How to Reheat Boiled Peanuts?

May 12, 2023

Raise your hands if you like peanuts. Who doesn’t, isn’t it? I have a bucketful of methods to consume peanuts, and I guess you, too, have no shortage of recipes with peanuts. Although we are very much familiar with it, most people don’t know how to reheat boiled peanuts. Yes, I will let you know all the corners regarding this topic. Let’s get started.

What are Boiled Peanuts?

Can I microwave boiled peanuts? How to heat boiled peanuts? How to reheat boiled peanuts on the stove? Yeah, yeah, I know those are the questions you seek answers to. But, let’s define what boiled peanuts are in the first place and gradually move on to crucial pain points.

To keep everything simple, let’s put it this way; boiled peanuts are made of green peanuts (green means the fresh ones), which you can make even in the comfort of your home. 

The boiled version has more antioxidants compared to others, and you can consider it aside snack with numerous health benefits.

Why Do People Like Boiled Peanuts?

Besides the antioxidant compounds, boiled peanuts are an excellent source of vitamins such as Vitamin B and E. In addition, I must mention that boiled peanuts are one of my go-to snacks, especially during the afternoon time because they keep me energized throughout the evening.

Also, there are studies to confirm that they are good for bones and muscles. On top of all, if you are trying to lose weight, boiled peanuts can be a wonderful option as they contain fewer calories. 

How Do You Eat Boiled Peanuts?

One can eat boiled peanuts, hot or cold, and I like to taste them both ways. However, if you ask me what the most preferred method is, I would say it’s the cold version. I’m not naming the names of recipes here as there are more than enough options available on the internet for you to choose from.

Just know that there are two main varieties and nothing much to separate them in terms of taste. They are simply mouthwatering, to say the least. 

Can You Eat Leftover Boiled Peanuts?

Storing boiled peanuts is critical because they will become inedible if you leave them at room temperature for more than 24 hours. This is because of the moisture, and I ensure to put them in a fridge or freezer after use when I want to preserve them for future use.

If you keep the leftovers in a refrigerator, the boiled peanuts should retain their quality for at least one week. In the best-case scenario, the time can go up to 10 days, given how well and fast you store the leftovers. The rule of thumb is not to expose them to room temperature. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Reheating

I want this report to be honest, so I have decided to include both pros and cons for you to observe. See whether the juice is worth the squeeze. After you complete reading this chapter of the article, I will answer queries like how to reheat boiled peanuts on the stove and can you reheat boiled peanuts in the microwave. 


  • The ability to reheating means you don’t have to throw away the leftover boiled peanuts and reuse them anytime you want.
  • Reheating the leftovers is as easy as ABC. I do it within minutes whenever I want a quick snack. 
  • The best part of reheated peanuts is that there will be hardly any change in texture and taste. You can enjoy them as you would do with the freshly boiled peanuts. 
  • You have a cushion of nearly two weeks when kept the leftover peanuts in a fridge, and there are multiple methods available to reheat (I’m going to talk about the methods in the next section of the report).


  • Even though I mentioned the reheating process is easy, you have to follow the guidelines with utter care. If not, you could easily end up with burnt peanuts.
  • Many people say they do not microwave the peanuts, and that is for a valid reason. Microwaving peanuts is a sort of a demanding job. 
How to Reheat Boiled Peanuts?

How to Reheat Boiled Peanuts

Alright, then, let’s see how do you reheat boiled peanuts. If you have ever wondered can I reheat boiled peanuts or how do I reheat boiled peanuts, this is where you get the answers. 


Reheating Boiled Peanuts in the Microwave

This is how I reheat the peanuts in the microwave. First, take the peanuts out from the fridge and put them in a microwave-friendly container. Cover the container and microwave it for about one minute.

Then, stir the peanuts and let them microwave for another 30 seconds. Now, test the condition and repeat the process until you conclude that they are adequately microwaved. 

Note: The time can fluctuate depending on the quantity and the wattage of your microwave. 

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Reheating Boiled Peanuts on the Stovetop

This is my favorite method to reheat peanuts, and I know many people love this way of reheating. Here is how to reheat boiled peanuts on the stovetop. Take out the peanuts from the fridge and let them thaw if required.

Then, take a large enough pot with water and bring the water to a boil on your stovetop. Once the water starts to dance, add the thawed peanuts into the pot. 

After they become warm enough, you can drain and eat. 

Note: during this process, the peanuts tend to lose their saltiness a wee bit. You can check a few and add salt as per your preference. 


How to Reheat Boiled Peanuts in a Steamer?

Take the steamer basket and put it on top of the pot with boiling water. Then, put the peanuts into a bowl and place the bowl in the steamer. Steam the peanuts for about five minutes, and you are good to go. I like to eat when they are hot and hope you will love the same. 

Note: You should continue with medium-high heat for optimum results.

Tips for Heating

Before you worry about how to reheat boiled peanuts, it is important to apply a proper storing method. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reuse peanuts as they will get spoiled rather quickly. 

Thawing is mandatory if you have stored them in a freezer. If not, the middle of the nuts will retain water after reheating.

For best results, please stick to the three methods I have explained. Especially pay attention to the minutes.

Reheating excessively will vanish the taste of peanuts. So, be delicate with the process and stay close to the microwave, stove or steamer when you are executing. 

How to Reheat Boiled Peanuts? Reheating Boiled Peanuts Can Be Done In Microwave, On A Stovetop, And Steaming. What Is The Best Way To Reheat Peanuts?

How to Tell If Boiled Peanuts Are Bad?

If I notice mold growth on boiled peanuts, I know that they have gone bad. It is the easiest method to identify spoiled peanuts. In addition, say no to boiled peanuts if you inspect dark or black spots on them.

In order to prevent dark spots, you have to make sure not to keep them under room temperature for long periods. Lastly, spoiled peanuts will have an unpleasant taste, which is no rocket science to understand. 

Eating bad peanuts will bring you unwanted health issues such as diarrhea or vomiting. So, Make sure you store them properly and reheat them timely to keep those illnesses at bay

How to Store Boiled Peanuts?

Before I describe the storing procedure to you, my advice would be to consume the boiled peanuts right after you purchase them from the store. If you still end up with leftovers, follow this method to store boiled peanuts.

You can put them in a fridge if you are planning to reuse them for around one week. That has to be done in an airtight container or freezer bag. 

If you want boiled peanuts to last much longer, you will have to store them in a freezer. The moisture-proof containers are the best suited for this, and make sure the temperature of the freezer is at 0°F or below. If you facilitate these conditions, the boiled peanuts will last for an indefinite period of time. 

Another thing that I observed is that the freshly boiled peanuts (at home) are more likely to remain unspoiled longer than the store-bought ones. I have tested this before, and the store-brought boiled peanuts barely survive once they pass the six-day mark even when I don’t leave them under room temperature and provide the best-storing conditions.

However, if you can afford to boil the fresh peanuts and store them immediately in a fridge, you can definitely expect them to keep the quality intact for around ten days without much of a problem. So, it’s a secret revealed for my readers. 

Final Words on How to Reheat Boiled Peanuts

Can you re-boil boiled peanuts? Yes, you can. Let me recap the article in a jiffy if you have scrolled down to the bottom and skipped the content. Reheating boiled peanuts can be done in several methods; microwave, on a stovetop, and steaming are a few of the easiest ways that I prefer.

Also, keep in mind not to allow boiled peanuts under room temperature and store them in the fridge if you intend to reuse them. If anything is left unanswered, I’m here to reply to your questions. Have a great day!

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  1. I sell boiled peanuts. When you can’t get green peanuts that’s the one straight out of the ground. You have to use dry peanuts that’s the ones that stored. The more of these they need to be soaked for at least 24 hours, in regular water or salted water if you’re going to boil them in the same container. I don’t I soak them in fresh water at least 24 hours then I put them in my pot start to boil them I put 7 oz of salt to every gallon. To take a little longer to cook than the green ones. I cook mine anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. And then you can’t tell I’m really apart then. people say they’re just as good as the green boiled peanuts. Just cuz it said boiled peanuts doesn’t mean that they’re green boiled peanuts. Unless they advertise green boiled peanuts, you need to ask are they green or are they dry. Nine times out of 10 little June to December I believe you can probably get green peanuts. Then you have to settle for dry.

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