3 Ways to Reheat Crème Brulee

August 24, 2022

Resisting Crème brulee is not easy, but how about reheating crème brulee? Can you reheat cooked crème brulee? Can you go for another session after you end up with some leftover crème brulee? The answer is yes. In this report, you will learn how to reheat Crème brulee using several convenient methods. Let’s get started.

Can You Warm Up Crème Brulee?

Well, it is a desert that you serve cold and usually doesn’t demand a warming up. However, as you would know, the only time Crème brulee gets heated other than its initial bake is when right before the serving time. In that sense, it is pretty normal for someone to ask a question such as, “can I reheat Crème Brulee?

When it comes to leftover crème brulee, things are getting slightly different. From here onwards, we are providing you with some easy methods to reheat leftover crème brulee. Let’s dive in.

How to Reheat Crème Brulee in Oven?

How to Reheat Crème Brulee in Oven?

Using the oven is probably the best way to reheat crème brulee as it is very much straightforward for anyone to do. Here is how to reheat crème brulee in the oven.

First, bring the oven to 350°F. Then, wrap the crème brulee using an aluminum wrap and reheat it until you get the ideal crème brulee internal temperature. Usually, you will be all fine with an oven time of 20 minutes. Make sure you cover the crème brulee until you serve to receive the maximum taste of the dish.

Can You Heat Crème Brulee in the Microwave?

When we talk about how to reheat up crème brulee, the probability of using the microwave is something obviously hits our minds. So, can you microwave crème brulee? Well, you should be able to reheat crème brulee using the microwave, but it is not easy, to be honest. 

Use a microwave shallow and fill ¾ of it using water. Now, take three ramekins and place them in the water. Then, add the mixture of crème brulee into them and microwave for around five minutes on high. After the mixture gets set, turn off the microwave and let it completely cool. 

One of the common crème brulee mistakes most people encounter when using the microwave is to end up with an undercooked middle. In fact, we don’t like to call a mistake as it happens with most experienced because of microwave’s mechanism. If this happens with you, put the mixture back again and microwave in 30-minute cycles until you get what you want. 

Can You Heat Crème Brulee in the Microwave?

Can You Reheat Crème Brulee in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can reheat Crème brulee in air fryers. Here is the correct method that you should follow.

The first step is to preheat the air fryer to 350°F. Then, place the crème brulee with the ramekins in the basket of your air fryer. Cook for five minutes and take the ramekins out of the air fryer, and rest. 

Serve after one minute or so with your favorite fruits. 


Is Crème Brulee Good the Next Day?

As we said earlier, you better consume crème brulee without leaving it for the next day as it is a dessert that is usually served cold. Anyway, you can keep it in the fridge, reheat and consume it the next day using one of the methods we explained above.

Since it gets made of dairy products, the shelf life of crème brulee is very limited. Even with the best possible storage conditions, it will last only maximum of four days in the refrigerator. When kept in the freezer, the shelf life extends and goes up to six months. 

Is Crème Brulee Meant to Be Hot or Cold?

Crème brulee is traditionally served cold. However, it should not be too cold but chilled. Even after the reheating process, it should be well-rested before being served. When talking about reheating crème brulee, although we have provided three options, it would be best if you eat it without preserving it as the process of reheating can impact the caramelized top on the brulee. 

That is one reason why people are searching for “how to heat up crème brulee without torch,” as it tends to spoil the texture as well as the authentic taste of the dessert. So, all in all, crème brulee is best served chilled.

How to Reheat Crème Brulee

Can You Put Crème Brulee Back in the Oven?

Since we are talking about leftover crème brulee, yes, you should be able to put it in the oven and reheat it without much problem. Actually, it is the best method to reheat crème brulee without losing its texture and the quickest method as well.

If you are worried about crème brulee that is unset, that is mainly because the desert is undercooked. Yes, you can put the unset crème brulee back in the oven to get the intended results, but there is a certain groundwork to be done before you put it in.

How Long Does Crème Brulee Stay Crunchy?

The caramelized sugar coating is what makes crème brulee crunchy, and it stays no more than a couple of hours. Ideally, you should be making it a few hours before the dinner and serve it right after to get the crunchiness that you want. 

Leftover or preserved crème brulee might not have this distinction in them, and once you torch the top, the sugar topping will get melted, vanishing the crunchiness that we talk about. So, yes, cook a few hours early for the main meal and finish eating on the same day. Simple as that


Although we have brought three methods on how to reheat crème brulee, mainly due to our readers’ request, reheating crème brulee is something that we cannot really approve of. It is a desert which is best when served cold on the exact day it is cooked. Yes, you can preserve crème brulee for future use, but don’t expect it to provide you with the quality it had early when cooked. If you have more unanswered questions, please let us have them in the comment section. Cheers!

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