how to fix rusted grill bottom

How to Fix Rusted Grill Bottom?

We know you don’t want your BBQ machine to get rusted. Regardless of how well you keep your machine, rust can be an issue, particularly at the bottom side of the grill. Before you worry about a grill bottom replacement, stay with us for three or four minutes to read our comprehensive guide on how to fix rusted grill bottom. Let’s get started.


What Is The Bottom Part Of A Grill Called?

It’s called the grease tray or drip pan. Usually, this compartment of the grill would catch the drippings when the machine is at work. This obviously suggests that the bottom part of the grill is vulnerable to rust. In order to minimize the risk of rust, it is super important to clean the drip pan (bottom of the grill) once you finish the cooking session.

Why Your Grill Bottom Is Rusty?

Later in the article, we will explain how to clean rusty grill bottoms; until then, let’s see the reasons behind a rusty grill.

Poor Quality Grills

The materials of your machine are one of the main factors you need to worry about. As we stated at the beginning, if your machine is not up to the expected quality in terms of materials, it will become vulnerable and rust over time. There fore I always recommend to go with a good quality machine and there are plenty of options available in the market.

Lack of Proper Cleaning

This is a no-brainer. If you don’t upkeep your grill as and when needed, you will end up reading a guide that explains rusted grill repair. Cleaning a grill is a topic that requires a separate blog post, and we are not going deep into it in this article.

Exposure to Water and Salt

Salt and rust are the main contributors to rust. So, if you expose your machine to these conditions more often, the chances are high for you to come across a rusted grill bottom.

how to replace the bootm of a grill

How to Fix Rusted Grill Bottom?

So, how to fix bottom of grill rusted out? You will learn about it from here onwards. 

Material Required Fixing the Grill Bottom

Fortunately, you don’t need to possess a bunch of things to get the rust out of your grill. Here is the list of items you need.

  • Warm water and detergent
  • A wire brush or sander
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • A commercial grill rust remover
  • Lemon or lime

Step By Step Guide To Fixing the Grill Bottom

Let’s get into the process of removing rust from a BBQ grill.

1st Step

The initial step is to mix warm water and detergent. Then, you should apply the solution to the rusted surface of the bottom of the grill. You can use a spray bottle to apply the liquid to the surface evenly, and it must be allowed 15-20 minutes to absorb into the surface. 

2nd Step

Now, using a wire brush or sander, scrape the rust by inserting some force. Then, wash the surface off with clean water before moving on to the next step. Clean the washed surface with a piece of cloth and apply some cooking oil to it.

3rd Step

Now, to a 1:2 ratio, mix baking soda and white vinegar. Then, spray the newly made solution on the area you cleaned as mentioned in the above step and wait for a few minutes to allow the solution to absorb. In order to get rid of stains, wash the surface and wipe it off using a soft piece of cloth. 

4th Step

Then, you can use grill rust remover on the worked surface. Now the stubborn rust should be half removed or ready to get removed without much effort using the rust remover. When using these rust removers, always read the manufacturer’s manual and follow the instructions mentioned in them.

If the rust stains are not rough, you can stay away from implementing the 4th step. 

5th Step

The final step is to coat the surface with lemon or lime juice and allow the machine around 24 hours to get the most out of the juices. Once everything is done, wipe the bottom of your grill with a clean piece of cloth and store it in a place where there is no moisture.

That is how to fix rusted charcoal grill bottom. Let’s move on to more interesting info.

How do you keep the bottom of a grill from rusting?

How Do You Keep The Bottom Of A Grill From Rusting?

So, if you don’t want again to see the bottom of charcoal grill rusted out, it’s better to pay attention to the below points.

Minimize the Use of Sauce When Cooking

A tad of unattended sauce can decide the fate of your beloved grill machine. It would be best to add sauces just before the serving rather than while cooking on the BBQ grill. This might not be practical all the while, given the recipe you cook, but definitely something worth noting going forward to minimize drippings.

Store the Grill Once It Is Completely Dry

It doesn’t matter if you have followed our step-by-step guide on fixing a rusted BBQ grill bottom if you store the grill in a place where there is moisture or if the grill is not completely dried at the point of storing. Moisture is the biggest culprit when it comes to rust, and promoting it on the grill will put all of your efforts go in vain.

Clean It Regularly

We mentioned the importance of cleaning the grill in a couple of places in the article now as it is so crucial for the longevity of the machine. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not to check the BBR grill when they are not using it for extended periods of time. Because you are not using the grill, it doesn’t necessarily suggest that it is far from rust issues.

How would you notice and act promptly when you have no clue about it? So, check your BBQ grill often.

Take Care of the Grates

Although we discuss the bottom of grill rusted out repair and preventative measures, it is pivotal to understand that keeping the grates of the grill clean also plays a big role in keeping the rust at bay. When the grill grates are at their optimum condition, the grill will work flawlessly, keeping each and every part of the grill safe for a prolonged period of time. 

Apply some cooking oil to them after cleaning, and they will stay in a healthy condition to do the job you expect in the next cooking session. 

rusted grill repair 


How to Replace the Bottom of a Grill?

Can you replace the bottom of a gas grill? Yeah, it is possible. If the bottom of the grill you possess is beyond repair, then read the below brief step-by-step guide in which you will learn the process of replacing grill bottom.

  • Step 1: Take out the frying grating as well as the stone grates.
  • Step 2: Get rid of the flame barrier.
  • Step 3: Inspect the igniter.
  • Step 4: Disconnect the igniter line.
  • Step 5: Take the igniter component out.
  • Step 6: Disconnect the igniter switch.
  • Step 7: Take out the burners.
  • Step 8: Cleanse the manifold pipes.
  • Step 9: Use a poke to clear blocked burner openings.
  • Step 10: Scratch the inside.
  • Step 11: Clean the inside.
  • Step 12: Clean the grill.
  • Step 13: Replace the timber.

How to Stop Gas Grill from Rusting?

It doesn’t really matter whether you own a gas grill or charcoal one when it comes to rust issues. If you allow moisture and air on your grill without proper maintenance, it will make your machine very difficult to stay away from rusting. 

Other than the above-mentioned tips, for the betterment of your grill, keep it covered when you are not using it. Using a vinyl cover would be a good idea. In addition, if you live in a place close to the sea or you get frequent severe weather conditions, moving your grill from the garage to indoors is something you should be doing. 

I suggest to read complete guide on how to secure BBQ grill from the wind for further knowledge.

How to Prevent Rust on Stainless Steel Grill?

Most people think that stainless steel grills have the ability to prevent the machine from getting rusted, which is far from the truth. “Stainless” is good on the eye for sure, but not “stain-free.” So, yeah, they also get rusted if not used properly. 

However, the level of rust depends on the material used for the product. So, the first thing a fresher can do is to invest in a high-quality grill to minimize the threat of rust. In addition, proper cleaning, keeping the grill away from moisture, covering, and regular inspection is essential. 


Today we have discussed how to fix rusted grill bottom via a simple step-by-step guide. However, preventing the BBQ machine from rusting is always better than finding solutions. In certain situations, you may end up with a grill that is not recoverable anymore. 

All these issues take place because of your negligence and not caring about the thing that cooks you delicious food. So, let’s find the remedy to that part, and you are guaranteed to live with a long-lasting grill. If you need more info from us, please comment below. Have a great day!

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