What is the Best Place to Keep Humidifier in the Bedroom?

June 21, 2022

If you are thinking about where to put humidifier in bedroom or the best position for humidifier in bedroom, probably I’m the perfect person to answer your question. 

 I bought my humidifier for two main objectives. The main reason behind the purchase was to keep my family healthy, and the second was to stay more comfortable while I’m in the home. However, honestly speaking, I didn’t know the best place for humidifier in bedroom at the early stages after purchase. It took me about one month or so to perfectly identify the sweet spot, and I thought to share with my readers regarding the placement of humidifier in room. Let’s get into it. 

Why Do I Need The Humidifier In My Bedroom?

Ok, guys, first things first. Let me explain the benefits I’m having in the first place before talking about the best place for humidifier in bedroom. 

Over the last year, I have suffered less from cold and flu. I knew that a humidifier would minimize such illnesses, but I observed it within myself. Being a kind of an ill-prone person, I’m pretty much happy with the results of the purchase, and I think recognizing where to place humidifier in bedroom also played a big part in it.

Also, I have noticed that it is a better remedy to fall asleep quickly. In addition, the placement of humidifier in bedroom really matters to achieve a good night’s sleep. A fresh mind and body in the morning can do wonders; I don’t know about you, but that is how I see things. 

How I Checked Humidity Levels In My Bedroom?                                

There are a couple of tricks that I use to determine the levels of humidity. In fact, you will find it quite easy to figure out excessive humidity by the look of the surroundings of your bedroom. As an example, mold growth and condensed windows are giveaways of too much humidity.

Let me explain another formula. Take a glass and put a few ice cubes and water into it. After five or so minutes, have a closer look at the glass. You should notice moisture on the outside of the glass if the humidity is at appropriate levels. If not, it says that the atmosphere is too dry and you need the help of a humidifier in your bedroom.

However, when I see water formation on the outside of the glass, I lower the humidity level of my humidifier as it is an indication of high humidity.

Factors I Considered When Finding Best Place For a Humidifier in My Room

After a couple of weeks, I found out that the intended results were not coming in my way and searched for the best location in a room for humidifier on the internet and on my own. After a couple of trials, I did find where to place humidifier in room. These are the points I considered, and I want you to do the same to ease the hassle of finding the best position for humidifier. 

Identify the Goal

This is crucial. You have to consider points such as whether you need it as a treatment for dry skin or you want to sleep better, likewise. Also, on a personal note, I had plants inside my bedroom, so I took that into the equation as well. Having clarity of your goals always helps you find the optimal place; otherwise what will happen is it will take more time; that sort of happened with me, to be honest!

Type of Humidifier

The type of humidifier obviously decides where you have to keep it. There are two main types of humidifiers; cool mist and warm mist. I will explain this factor in the next chapter of the article, so keep reading.

Having a Whole House Humidifier creates much more benefits to your whole house.


This is another pivotal thing to consider. If you are representing a family with infants, you have to be careful with humidifiers. These devices can be somewhat dangerous when there are kids and infants around your bedroom. Some machines need boiling water to dispense moisture, and as you can imagine, it can be catastrophic if not handled properly. 

What Size Humidifier for Bedroom?

There is a valid reason why I include this point. With a small and portable humidifier, you get the luxury of moving and keeping it wherever you like. It doesn’t necessarily suggest that you can’t do the same with a bigger machine, but you get more feasibility with smaller humidifiers. 

Size of the Bedroom

Actually, this is a factor that you should think about before you bring down the humidifier. Fortunately, my one had enough power to cater to my needs. To gain the maximum bang for the buck, you must think about your bedroom size. However, most machines are well capable of managing a medium-size room. 

where to put humidifier in bedroom? Humidifier on floor or nightstand?

Where I Placed My Humidifier in the Bedroom

As I said previously, I wanted the best place for a humidifier bedroom plants to support several personal requirements. My preferred location was around five feet from my bed. That said, it was the ideal place for my needs, and yours can be different, which is perfectly alright. Just pay attention to the factors mentioned above as well as the ones elaborated on below. 

Why Does Type Of Humidifier Matter When Deciding Where to Put A Humidifier in Your Bedroom

Primarily there are two types of humidifiers, and as I said, the type of machine does matter when considering where to place a humidifier in your room. 

Cool Mist Humidifier in the Bedroom         

If you are living in a dry climate, this is the type of humidifier you should opt for. These types of machines are energy-saving as well. Coming back to the topic, the best location for a cool-mist humidifier would be near your bed. I say this because cool mist humidifiers are capable of removing allergens, which says you can get better sleep and wake up fresh in the morning. Since I use this kind of machine, I can guarantee you the results!

Warm Mist Humidifier     

Now, the case of warm mist humidifiers is different from their counterpart as they boil water to generate mist. This can be rather dangerous to keep it near your bed. If you own a product like this and want it to be close to your bed, my recommendation would be to remove it from the place before you go to sleep; simply because of the unsafe mechanism. 

In addition, I would say it is not ideal for families who have little kids as the burning hazard is always there with warm mist humidifiers. Simply put, you have to be extra cautious when you deal with this kind of humidifier. 

Should A Humidifier Be On The Floor Or a Table?    

I have seen people ask should humidifier be on the floor or table. Yes, I can understand that a humidifier should be at a place where there are people around, but I personally don’t recommend it to be on the floor. Most of us want the humidifier to be as close as possible to the bed, and placing it on the floor near your bed will be an obstacle for the activities you do. Also, if you are using a warm mist humidifier, it will be an invitation for accidents. 

Instead, prefer it on a table or flat and stable place. In addition, make sure you don’t keep anything that can get damaged if water leakage takes place. 

Best Place for Humidifier in Bedroom during Sleep Time

For a cool-mist humidifier (which is the type I use), you can keep it near your bed on a tabletop that is safe. Further, make sure you maintain an allowance of at least three feet from your bed. If not, you will get exposed to direct moist which is not the ideal situation to be in, particularly during the night. For those who are using warm mist humidifiers, it would be a wise decision to switch off the machine before you go to sleep. 

If you really want it to work for you during the night, make sure you take precautionary actions to avoid accidents and to keep it at least seven or eight feet away from your bed.

Best Place for Humidifier in Bedroom during Day Time

This purely depends on the purpose you use the humidifier. When I want to experience a moist atmosphere and relax, I keep the machine a few feet away from my place. Again, it’s more to do with the type of machine you have. If possible, prefer a cool-mist humidifier in place of warm mist machines; you can definitely have a better time with it. Even Rox, my doggie, seems to nod his head to confirm that idea!

 Should A Humidifier Run All Night?     

What is the best place for humidifier in bedroom?

If you ask me is it ok to run a humidifier around the clock, my simple answer would be yes. However, more often than not, it is not unnecessary to run a humidifier all night to get the results you expect. When the air is dry, you can keep it on all night as far as the operation is smooth and not dangerous. When I get the service of my humidifier for an entire night, I always make sure to avoid high and low humidity levels. 

But bear in mind that just because it is safe to run doesn’t mean that it is required. Also, it could have an impact on the longevity of your device. I assume you love your machine and don’t want to spend meaningless bucks. 

 What Kind of Water to Use in a Humidifier?     

Similar to the weight you have put on thinking where to put humidifier in room, you have to be selective with the type of water as well. The condition of tap water might not be ideal to use in a humidifier.

The minerals containing in the tap water can cause deposits in the humidifier over time and promote bacteria growth. The problem occurs when the bacteria releases into the air, which you will breathe obviously and end up with unnecessary health issues.

My preference has always been distilled water as it contains a fewer amount of minerals. In my house, I’m using a water softener to remove all the harmful minerals from the water. It is easy and healthier.

Another good option is to use demineralization cartridges, but the manufacture of the humidifier must allow you to do so.

Another crucial aspect is that you should frequently change the water of the machine, especially if you are using tap water, to prevent the formation of bacteria. As a user of a cool-mist humidifier, I know the importance of this routine to keep the machine, myself, and my family free from unwanted issues.

 What Do I Put In My Humidifier To Prevent Mold?     

There is no magic to prevent mold in humidifiers; yeah, I do mean it. If you clean the humidifier frequently, there is little to no chance of mold forming. I usually clean my machine on a weekly basis, and I have never experienced mold in it. Your situation may not permit you to clean that frequently; if so, you should try to clean it at least once a month to prevent mold. 

If you still want an easier solution, this is what you have to do. Simply add one cup of vinegar to the water container of the humidifier. The antibacterial compounds of vinegar will do the job on your behalf. Also, there is no danger associated with vinegar in terms of air quality. 

Final Verdict

The content of this article should be enough for you to answer questions like the best place to put a humidifier in a bedroom and where to put humidifier in room. To summarize everything, I would recommend you to keep it at least five feet away from your bed and try to buy a cool-mist humidifier if you are yet to buy a machine. So, where do you place a humidifier in your bedroom? I would like to read your answers in the below comment section. Have a great day!

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