5 Methods of Reheating Bloomin Onion

January 28, 2023

Bloomin onions is one of my favorite appetizers. If you are someone who loves onion rings, then you must be in love with bloomin onions too. Moreover, there can be occasions you get a leftover bloomin onion. At such an instance, you must know how to reheat bloomin onion. A bloomin onion is divine when you eat it with some sauce and mayonnaise. Already mouthwatering? Then it is definitely worth it to reheat bloomin onion to eat the next day too. I always enjoy eating them, even day after day. That is why I know how important it is to know how to reheat bloomin onion.

Key Facts

MethodTemperatureTime Taken
Microwave165 0 F45-90 Seconds
Air Fryer375 0 F5-8 Minutes
Oven325 0 F- 425 0 F8-10 Minutes
Deep Fryer350 0 F2-3 Minutes
Frying PanMedium HeatUntil Onions Come to Brown Color

Are Blooming Onion Safe to Eat in The Next Day?

Reheating bloomin onion isn’t rocket science. And it isn’t harmful either. So yes. bloomin onion is safe to eat the next day as long as you reheat them. Besides, the heavenly taste of bloomin onions comes only when they are hot. 

If you don’t know how to reheat bloomin onion, you have already come to the correct place. There are several ways of bloomin onion reheat. And I have tried them all by myself. So I can tell you which way is the best to warm up your leftover bloomin onion.

How Do You Prevent Reheated bloomin onion From Becoming Soggy?

Do Blooming Onion Reheat Well? And Is It Safe?

Yes. Following the proper guidelines can satisfy your taste buds even after a bloomin onion reheat. However, remember that you must follow several essential steps before reheating bloomin onion. When searching for how to reheat bloomin onion, you must know how to store leftover or excess bloomin onion.

Indeed, bloomin onion reheat well as long as you adhere to the guidelines. For example, if you leave a bloomin onion exposed to air for a long time, it won’t be safe. Therefore, before reheating, ensure that they don’t smell bad. In addition, look for signs that might tell you the leftover bloomin onions have gone wrong. 

Can you reheat onions? Or have you tried it and failed? Don’t worry because most people are afraid of reheating fried onions as they become soggy and burnt. But you need the proper tips to overcome this issue. And I am here to direct you to that.

Before jump in to the next section, do you have any idea about how to cut onions for fajitas? This guideline will give you better knowledge.

How to Reheat Bloomin Onion in Microwave?

If you are in a hurry, your go-to method for reheating blooming onion is the microwave. How do you crisp up leftover blooming onions? This is one of the common follow-up questions of my friends. However, I don’t recommend microwaving for crispier blooming onion though. This is good only when you hurry to reheat blooming onion.

So the following are the steps to know how to reheat bloomin onion in the microwave.

  1. I use clean cardboard. So if you can find one, it would be great. This cardboard is to absorb grease in the blooming onion.
  2. And cut this cardboard into small slices.
  3. Please keep it on a dish that is suitable for a microwave.
  4. Place the bloomin onion on it.
  5. Let it reheat for about 45-90 seconds.
  6. Finally, it is time for you to enjoy the reheated blooming onions.

How to Reheat Bloomin Onion Air Fryer?

If you have an air fryer at home, try this method too. If you don’t have one, I suggest you to read this air fryer buying guide. Moreover, if you are a newbie searching for how to reheat bloomin onion, trying all these methods gives you different and excellent experiences. So follow the steps when using the blooming onion air fryer reheat.

  1. Spray a little oil over the bloomin onion.
  2. Please place them in the air fryer basket.
  3. Set the temperature to 375 0 F.
  4. Let it reheat for 5-8 minutes.
  5. And don’t forget to check whether the blooming onions are thoroughly reheated.

How Long to Reheat Bloomin Onion in Air Fryer?

Reheating bloomin onion in an air fryer takes 5-8 minutes. It takes more time than a microwave. However, I like the air fryer method more as it makes your bloomin onions crispier.

how to reheat bloomin onion in microwave

How to Reheat Bloomin Onion in Oven?

Reheating blooming onion in oven is my favorite way to reheat this delicious appetizer. Even though the oven takes a long time to finish, its results will mesmerize you. You will have the feeling of eating freshly fried bloomin onion.

And the following steps are for those searching for how to reheat bloomin onion in an oven.

  1. First, preheat your oven to 325 0 F – 425 0 F.
  2. I use a trick to prevent my onions from becoming soggy. That is placing a wire rank on the top of my baking tray.
  3. Next, place the onions on this rank. And reheat it for 10 minutes.

How Long to Bloomin Onion in Oven?

The oven takes the longest time out of all methods you can use to reheat blooming onions. It is approximately 8-10 minutes. However, it is worth the wait because the oven method gives you excellent results. The outcome is as fresh as you first cooked blooming onions.

How to Reheat Bloomin Onion in Deep Fryer?

If you are searching for how to reheat bloomin onion, this is another excellent way. The following are the steps to follow.

  1. First, you must preheat your oil to 350 0 F.
  2. And fry the bloomin onion for at least two to three minutes.
  3. When the onions are brown, it is time to take them out.
  4. And please drain the oil. Otherwise, you will eat a lot of fat too.
  5. Finally, it is time to enjoy the reheated bloomin onions.

How to Reheat Bloomin Onion in Frying Pan?

This method is also a good choice if you want crispy blooming onions. If you often eat bloomin onions, try this method to see different results from all these methods. The following are the steps to reheat the bloomin onion in a frying pan.

  1. First, separate the petals of blooming onions.
  2. Use medium heat to heat your frying pan.
  3. Spread the onions on the pan. But ensure not to overcrowd the pan with onion petals.
  4. Don’t run errands while the blooming onions are on the pan. Keep an eye on them.
  5. Once you feel the correct aroma of the onions, take them out of the pan.
  6. Now, enjoy your dish.

How to Store Bloomin Onion for the Purpose of Reheating?

Knowing the correct methods of storing blooming onion is as essential as knowing how to reheat bloomin onion. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get good results. Or else you might end up with food allergies too. So, therefore, store them as follows.

What I do is first take a glass container or casserole dish. And place a paper towel in it. After that, spread the bloomin onions in the container. The purpose of the paper towel is to prevent bloomin onions from getting soggy. So, you can get crispy reheated bloomin onions. Finally, seal your container well using a lid or the proper way. Now you can keep this refrigerated for 4-5 days. But the more you keep it in the fridge, the more its condition will deteriorate. Therefore, try reheating the bloomin onion as soon as possible.

Do blooming onions reheat well? And is it safe?

How Do You Prevent Reheated Blooming Onion from Getting Soggy?

There are a few tips to follow to prevent reheated bloomin onion from getting soggy. One thing is correct storing methods. If you don’t follow the guidelines to keep leftover bloomin onion, you will get soggy bloomin onion.

Moreover, when you reheat them, try using parchment paper to store them after reheating. Or else you can use a paper towel to absorb the grease in your bloomin onions. Thus, you can prevent reheated bloomin onion from getting soggy.


How Do You Reheat a Blooming Onion in Ninja Foodie?

One of the coolest methods that you can use to reheat bloomin onion is an air fryer. It can give you that crunchy bloomin onion dish as it came out from the first cooking. When you use the Ninja Foodie to reheat blooming onions, you have to follow the method you followed for the air fryer heating method. It will take a few minutes to complete the reheating process. But it is worth the wait.

What Is The Best Way To Reheat A Blooming Onion?

Out of all the methods that we have used so far, the oven is what I like the most. Moreover, those who search for how to reheat bloomin onion ask the follow-up question, “how to reheat blooming onion from outback?”. So to that end, too, I recommend using the oven method. Indeed it takes some time to finish the reheating process. But you want crispy and crunchy bloomin onions, right? So then learn to be patient to enjoy an incredible reheated bloomin onion snack time—even a lot of food experts like the oven method to reheat blooming onion from the outback. And remember, the oven is best only when you are not in a time crunch.

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