material of their making is not taken under consideration.

Metal grinders can be clean by boiling grinders parts in milk or any organic volatile liquid like acetone, vodka or isopropyl alcohol and clean it with a clean and smoothie cloth to remove any excess liquid on it, if you have a small grinder make sure to clean it with a simple toothbrush or brush to catch those hard-to-reach spots.

How to clean Grinder Screen?

Grinder screen is an integral part of the grinder if torn it needs to be replaced as soon as possible or you won’t be able to capture the flavor and smell of your spices or herbs when there is no screen to make it airtight.
You can gently rub the grinder screen with a clean and smoothie cloth until there is no visible residue and you’re good to go.
You can also use a lighter to clean the grinder screen clogged but make sure to light it out quickly or else you’ll damage it.
Precaution: Don’t rub the grinder screen too hard or it may tear

How to clean a coffee grinder

Coffee is the highlight of every morning for a working class citizen. Coffee lover doesn’t get the satisfaction from store-bought coffee. Enthusiasts get their fresh coffee from baristas, but smart enthusiasts buy their coffee bean grinders for the long run saving themselves time and money for a more refreshing tasting coffee.

As efficient these coffee grinders are for us, they also require continues cleaning and proper maintenance if they are expected to deliver the fresh and real tasting goodness.

The buildup oils from coffee into a residue that can go rancid, and clog up the motor. The best method to clean a coffee grinder is spinning some uncooked rice in the empty coffee grinder, The rice flour sticks to the coffee oils and removes it when the grinder is emptied.
Clean with a damp towel to clean the remaining rice flour from the walls.

How to scrubs a Burr Grinder?

Cleaning the burr grinder inside the coffee brewer is also a task that must be done.
Before the cleaning grinder in dual coffee makers must be disassembled and the bur grinder to be separated. Be careful not to damage the parts of the grinder and use a tiny brush to clean the small compartments near the burr grinder and make it nice and clean for future use.

Hope now you found solution for how to clean coffee grinder.

How to Clean a Grinder for Better Quality Grinding?

How to clean a Meat Grinder?

A meat grinder is a handy device for a kitchen. These devices are using for grinding meat into fine and textured mince. Since meat grinders are dealing with food items cleanliness is a must for meat grinders to keep it safe from bacteria and germs. Cleaning a meat grinder is not always a simple task.

Firstly, you can clean it from the outer surface with a clean cloth. Secondly, run some bread through the machine internal parts. Bread crumbs absorb the dirt and residue from the device and can be disposed. Thirdly, disassemble the machine and clean individual parts, leave it overnight in a bag of rice if you want to dry it thoroughly.

Precaution: Don’t assemble until the parts are completely dried to avoid fungus formation.

Right knowledge on how to use manual meat grinder is also important for better cleaning. I would recommend to lean about using a meat grinder as well.

How to wash a Spice Grinder?

Spice grinder cleaning is essential part of the article of how to clean a grinder . Herb grinders usually contain number of small parts and must be disassembled to clean it, as spice after grinding can go all over the place so the spice grinder must be cleaned from any possible opening.

The best method of cleaning is giving a run of raw rice or bread in the grinder as rice flour, and bread crumbs act as absorbent to the oils inside the grinder and can be easily disposed. They may stick to the walls of the grinder so make sure to clean the walls with a damp cloth.

How to clean Weed Grinder?

Your cannabis equipment should always be clean as the plant you grind in it was once a living matter and living matter decay over time leaving waste that which ingested can cause harmful effects to your health.

Before we jump in to the solution on how to clean weed grinder, you must spend some time on releasing the keif that has attached in the teeth of marijuana grinder.

How to get kief out of grinder? Either you are using plastic weed grinder or metal weed grinder you can do this by placing the freezer or refrigerator for about few minutes. 

If you have a metal grinder, then water is not for you as it may rust your device. So the best choice to clean a metal grinder is with isopropyl alcohol, vodka or cleaning a grinder with acetone. Any form of volatile organic material can be used to clean a weed crusher made of metallic materials to save it from being rusted.

You can also use a toothbrush to get under the tiny parts of your weed grinder and catch the residue from those hard-to-get spots. Kief screen is one of the important part that you should be treated with care. You should not scrub too hard when you are cleaning grinder screen 

How to clean a Grinder and save Kief?

What is Kief? Kief is the residue from cannabis after grinding it in the smoke grinder; It is the crystal of marijuana or cannabis on the walls of the grinder after its been ground. Clean the walls of the weed grinder gently and collect all the kief, if you wish to use for future smoking purposes collect it with a brush or if you don’t want to utilize it, soak the grinder with volatile organic material, vodka or acetone and clean it.

How to clean a grinder screen? You can also clean grinder screen with a lighter but make sure to light it out quickly or it causes fogging. If you have a plastic grinder it would cause some damages.


Grinders are to be cleaned every once in a while as the accumulation of residue is an invite to germs and disease. But the question still arises how often you should clean your grinder? Well, the answer to that is that grinders should be cleaned superficially after every spin you take it out on, but the cleaning process should be performed once every week of usage if you use it daily.

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