How To Make Cold Pressed Juice Without A Juicer?

May 12, 2023

If you are a health-conscious person, you would want to minimize the consumption of ready-made food and beverages. So, when it comes to homemade juices, in particular, it is kind of a demanding task to make juices without a juicer; at least, that is how we think about it. Well, I want my readers to get rid of that mindset as today I’ll be revealing to you how to make cold pressed juice without a juicer. Here we go!

What Is Cold Pressed Juice?

Before I start my DIY cold pressed juice process, let me explain what cold pressed juice is. Actually, the common definition of “cold pressed juice” is brewing juices using a hydraulic press in which pressure does the work to extract fresh cold pressed juice. During this process, there won’t be heat or oxygen involved; thus, the end product always contains the maximum amount of nutrients.

However, there is a distinct disadvantage of cold pressed juice. That is, the shelf life of cold pressed juice is considerably low compared to juices made using other methods. This is because the raw form of cold pressed juice is vulnerable to microbes, and your hard-earned juice may become unsuitable to consume within a couple of days.

That said, the biggest pro of cold pressed juice is that you are guaranteed to get all the nutrients that the fruit or veggie has.

how to make your own cold pressed juice

How To Make Cold Pressed Juice Without A Juicer?

Now here is the deal. Those who think the effort of making cold pressed juice is a hassle (which is not) may buy ready-made drinks at around ten bucks per bottle, or another option is to buy a juicer for a considerable amount of cash.

However, it is up to you to choose which option suits you the best, but I highly recommend you to take a minute and read my step-by-step guide on “how do you cold press juice without a juicer” in the first place. Let me begin, please.

The entire cold press juice process is a walk in the park, as far as I’m concerned, and all you need to have in terms of machines is a blender. While hoping you have a blender in your kitchen armory, let me start guiding you in making your own cold pressed juice. 

1st Step

The initial step is always selecting your choice of veggies or fruits. I’m not naming the names of them; there are a handful of options you can consider, such as apples, beets, carrots, and many more. Having said that, it is recommended that you consult your doctor if you are currently suffering from any critical health condition.

2nd Step

Then, you will have to cut the veggies or fruits that you are using into small pieces. Ideally, the size of a piece should not exceed one inch, which makes it easier for the blender to do its job without a problem. In addition, the home juicing process becomes much convenient when you use only the flesh. That is my personal preference, and you can continue with your own method. 

3rd Step

It’s time to blend. The amount of water depends on the size of blender and amount of veggie pieces. Usually, you will need to add 1 – 1 ½ cups of water. You have the cushion of adding more water during the process, and it is not difficult to determine whether you want more water or not. 

Now blend until you don’t see bigger chunks in the blender. Once you feel everything is blended to the fullest, you can stop the motor. 

4th Step

Finally, you will have to strain the pulp. Using an ordinary strainer won’t do the job as it is not fine enough to accomplish the job you anticipate. Cheesecloth is tailor-made to strain out the solids and to get the liquids of the veggie. So, that is how to make your own cold pressed juice. 

The remaining pulp contains valuable fiber, and it is 100% edible. You can use the pulp separately if you want the maximum bang for the buck.

how do you cold press juice without a juicer?

Why Cold Press Juicer The Best Option For Cold Press Juicing? 

Although the main ambition of this article is to let you know how to make your own cold-pressed juice, I must tell you that it is not the most efficient and the best option when it comes to cold press juicing.

I highly recommend you opt for a cold press juicer to get high-quality beverages to extract the full nutrients from fruits and veggies. This is why you need to have a cold press juicer, according to the experts on the subject.

  • Using a cold press juicer helps vanish bacteria present and preserves the quality and nutrients of the ingredient you use. The same quality cannot be expected when using other methods, including blenders.
  • The taste is always authentic and true as the process of cold juicing has no impact on the taste. Simply put, the taste you can relish with a cold pressed juicer is quite unique and unmatched.
  • The juices you brew are highly consistent. The process of cold pressing is well capable of retaining pulp much more effectively. The end product is always thicker and consistent.
  • If you are using a cold press juicer, you can limit the wastage to a considerable degree. A normal juicer or other juicing methods always come with the drawback of wastage, and it is out of the equation with a cold press juicer.


Although my report is a concise one, I hope now you fully understand how to make cold pressed juice without a juicer. The main takeaway of this article is that you can still make juices without a juicer or a cold press juicer, but make no mistake, if you want to absorb nutrients to the fullest, the best option would be to purchase a cold press juicer. I hope I made everything crystal clear; if not, the comment section is all yours to reach me. Have a great day!

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