how to turn on a gas grill 

How to Turn On a Gas Grill?

Knowing how to turn on a gas grill will save the party for you. There are certain safety measures that you need to focus on when lighting a gas grill, and we will let you know them in the later part of the article. So, yeah, as you could assume, this report is all about starting a gas grill and some crucial information in between. Let’s get started.


How To Turn On A Gas Grill?

Similar to anything and everything, the gas grills also have two primary ignition methods; manual and automatic. Let’s investigate both the manual grill ignition mechanism and the automatic method.

How To Start Gas Grill Manually?

When it comes to starting grills (gas), the most important thing you should be doing is to open the lid of the machine before doing anything else. Then connect the gas supply to the machine and verify whether you have connected it properly. It’s critical to ensure that you have properly connected the gas input and output, as a failure on your part can easily lead to gas leakage.

There will be valves/knobs both at the gas supply (gas tank if you have a propane grill) and output (burners of the grill). Make sure you turn both of them off before the next step.

Once you discover everything is in order, first open the valve of the gas supply. If you are using a high quality propane gas grill, you should be able to find the valve on top of the tank most of the time. If your machine is powered by natural gas, find the supply valve and gradually open it.

Before you turn on the burners of the grill, wait about two-three minutes to check whether there is gas leakage. Also, this will help gas fill adequately in the line to do the job you expect.

Now, turn on one of the burners and ignite whatever option is feasible for you. Finding the manual grill igniter should not be a worry, we guess. Once you ignite the first burner, you should find it very easy to spread the flames onto other burners. Open them one by one as you want.

How do you start a gas grill manually?

How To Start Gas Grill With An Automatic Starter?

So, how to start a gas grill automatically? Let us explain. Irrespective of the method you use, the initial step, as mentioned earlier, is to open the lid of your grill. If you happen to open up the gas from the supply and output without opening the lid, please abort the process, turn off the gas and open up the lid and wait for some time.

Now, attach the propane tank to your machine via the line and ensure the line is properly connected on both sides. Don’t worry if your machine is powered by natural gas, as the process of connecting it to the grill is more or less similar to the propane gas tank. The only difference is that it is stationed, whereas the propane tank is portable.

The next step is to turn on the gas. As we did in the previous method, you should open the valve on the propane tank first and wait until the line is filled with gas. Also, to verify there is no leakage in the gas line.

Finally, there should be an ignitor button on the grill for you to press and ignite the burners. Not all gas grills are made the same. So, it is difficult for us to point out the exact place where the ignitor would be, but more often than not, it is placed near the burners.

It is very important to get an idea about the correct way of turning of a gas grill. I strongly recommend to read about the complete guide on how to turning of the gas grill.

How Long Does It Take For A Gas BBQ To Light?

Your gas grill should light up as soon as you ignite it if the gas supply is opened. If the gas grill won’t start, then there is something wrong either with the gas supply or the machine. If this is the case, please turn off the gas supply at your earliest and seek the help of an experienced person without making the next move. If the gas grill ignites, you should be able to preheat the machine in 10-15 minutes.

How To Start Gas Grill With An Automatic Starter?

Safety Tips and Troubleshoots

As you now know how to turn a gas grill on, let us take a minute and compile the safety tips we explained throughout the article.

Open the Lid Of The Grill Before Anything

This is the most important grill instructions for safety when lighting a gas BBQ machine. Make sure you open the lid of the gas grill as the first step of the process. If you don’t do that, there is a potential risk of gas filling inside the machine and causing danger to the people around.

Check the Gas Line

Have a close look at the gas line from the tank to the machine. This is especially important if you are using the machine after a while. There could be damages, and if you don’t inspect and turn the gas from the tank, a gas leakage will be inevitable.

You can gather further information on leaving gas grill attached to the propane tank by reading this guide.

Check out for electrical items on the machine

Before igniting the burners of the machine, it will really make you confident if you have a look at the electrical components of your grills. Contemporary machines have different electrical components on them for various purposes. If they are damaged, fix them immediately before proceeding with the task. More often than not, such damages should be able to rectify by on your own as the mechanism is really straightforward.


So, with that, we end our guide on how to start gas grills. Keep in mind that you are playing with gas, which is highly flammable, and the margin for error is minimal. In addition, don’t rush with the process. Time should always be on your side, and it is one main reasons for gas grill-related accidents. If you find anything confusing in this report, please use the comment section to reach us without a second thought. Have a great day!

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