How to Reheat Mcdonald’s Burgers?

March 12, 2023

We all love our McDonald’s burgers, and it’s one of our favorite comfort foods as well. McDonald’s burger is a simple fast-food with two buns carrying our favorite ingredients in the middle. Even right now, thinking about a hot cheeseburger makes my mouth water.

But no matter how much we love our burgers fresh and hot, right from the oven, there are some instances where we have to eat them after they’ve gotten cold. But don’t worry, we are going to tell you how to eat your burgers just the way you like them, which is hot and soft. We are going to tell you how to reheat McDonald’s burgers and how to properly warm McDonald’s.

Reheating McDonald’s burgers and recooking McDonald’s is very easy, but you have to follow the correct steps. Otherwise, it won’t be as fresh and hot as you want it to be. So without further delay, let’s see how to reheat McDonald’s burgers and fries.

Key Facts

MethodsTemperatureAverage Time
Oven175C3 minutes
Air fryerMedium heat3-4 minutes
Grill165F3-4 minutes
MicrowaveMedium35 seconds
Frying panMedium- high heat4-5 minutes
Skillet Medium -high heat3-4 minutes

Is It Okay to Eat a Mcdonald’s Burger the Next Day?

Of course, it is okay to eat a McDonald’s burger the next day. But you have to store it properly and reheat it properly. If you do not store it properly sealed in your fridge, it can go bad, and you may get a bad stomach. I remember having such a bad experience before I knew how to reheat a McDonald’s burger properly or how to store them properly. But I do not go through such unfortunate incidents anymore.

Now I know exactly how to eat a McDonald’s burger the next day. and I will explain it to you too. Because once you know how to reheat your burgers properly and how to eat them the next day, you will never have to throw your leftover burgers away ever again.

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reheat mcdonald's burger in air fryer

Are Mcdonald’s Burgers Good Reheated?

McDonald’s burgers taste absolutely fine after being reheated properly. You can hardly find any difference between fresh McDonald’s burgers and reheated burgers. But you have to make sure your burger is reheated properly. I really don’t like it when the ingredients in the burger are still cold.

For example, most of the time, when it is not properly reheated, the meat and cheese remain cold. It gives me a weird taste, and that is why I did some research on how to reheat McDonald’s burgers. Now I reheat my McDonald’s burgers properly, and I know how good they taste when properly reheated.

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How Do I Reheat Mcdonald’s Burger In The Oven?

Reheating burgers in the oven is super easy. All you have to do is follow some simple steps, and you will have the perfect hot burger. I can assure you that you won’t be able to tell any difference if you follow these instructions exactly.

  1. First, preheat your oven to 175 C.
  2. Carefully remove the toppings from your burger and place them on a separate plate. As we know, there are several fresh ingredients, like lettuce, onions, etc., that don’t want reheating. These things can taste weird when you reheat them.
  3. Place your burger in the oven. Now you can place your burger on the middle rack of your oven to get reheated.
  4. You can reheat your burger for about 3 minutes.
  5. Remove only the buns from the oven, leaving the burger patties to reheat for three minutes more. The meat patty usually takes longer to get reheated, and you don’t want your buns to get burnt in the process.
  6. Reassemble: Now you can replace your burger in its original form with anything extra that you want to add to it.
  7. Then, last but not least, enjoy your hot burger.

How to Reheat a Mcdonald’s Burger in an Air Fryer?

Using an air fryer to reheat your burgers is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reheat your burgers. The air fryer doesn’t need preheating or any other precautions. All you have to do is place your burgers in the air fryer basket and let them sit for a couple of minutes.

Let’s go through the steps for clear understanding.

  1. Place your burgers in the air fryer basket.
  2. Turn your temperature to medium.
  3. Let them sit for 3 to 4 minutes
  4. Take them out and enjoy your burger.

The average cooking time should vary depending on the size of your burger. For example, if you need to know how long to reheat a quarter-pounder, it will obviously take longer than a small or medium burger.

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How Do You Reheat Cheeseburgers On The Grill?

The grill is another easy tool to reheat burgers. It can be described as the most classical way to cook and reheat your burgers. Here we are going to tell you how to reheat a cheeseburger on the grill.

Most of the time I used my flat top grill to reheat the burgers and, let’s go through the steps one by one.

  1. First, preheat your grill to 165 F.
  2. Place your burgers on the grill.
  3. Leave your burgers in the grill for about 3 to 4 minutes. Remember, the time always changes with the size of your burgers.
  4. Close your grill with the lid.
  5. Take your burgers out from the grill.
  6. Add some extra seasoning and sauce before serving.
  7. Enjoy your steaming cheeseburger.

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What is the best way to reheat McDonald's burger?

How Do You Reheat A Cheeseburger In The Microwave?

The quickest way to reheat a burger is in the microwave. Microwaves are literally designed for the purpose of reheating. So what can go wrong if you try to reheat your cheeseburger in one? It can only come out as the best reheated cheese burger ever. I personally recommend using a microwave to reheat your favorite burgers.

It is very convenient and amazingly easy, too. not to mention how quickly you can get them reheated. Also, if you want to reheat a quarter pounder, the best way to microwave a quarter pounder burger is to leave the burger in the microwave for an extra couple of minutes for the heat to go through properly.

Now let us see the best way to heat up a frozen cheeseburger and how long you should microwave a McDonald’s burger.

  1. When you are using a microwave to heat up your burgers, you don’t have to bother about preheating or anything. You can place your burger right in the microwave with the wrap on.
  2. Set the temperature of your microwave to medium.
  3. Heat the cheeseburger for about 35 seconds.
  4. Take your cheese burger out of the microwave and enjoy.

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Can You Heat A Mcdonald’s Cheeseburger In A Frying Pan?

In case you do not have an oven or a microwave at home, you do not have to eat your leftover cheese burgers in the cold. You can still reheat them simply by using a frying pan. Yes, it is very quick and easy to reheat your cheese burgers in a frying pan.

Here is how to do it step by step:

  1. Place your frying pan on the burner. If you have a non-stick frying pan, it is better. But if you don’t, you can use any regular frying pan you have.
  2. Set the temperature of the burner to medium-high heat.
  3. Place your cheese burger on the frying pan.
  4. Close the pan with a lid to maintain an even temperature inside.
  5. Warm up for about 4-5 minutes.
  6. Take your cheeseburger out and enjoy it with extra seasoning according to your preference.

How Do I Reheat A Cheeseburger In A Skillet?

Using a skillet to reheat your cheeseburgers is similar to using a frying pan. But there are some small differences. Since we have explained everything clearly and separately, we will also explain to you how to use a skillet to reheat your cheeseburgers, step by step.

  1. Keep your skillet on the burner and set the temperature to medium-high heat.
  2. Place your cheeseburger in the middle of the skillet.
  3. Cover the skillet with a lid to maintain an even temperature.
  4. Heat the cheese burger for 3–4 minutes.
  5. Enjoy your melting cheese burger.

How Do I Store A Mcdonald’s Burger For The Purpose Of Reheating?

Now you know how to reheat your McDonald’s burgers properly using different methods. But there is one more important thing that you need to know along with how to reheat your McDonald’s burgers. That is how to store McDonald’s burgers for the purpose of reheating. If you do not store them properly, it doesn’t matter how well you reheat them.

Your McDonald’s burgers may have already gone bad. You can only reheat and enjoy a McDonald’s burger in good condition. If it has gone bad, reheating is not going to fix it. And definitely, reheating your burgers is not going to make them ready for consumption.

So let’s see how to store a McDonalds burger for the purpose of reheating properly.

  1. Do not touch your leftover burgers unnecessarily if you plan on saving them for later.
  2. Store the burgers in an airtight container.
  3. Make sure your McDonald’s burgers are properly sealed and no air gets in.
  4. Place the containers in the refrigerator.
  5. Take the burgers out the next day, or within a maximum of two days.
  6. Let the temperature drop to room temperature before reheating.
  7. Choose the most convenient method from the ones listed above and reheat your McDonald’s burger properly.
  8. Add anything extra to go with your McDonald’s burger and enjoy your meal.

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how to properly warm mcdonalds


How Do You Reheat A McDonald’s Cheeseburger?

You can reheat a McDonald’s cheeseburger by placing it in the oven. All you have to do is preheat your oven to 135°F, place your McDonald’s cheeseburger inside, and reheat it for about 3 to 4 minutes. It is very quick and easy, and your McDonald’s burger is going to taste divine too.

 Is it possible to reheat a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder?

Any of the burgers that come from McDonald’s can be reheated, so yes, you can reheat a McDonald’s quarter-pounder. But as we said, the time a quarter-pounder burger is going to take will be a little more than the time required by a regular, small-size burger. Therefore, leave the McDonald’s quarter-pounder for a couple of minutes longer to thoroughly reheat.

 How Do You Reheat a Cold Big Mac?

You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to warm up a cold Big Mac. However, the easiest and most convenient way is to use the oven to get the job done. The oven provides an even, regular temperature for your cold, leftover big mac burgers to turn out very fresh and hot.

Can You Reheat A Mcdonald’s Burger In The Wrapper?

Yes, you can reheat a McDonald’s burger in the wrapper. In fact, it is best to reheat your burgers with the wrapper. But you cannot reheat your McDonald’s burger in the wrapper on your grill. The wrap could catch fire if it is made of paper. However, you can still use foil instead.

How Do You Reheat a Foil Burger?

If you do not have the wrap on your burger, reheating the burger in foil can be recommended. Foil holds your burger together and prevents it from becoming overcooked or burned. Especially if you have a cheeseburger, the foil stops the cheese from melting everywhere. Therefore, you can place your burger on anything like an oven, microwave, grill, etc. when it is covered in foil and let the burger heat up slowly.

What Is The Best Way To Reheat A Mcdonald’s Burger?

The best and quickest way to reheat a McDonald’s burger is by using the microwave. It is fast and really easy to get your burgers reheated. All you have to do is press a couple of buttons, and your burger is ready to go. You don’t even have to preheat your microwave. Similarly, reheating your McDonald’s burger for 35 seconds on medium heat is enough.

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