how to turn off a gas grill

How to Turn Off a Gas Grill?

Do you want to know how to turn off a gas grill? This question may sound pretty much straightforward to many, but we know how important it can be for a person who is freshly entering the world of BBQ. Turning the grill off, especially if it is a gas grill, you must be very vigilant as doing something wrong can lead you to a catastrophe in seconds. So, why not take a minute and read a detailed guide on how to turn off a propane grill on the internet? Let’s get started.


How to Turn Off a Gas Grill?

Well, before you learn the safest way to turn off gas grills as a rookie, it is imperative to understand that not all gas grills are the same, although they have the same name. The way you turn off a natural gas grill could be different to the method you use on a propane machine. So, let’s take them separately to the equation and see how to turn a gas grill off.

How to Turn Off a Propane Gas Grill Safely?

Out of the two variants we described, propane gas grills are the most popular and here is the correct way to turn them off via a step-by-step guide.

1st Step

When it comes to propane-powered gas grills, the first thing you will have to do is to put off the fire by switching off all the knobs on the machine. Depending on the brand and the type, the number of knobs can be varied, but the mechanism of turning off the knobs will be more or less the same. Just turn them to the off position as indicated!!

2nd Step

Once you turn off the knobs of your propane gas grill, you will still hear the flow of gas from the tank to the burners, which says that you just cannot expect it to be a full and safe switch off only by turning off the knobs of a grill. The hazard is still there, even if you don’t notice the flames.

The next step is to cut down the gas supply to the machine from the propane tank. There is a valve positioned on the top of the tank, and turn it off.

3rd Step

Finally, store the propane tank outside of your household in a place that is safe for you, your family members and your pets. Never store a propane gas tank indoors, even if you turn the valve off. There are products available in the market to store propane tanks safely. Invest in one.

Learning of correct method of starting a gas grill also very important as shutting down. I highly recommend to read about that as well.

how to turn a gas grill off

How to Turn Off a Natural Gas Grill Safely?

The basic of shutting off a natural gas-powered grill is also somewhat similar to the process of a propane-powered grill. There should be knobs for each and every burner, and the first thing you have to do is turn all of them to the off position.

Once you complete the above step, you should not hear the gas flow. Then, you can turn off the natural gas shut off valve for BBQ machine as you would normally. It’s similar to turning off the knob at the top of the propane gas and something you need to do without fail. Worrying you forgot to turn off gas grill after an accident is the last thing you want to see taking place.

What Are Emergency Shut Off For Grills?

This feature allows you to turn the grill off in an emergency. Usually, it is just a button press where the grill turns off by itself without needing any additional input. This is a great feature to have regardless of the experience you have with gas grills, and can become very handy if you face a gas leakage or similar situation.

Do You Turn Off Gas Or Grill First?

Unless you are facing an emergency situation where you need to shut off the gas supply completely, you should always turn the knobs of the burners first before cutting down the supply from the propane tank. That said, many people tend to cut down the supply from the gas tank first in order to feel safe handling the machine after cooking.

However, the drawback of turning the gas supply from the propane tank first arises when you forget to turn the knobs off. If you happen to forget to do so and start the next session by turning on the gas supply, it will ignite the burners and generate flames. This is not the ideal situation to be in, as it can put you in so many vulnerabilities.

safest way to turn off gas grill

Do You Have to Turn Off The Supply From the Propane Gas Tank Every Time?

Yes! As we said earlier, you should be able to hear the gas flow to the burners even when the burner knobs are off. If the supply is not turned off from the tank, the gas is distributed to the machine regardless of burners are switched off.

If something happens in the midway, you are bound to face the near-impossible task of keeping everything safe, as gas is one of the most hazardous fueling sources you will ever find.

So, yeah, ensure you cut down the supply right from the tank after each and every BBQ session. Also, as previously stated, have a dedicated place outside your household to store the tank after use.


Many newbie pitmasters kept asking us this question; how do you turn off a gas grill? Yes, this is a basic type of question to ask, but it is as important as anything because if you don’t know the proper way to turn off a gas grill, you are inviting danger to come toward you. In this report, we have explained how it should be done on a propane gas grill as well as a natural gas-powered grill. With that, we end our guide, and if you need further clarification, do let us know. Have a great day!

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