5 Methods of Reheating McDonalds Fries

March 12, 2023

Is there a way to reheat McDonald’s french fries? Are you also someone who wonders about the same question? Don’t worry. You have come to the right place. I experimented on how to reheat Mcdonalds fries as I eat Mcdonald’s fries often. The results are incredible.

Here, I am sharing my experience with you. Every one of us knows Mcdonald’s fries as an iconic item that tag along even with other dishes. And nobody says NO to french fries. Besides, even kids love eating them. Therefore, knowing how to reheat Mcdonalds fries is part and parcel. Even if you haven’t encountered a situation of leftover Mcdonalds fries, I bet you will encounter them in the future. So save this and learn how to heat up McDonalds fries.

There are several methods to reheat Mcdonald’s fries. And I will be going through them one by one. Besides, I will tell you what is the best way too. You can choose your own according to the facilities you have at home and your preference. 

Key Facts

MethodTemperatureTime Taken
MicrowaveMedium Heat20 seconds
Oven425 0 F10 minutes
Deep Fryer350 0 F2-3 minutes
SkilletMedium Heat2-3 minutes
Air Fryer375 0 F3-4 minutes

Is McDonalds Fries OK to Reheat?

Yes. It is entirely ok to reheat McDonalds fries. If you are wondering how to reheat McDonalds fries and their safety, you don’t have to worry. However, remember to follow the correct storing method when you have leftover Mcdonald’s Fries. Moreover, you must follow the proper timing and temperature levels too. Otherwise, you will get either soggy or burnt McDonald’s fries. Recooking McDonalds fries will give you good results as if they are from the first time cooking. If you carefully do the reheating, you will get crunchy and mouthwatering fries at the end.

What is the best way to reheat mcdonalds fries?

How to Store McDonalds Fries For the Purpose of Reheating?

How to properly warm McDonalds? Did you know that storing leftover Mcdonald’s is vital to get good results after reheating them? So here is my trick to keep them correctly. Everyone’s savvier for leftover food is the fridge. So it is the same for Mcdonald’s fries. And I am also one who keeps leftover Mcdonald’s fries in the refrigerator for the purpose of reheating. 

You can’t store them in the fridge as you wish. There is a proper way of doing it. And here is how to do it.

First, you must cool leftover Mcdonald’s fries to room temperature. And you must store them in a sealed container. Moreover, it would be better if you could spread some paper towels too. Let me give you another trick to save your day. When you place the fries, put them in one layer.

And I have been able to preserve Mcdonald’s fires in this way for about 4 days. And I don’t think they will be as good as before after that. So ensure to eat them as soon as possible.

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How Do You Reheat McDonald’s Fries in The Microwave?

Eating old Mcdonald’s fries is not as difficult as you think. Suppose you are searching for how to reheat Mcdonald’s fries. In that case, a microwave is a popular option you might encounter. Since Mcdonald’s fries are a vital part of Mcdonald’s orders, I bet you also have the same issue. So without further delay, let me take you through the steps of reheating Mcdonald’s fries using the microwave.

Microwave is a good option to bring back Mcdonald’s fries to fresh status when you are in a time crunch. However, the microwave isn’t the go-to option if you are dying for a crunchy bite.

  1. First, spray a little amount of oil over your fries. Remember, I said LITTLE.
  2. Next, place them on a paper towel.
  3. Take a dish that is safe to use for the microwave and heat your fries for about 20 seconds.
  4. If you think 20 seconds aren’t enough, wait for another 10 seconds.
  5. Finally, all is set to serve reheated Mcdonald’s fries.
How to reheat mcdonalds fries in Deep Fryer

How to Reheat McDonalds Fries Oven?

Do you worry because you don’t know how to reheat McDonalds fries? Don’t overthink. If you have an oven, reheating McDonalds fries isn’t rocket science. Moreover, reheating McDonalds fries in an oven is a less messy task.

The following are the steps to follow to reheat McDonalds fries using an oven.

  1. First, preheat the oven to 425 0 F.
  2. Next, take your baking tray and lay a parchment paper.
  3. After, place the fries line up in one layer.
  4. I spray some oil over the fries. You also can do so. It helps you to get the real crunchy taste.
  5. Keep the fries in the oven for about 10 minutes.
  6. And you are all set to taste the reheated Mcdonald’s fries.

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How to Reheat McDonalds Fries in Deep Fryer?

How to properly warm Mcdonalds? Here comes another perfect method to get the crunchy bite after reheating McDonalds fries. One of my friends used to ask me, ‘can you recover cold fires?’ And I asked him to try the deep fryer method as I know the divine taste of deep-fried Mcdonald’s fries. So the following are the steps to reheat Mcdonald’s fries using the deep fry method.

  1. First, heat oil at 350 0 F.
  2. When it is the right moment, put the fries in oil carefully.
  3. 2-3 minutes are enough for the fries to come to the fresh crunchy status.
  4. Finally, drain the oil in the fries using a paper towel.

How to Reheat McDonalds Fries Skillet?

The great thing about reheating Mcdonald’s fries is that every method is equally excellent. Reheating Mcdonald’sMcdonald’s fries in a skillet on the stove is no exception. Since everybody keeps asking, “How do you freshen Mcdonalds fries?” save this method too. And I guarantee excellent results only if you do as I tell you. So let’s dive into the steps!

  1. First, put some oil in a skillet and let it heat under medium heat.
  2. Add your fries to oil and cook for 2-3 minutes until they come to your preferred status.
  3. And don’t forget to flip and stir the fries in the skillet. So you can cook them evenly.

PS- If the fries get sticky, add some oil again. It will help you to avoid that issue.

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How do you reheat McDonald's fries in the microwave?

How to Reheat McDonalds Fries Air Fryer?

If you are wondering how to reheat McDonalds fries in an air fryer, here is how to do it. And if you are healthy-conscious, an air fryer is perfect because you can reheat fries without oil. I suggest you to go though my recommended air fryer list for commercial and home use. After all, eating healthy is also essential when consuming fast food daily.

  1. First, you should preheat the air fryer to 375 0 F.
  2. Place the Mcdonald’s fries in the air fryer basket. Don’t forget to spread them in one layer.
  3. Reheat for 3-4 minutes. (I shake the basket during this time to make the process easier. )
  4. If this time is not enough for you, you can keep it in the fryer for another couple of minutes. But make sure to keep an eye on the heating condition.

Learn how to reheat McDonalds burger using different methods. I believe its worth to know.


How to Reheat Fries with Seasoning on Them?

The best way to reheat seasoned french fries is in the oven. First, you must preheat your oven to 4250 F. Next, lay parchment paper on your baking tray. After, place the fries and be careful not to put them close together. If you make the baking tray crowded with fries, they cannot get that crispy texture. Without crispiness, french fries lose their iconic quality. And heat them in the oven for about 8-10 minutes.

Why Can’t You Microwave Mcdonalds Fries?

Even though many people opt for microwaves to reheat fries, it isn’t the ideal method. That is because it is the fastest method. But the authentic taste of Mcdonald’s fries is in the crispy texture. So you won’t be able to get the crunchy bite when you reheat Mcdonald’s fries in the microwave. However, if you are in a rush and don’t have time to waste on other methods, you can use a microwave.

What is the Best Way to Reheat McDonald’s Fries?

If you are wondering how to reheat McDonalds fries and can’t figure out which method is the best, here you go. The oven is the method that would give you the ideal crunchy bite even after reheating. Even though the oven takes the longest time, it is worth the wait. Moreover, the skillet, deep fryer, and air fryer methods are equally good. But I don’t recommend the microwave method unless you are in a time crunch.

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