3 Simple Methods to Reheat Pupusas

June 30, 2022

Although you might think reheating pupusas is a nerve-wracking thing to do, it isn’t, according to my book. The best way to reheat pupusas is just to put them on a skillet and reheat them for about five minutes on medium heat. However, if you are looking for more methods on how to reheat pupusas, I have three methods for you in today’s article. Let’s get started.

What is Pupusas?

Pupusas originated from El Salvador and Honduras and are a kind of relatively big griddle cake. Even in El Salvador, there is a dedicated day to celebrate Pupusas. They are made using cornmeal primarily, and there is nothing wrong with using rice flour as well. People use different stuffing inside Pupusas, such as cheese, squash, and beans.

Moreover, if you want to taste the best bite of Pupusas, using your hands to eat would be the ideal way as it kind of needs a tad of squeezing before going to the mouth. I think talking about Pupusas food is not that important here, because you already know about it. However, if you wonder, “can you reheat pupusas,” or how to reheat a pupusa using some common appliances, I’ll explain a few from here onwards.

How to Reheat Pupusas In Air Fryer?

Let’s how to cook frozen pupusas in air fryer first. Reheating leftover food using an air fryer is not difficult, and the same theory applies to pupusas. The best part of reheating pupusas in an air fryer is that it is super-fast, and the reheated version barely has any difference in terms of texture, appearance, and taste. Actually, it will be crispier when cooked in an air fryer.

First, preheat your air fryer at 325°F for about three minutes and put the pupusas in. Since the pupusas are thick, you will have to cook them at 350° for about three minutes. Check the condition of them and if you feel they are at their previous texture, take out. Leave it for a couple of minutes before serving.

best way to reheat pupusas

How to Reheat Pupusas in Oven

The temperature to reheat pupusas in oven is more or less the same as the air fryer. If you are using a toaster oven, first set it to 350°. Then, put the cooked pupusas in, and make sure you flip them over in four minutes.

That method is for frozen pupusas. If you are trying to reheat thawed pupusas, you should minimize the cooking time. The flipping has to take place in two minutes than four, and there is no need to change the temperature.

How to Reheat Pupusas in Microwave?

I use the microwave along with a skillet when I need to reheat frozen pupusas. By using them both, I always get the supreme results, and it doesn’t cost me much time as well. Here is how I do it. First, I would put pupusas in the microwave for about one minute; the microwave has to be high, by the way.

Then, lightly apply some oil to the skillet and transfer the pupusas to it. You should cook for four minutes on medium-high to get the quality I discuss.

Okay then, now you have three simple methods to reheat Pupusas. I have more useful details to share with you regarding pupusas. So, keep scrolling.

How Long Do Pupusas Last In The Refrigerator?

Pupusas will last for a maximum of three days in the refrigerator when stored in an air container. The shelf life extends up to four months when kept in the freezer. However, don’t be tempted to use frozen pupusas straight away from the freezer, as it can break them during the process.

If you don’t have time on your side to leave the pupusas to thaw, the next best thing you can do is to add some warm water to them before using the methods I explained earlier on reheating pupusas.

On a personal note, I would like to keep pupusas out of the freezer overnight as it finely allows me to cook the way I want without breaking them down.

reheat frozen pupusas

How to Keep Pupusas from Drying?

If you are making pupusas on your own from A to Z and want to avoid pupusas from drying, the number one rule is to keep the dough moist. You can over the entire dough using a dampened towel until you use it for cooking.

In addition, using the skillet is what I recommend to get the best-tasting pupusas, especially when you are cooking them rather than buying them. I say this because all other methods come with the danger of making the pupusas awkwardly dry, which is not how you want to enjoy pupusas.

How Many Pupusas for One Person?

It really depends on the size of the pupusa. Usually, I would serve three pupusas, especially when there is nothing served alongside them. Pupusas are a filling meal, and although you like a couple of more to eat, more often than not, you will start at three or four.

What Kind Of Cheese Goes With Pupusa?

Oaxaca cheese is my favorite type of cheese to use for pupusa. You should be able to find this cheese in most groceries where the Latin American Stuff is available. Oaxaca cheese provides me with more or less the authentic taste of pupusa. If you find it difficult to find Oaxaca cheese, the next best option is to try mozzarella cheese for the job.


People opt for store-bought pupusa due to various reasons and often find themselves with a significant amount of leftovers asking questions like how to store pupusa, how to reheat pupusas, and how do you microwave pupusas?

If you are dealing with excess pupusas right now, put them in an air-tight container and store them in the fridge if you are planning to consume them within three days of time. If not, you have to freeze them. Reheating of pupusas can be done on a skillet, air fryer, or oven. However, I recommend you to try the skillet over other methods to get the best results. Cheers

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