How to Reheat Pad Thai?

August 26, 2023

Pad Thai is a stir fried rice noodle dish with shrimp, peanuts, scramble egg and bean sprouts and fried in a wok.  As the name suggests this is a part of cuisine of Thailand and is also commonly served as a street food.  This is one food item which is rich in carbs and many other nutrients.  But did you know that in case you have leftover pad that that you can reheat it and eat at a later date?

But then the next question comes up.  Is it safe to reheat pad thai to eat at a later date?  Do not worry, there is good news.  Having personally tested many ways of reheating pad thai, I have come upon several successful methods to reheat pad thai so that they do not get overcooked or soggy and also safe to eat.  So, read on to find out how to perfectly reheat pad thai without ruining the original taste of this culinary delight.

Is Pad Thai Good the Next Day?

Pad thai as any other popular takeout noodle dish is good to be eaten the next day if properly stored in refrigerator. Pad thai should never be left on the counter overnight. Properly refrigerated pad thai can last up to three to four days in the fridge. But I would recommend consuming it within three days.  As a safety measure, always thoroughly reheat pad thai in order to kill any bacteria before eating.  

How do you keep pad thai from getting soggy?

Is It Safe To Reheat Pad Thai?

If properly stored in refrigerator, left over pad thai is definitely safe to be reheated and eaten. In order to ensure the leftover pad thai is safe to eat look for signs of spoilage when taken out from the fridge.  If the left overs appear to be slimy and give an unpleasant odor when taken out of the fridge throw it straight into the waste bin.

The leftover pad thai needs to be transferred to an air tight container before harmful bacteria set in.  Always remember to reheat the pad thai thoroughly before eating.

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How to Reheat Pad Thai in Oven?

I think unless you have a large quantity of leftovers, using an oven to reheat pad thai is a time consuming effort.  But if you do not have a microwave this is a great way to reheat pad thai.     

When using an oven first preheat the oven at 400o degrees Fahrenheit. Grease a baking dish and add pad thai into it.  Remove any shrimp.  These can be added later.  Sprinkle a few tablespoons of stock.  Add a little soya sauce for added flavor and give it a stir.  Cover the dish with foil and place in oven and cook for 5 – 10 minutes.  Uncover foil and add the shrimp and cover again.  Reheat for a few minutes.  Check to ensure pad thai is thoroughly heated through.   Remove from oven and serve hot.   

How to Reheat Pad Thai on Stove?

Using the stove is another popular method to reheat pad thai.   If you have a large quantity to reheat, this is the best option.  You will need a large pan or wok depending on the amount to be reheated.    

Add a few tablespoons of oil and coat the entire surface of the wok or pan.  The amount of oil to be used depends mainly on the quantity you are left with.   Place the wok or pan on stove and heat oil on medium high for around 1 minute before adding the cold noodles.  Allow the noodles to get warm for a few seconds and then stir them around. 

If the sauce of left over pad thai has become thick overtime in fridge add a little stock or soy sauce.  Adding water would make the noodles lose its flavor.  Instead continuing to stir the noodles, try flipping them until they are heated through well coated with sauce.  Be careful not to overcook the noodles.   Serve hot.

If you microwave the pad thai for 5 seconds after taking out from refrigerator it would easily separate the noodles. 

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how to reheat pad thai on stove

How to Reheat Pad Thai in Microwave?

This is by far the best method to reheat pad thai.  Besides being quick and easy, the noodles turn out perfect when reheated.   However you need not worry as to how to reheat pad thai without a microwave.  You can always use the above given methods in the absence of a microwave.

First ensure that the dish in which the left over pad thai is stored is microwave safe.  Depending on the quantity available in the container, add a few tablespoons of stock.  You can add water too, but adding water will make the pad thai lose its flavor.  Cover the dish with damp paper towel to prevent the pad thai from becoming dry. 

If there is shrimp in the dish remove and set aside.  Place dish in microwave and heat on high for 1 minute.  Stir the noodles and heat again for another 30 seconds to 1 minute.  Add the shrimp and let them reheat.  Check to ensure that the noodles are thoroughly heated through.  Adding liquid will prevent the pad thai from becoming dry when reheating in microwave.

Can you reheat Pad Thai in Air Fryer?

It is also possible to reheat pad thai in air fryer, but if your left over noodles and sauce are thick and sticky, this may not be best option.  But you can have a go at it.  Remove shrimp and place pad thai and in the container and add a little stock and stir.  Cover with foil and place in air fryer basket and heat at 400o degrees Fahrenheit for 5-7 minutes. Add the shrimp and check for doneness, and allow a little more time to heat if not thoroughly heated.

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Average Time and Temperature for Preheating Pad Thai!

MicrowaveHigh heat30-60 Seconds
Oven400F5-10 minutes
Air Fryer400F5-7 minutes
StoveMedium High1 minutes

How to Store Pad Thai For The Purpose Of Reheating?

It is best to place your left over pad in air tight containers and store in refrigerator. You can store leftovers in fridge for up to 3-4 days.  Do not pack the noodles tightly in container as it would be difficult for reheating.  

If you intend to keep it for a longer period, you can freeze it in air tight container. This way you can keep it up to 3 months.  Frozen pad thai should be thawed in the refrigerator before taking out for reheating.   It must never be defrosted at room temperature. Microwaving the frozen pad thai for 5 seconds will easily separate the noodles. I would not recommend freezing left over pad thai more than once. If you are left with a considerable large portion, consider freezing it in small portions.  This way you can take out the right amount you need to reheat.     

How Do You Keep Pad Thai from Getting Soggy?

When the Pad thai that has not been properly cooked or has too much sauce, it tends to become soggy.  You also have to be mindful that you do not overcook when reheating leftover pad thai.  Also do not overcrowd the pan as noodles tend to become mushy when reheating.  

is pad thai good the next day?

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How do you keep Pad Thai Moist?

When reheating pad thai always have some extra sauce ready. Noodles might get a bit stickier and drier and the prawns might get less tender when reheating. Sauce helps to keep the noodles moist.  Pad thai would lose its flavor if you use water for this purpose.   Also do not overcrowd the pan as noodles tend to become mushy when reheating.  

What Is The Best Way To Reheat Pad Thai?

Reheating Pad thai is simple and easy.  So having left over pad thai is no worry at all. 

However, out of the above given methods, using the stove to reheat pad thai is my all-time favorite method to reheat pad thai fast at home.  While using the microwave, air fryer are also popular methods, which are lso convenient, when you need to have pad thai reheated for a quick meal. 

The oven however, is also useful, but time consuming.

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