How to Reheat Pho?

May 12, 2023

Ravi, one of my followers from India, asked me this recently. Can you reheat pho? If possible, how to reheat pho? The quick answer to this question is yes; reheating pho broth is something you can do without much effort. It’s never fun to consume cold pho, and in this guide, I’ll let you know a couple of easy and fast ways on how to heat up pho at home.

What Is Pho?

Originated in Vietnam, pho is a noodle soup that is loved by people all over the world, including me. The broth is made using beef bones, and the noodle usually comes from rice. However, it doesn’t necessarily suggest that there are no other variations to pho. Actually, there is a vegetarian version of pho for those who want to have a crack at it.

Is Pho Okay To Reheat?

Yes, if it is within four days from the cooked date and kept in a refrigerator, there is no harm in reheating and consuming pho. However, personally, I don’t recommend you freeze pho, expecting an extended shelf life. There is no doubt that you can freeze pho and expect it to last about 4-5 months, but I really cannot approve of the thought of freezing anything other than pho’s broth. Simply, the taste will never be the same.

How To Reheat Pho On Stove?

First, let me explain how to warm up leftover pho on a stove. The rule of thumb is to separate the ingredients of pho from the broth before you start reheating. Put meat, noodles, and others into a casserole bowl and pour the broth into another pan.

Then, heat the broth until it is boiling on medium heat. Once you notice the broth is starting to boil, add the separated meat, noodles, and other ingredients into the pan. Cook the mixture for about 5 minutes until the noodles are well separated from each other.

I would argue this is the best way to reheat pho, especially the ones that are taken out of the fridge rather than the store-bought ones. However, the most important aspect when reheating pho on a stove is not to add noodles before the broth starts to boil. If you add noodles before that, you will find it difficult to separate them, and that is not how you want pho to be served.

In addition, letting broth and other ingredients sit at room temperature for a while also will help your cause.

best way to reheat pho

How Do You Reheat Pho In Microwave?

Reheating leftover pho in a microwave can be something that involves a tad of additional work compared to the stove method. I say this because, when using a microwave, it is essential to reheat the components of the dish separately in the microwave. Let me explain how I reheat pho in microwave.

First, you have to reheat the noodles of the pho before others. However, do not try to separate the noodles from each other at this stage; if not, they tend to break up, leaving you an awkward-looking dish at the end. 1 to 2 minutes of reheating time would be enough for the refrigerated pho noodles.

Once you feel the noodles are adequately reheated, add the other stuff other than broth into the noodle bowl, which is in the microwave [Meat and condiments in general).

Now, you will have to boil the broth, and you can do it using the microwave itself or use the stove method, as I explained previously. If you are using the microwave, more often than not, the pho broth will start to boil in about four minutes.

Finally, add the boiled broth into the noodle bowl and stir everything gently and well. For enhanced results, it would be best if you cook the entire mixture for about another 30 seconds.

How Long To Reheat Pho?

So, how long to heat up pho? It depends on the method you are using to reheat. If you are using the stove method for your job, the total reheating time will be around 15 minutes. The reheating time heavily determines how fast you boil the broth.

After the broth starts to boil, an additional four or so minutes would be enough for other ingredients such as meat and noodle to get cooked in the broth.

Those who use the microwave can expect a less reheating time. However, as I said earlier, you will have to reheat the broth and other ingredients separately and mix them all together. All in all, when you use the microwave to reheat pho, have at least 10 minutes in your hands to spare.

how to warm up leftover pho


Can I Leave Pho Outside?

Since pho is a dish that has liquids [broth], it is not recommended to keep it outside for longer periods of time. Once you finish the consumption, store the leftovers in the fridge as soon as possible. When storing, you must separate the broth from the rest and store it in a zip lock bag. Do not keep all the meat, broth, veggies, and noodles together when storing, as it will have a negative impact on the shelf life of pho.

Can You Freeze Pho?

Freezing pho is a hassle, as far as I’m concerned. The noodle of pho tends to become mushy and way out of shape after it is thawed. However, it is not a demanding task to freeze the broth of pho. If you love the broth more than the others, I will give my green light to go on and freeze only the broth and enjoy it as a soup.

If you still want to try freezing pho, the next best possible method is to use rice noodles. Rice noodles’ results are not that bad, and you can freeze meat, broth, and veggies separately and reheat them. Again, if you ask me, “can I reheat pho, the frozen version” I would not recommend that.


So, with that, I end my report on “how to reheat pho noodles,” and I think it is comprehensive enough for you to try the methods with your leftovers. Just keep in mind to separate the ingredients while storing as well as when reheating. If you do so and boil the broth as I instructed, you should be all fine. If you have any questions, please drop your message in the comment section.

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