5 Best Methods of Reheating Frittata

March 14, 2023

I try all sorts of food dishes whenever I have some free time. That is how I came across frittata, an Italian dish. Frittata is a simple recipe I have seen people enjoy frittata even when they are cold. But I have never enjoyed it better than when I reheat it. So if you are also someone who doesn’t like frittata cold and is looking for how to reheat frittata, I have been in your shoes. So following is a list of easy methods you can go for reheating frittata.

You may encounter several methods when you think of how to reheat frittata. And the best way actually depends on the time you have.

Key Facts

MethodTemperatureTime Taken
Oven350 o F10-15 minutes but if you use frozen frittata, you must heat them for 35-45 minutes
MicrowaveLow Heat1-2 minutes
Air Fryer300 0 F5-6 minutes. But if you use frozen frittata, 35-40 minutes.
SkilletMedium Heat8-10 minutes
Toaster300 0 F5-6 minutes

What is Frittata?

Making a frittata is not rocket science. It is an egg-based Italian dish. Basically, what people use to make this are meat, leftover vegetable, and eggs. So you have complete freedom to decide what you add to your frittata. But adding eggs is the essence of this dish.

When I prepare frittata, I don’t forget to add carrot and pepper. Thus you can add fillings according to your desires. If you like it in milk flavor, adding some doesn’t do any harm. Accordingly, you can add cheese, mushrooms, and even tomatoes.

serve frittata hot or cold?

How to Reheat Frittata?

Even though making frittata is easy, when you reheat it, you must be careful. If you don’t store the frittata dish well, the ingredients like milk and cheese might become stale. So, you must carefully follow the guidelines that I have listed here. If you are wondering “what is the best way to reheat frittata,” you will find it out soon. The best way depends on the time you need. I will leave my best option at the end so you can reflect on what you need.

Moreover, there is another secret about frittata. That is its versatility. You can eat this for any of your meals. So reheating frittata might definitely come in handy for everybody.

How to Reheat Frittata in the Oven?

When someone asks me how to reheat frittata, a significant portion of the course, I recommend the oven method. It doesn’t matter how large your frittata portion is. The oven will help you to reheat all of it. I also use the oven method when the leftover frittata portion is bigger. And the results of this reheating method are equally impressive.

Moreover, this method is easy. Every time I tried this way, it gave me a fantastic outcome. Nobody could guess that it is reheated.

And according to my experience oven is the best way to reheat frittata to keep moist. And you have to use aluminum foil to reheat frozen or refrigerated frittata using this method. But there is a downside too. It is because of the extended time taken. If you are in a hurry, I don’t recommend this method.

Before jumping in to the steps, learn how to become a expert in reheating quesadilla using your home resources. The following are the steps to follow.

  1. First, preheat the oven to 350 0 F.
  2. Place the frittata portion on the tray or in an oven-safe bowl. Cover the frittata portion with aluminum foil.
  3. If you have sliced the frittata, spread them in an even layer.
  4. Cook for 10-15 minutes.
  5. But if you take frozen frittata, this time extends to 35-45 minutes.
how to reheat frittata in the oven?

How to Reheat Frittata in Microwave?

The microwave frittata reheat method might not be the best you can test. I don’t like this method unless I am in a hurry to gobble something for a snack. However, this method is the fastest among all other reheating methods. When you use a microwave to reheat frittata, you must be careful. Otherwise, the texture and taste will ruin. Understanding the proper heat level is vital in this case.

When I use this method, I cover the frittata dish to avoid overcooking. Since frittata contains vegetables, overcooking can ruin their taste. Once I overcooked it by mistake, and it became rubbery. So you have to be careful with the timing and heat level when you microwave it. And if you intend to reheat frittata for a family gathering, don’t go for this. I use this method when there is a small portion of frittata. And remember, reheating frozen frittata in the microwave requires defrosting.

The following are the steps to follow.

  1. Take a suitable dish for the microwave. Place frittata on it and wrap it using plastic wrap. Remember to select a wrap that is safe to use with the microwave.
  2. And to keep moist of the frittata, you can wear damp clothes too.
  3. Don’t forget to set the heat to a low level.
  4. Cook it for about 30 seconds.
  5. Check whether it is reheated according to your wishes. If not, reheat for another 10 seconds until you become satisfied.

I suggest you to read best methods to reheat Pupusas before move into the air fryer reheating method.

How to Reheat Frittata in Air Fryer?

This is my favorite kitchen appliance to use to reheat anything. The same is for reheating frittata. I always recommend this to my friends and relatives who ask how to reheat frittata. Moreover, this method is easy and fast. You can reheat cold frittata within a few minutes using an air fryer.

In addition, you won’t lose taste or texture if you have an air fryer to reheat cold frittata. The following are the steps to follow if you don’t know how to reheat frozen frittata using an air fryer.

  1. Set the temperature to 300 0 F. And preheat the air fryer if you need an extra crispy texture.
  2. And if you want to preserve its softness of it, cover it using aluminum foil or damp paper.
  3. If you place frozen frittata directly, you must reheat it for 35-40 minutes. Otherwise, 5-6 minutes are enough.
  4. Finally, remove the frittata from the fryer and remove any wrapping you have used.
  5. Now, you are all set to serve your reheated frittata.

Note : Try to always use a good performing air fryer from out suggested list.

reheating frozen frittata in microwave

How to Reheat Frittata in a Skillet?

Using a skillet to reheat frittata does no harm except for the extra oil you have to apply. Moreover, reheating frittata in a skillet is the most suitable method to serve a group of people. The following are the steps to follow.

  1. Heat your skillet under medium heat.
  2. Add some oil, and I add two tablespoons. Doing so will help you make the frittata tastier and have a nice color.
  3. Place the frittata on the skillet.
  4. Don’t forget to flip to cook the other side after 3 or 5 minutes.
  5. After flipping, cook for another 3-5 minutes until you are happy with its color. But don’t overcook because overcooking can ruin the taste of the vegetable.

How to Reheat Frittata in a Toaster?

Some people think that a toaster isn’t suitable for reheating leftover food. But when I have a small portion of cold frittata, I use the toaster oven to reheat it. Using the regular oven for a small amount is a waste of time.

Moreover, the experience I have with the toaster oven is so good. When you finish reheating, you will notice that it comes out nice with a crisp texture. The following are the easy steps for reheating frittata using a toaster.

  1. Heat the toaster oven to 300 0 F.
  2. If you like soft frittata, cover the portion using aluminum foil.
  3. Apply oil or butter according to your preference to get a crispy texture.
  4. The average time you need is 5-6 minutes. Don’t forget to check whether the frittata has a nice brown color.
  5. Don’t forget to flip over to heat both sides equally.

If you seek methods on how to warm up frittata, you can use any of the above methods. But make sure you adjust the temperature level to suffice for warming up of the frittata.

How to Safely Store and Freeze Leftover Frittata to Be Reheated Later?

This topic should not be avoided when searching for how to reheat frittata. Don’t worry if you have some extra frittata from last night’s dinner. You can always store them in the fridge. And you can either refrigerate it or freeze it.

However, if you intend to bring cooked frittata directly from the stove to the fridge, you must read this. We don’t usually put hot food in the refrigerator. It can ruin the food. So, before storing your frittata in the fridge, ensure they have reached room temperature.

Besides, you must store frittata in a sealed container.

If you keep them in the refrigerator part, you can preserve the frittata dish for 3-4 days. On the other hand, when you keep it in the freezer, it lasts for several months. So it is up to you to decide how long you want to keep your extra frittata.

A small tip I use. I don’t use raw eggs when I place frittata in the fridge. Instead, I cook them well.

how to reheat frittata in a skillet?

Serve Frittata Hot or Cold?

Any food is tastier when they are served hot. So is a frittata. Most people like frittata hot rather than eating it when it is cold. That is the reason why many keep searching for how to reheat frittata. However, at the end of the day, it is your choice. But reheating frittata will give you excellent results so you may become addicted to reheating frittata.

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How to Store Frittata in the Fridge?

Before storing the frittata in the fridge, slice the frittata into pieces. And don’t forget to keep them in a sealed container. When stored correctly, the frittata is good to last for several days. And if you freeze it, it can last for months.

Final Thoughts

Did you also have the questions “how to reheat frittata” or “how to reheat a frittata”? I hope this guide clears up all your doubts. All these methods are excellent. But I don’t usually go for the microwave option because it is a bit trickier. But that doesn’t mean you also cannot use it. It is up to you. I have provided all the necessary warnings and advice. Have a wonderful frittata day!

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