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What Is The Chain For On A Gas Grill and It’s Uses

What is the chain for on a gas grill? Did you ever ask this question yourself? Sometimes we pay no attention to certain things when they are there around you for the whole time, and one such thing is the chain with metal on gas grill. However, on a machine like a gas grill, you hardly find anything unnecessary, and the gas grill chain has a specific job to perform. This brief report is all about the chain on grill; keep reading.


So, What Is The Little Chain For On A Gas Grill?

The thing we discuss here is not always a chain, but it could be a little stick as well. However, the hanging grill chain is there to help you hold match sticks. Although gas grills usually don’t require manual work to light the machine, there can be instances where the ignition system fails to function for various reasons.

In such a situation, there should be an alternative method to light up the high end gas grill, and using bare hands to move match sticks closer to the grill might not be the safest thing in the world to do. That is why there is a chain on the grill for you to light the grill safely.

How to Light a Gas Grill Manually Using the Chain on It?

What is the little chain on a gas grill for? We hope now you have a crystal clear answer to this question. However, we bet many of you don’t know how to start a gas grill manually using the chain thing we are focusing on in this report. If you are one of them, the following step-by-step guide will definitely be helpful if your gas grill fails to start up through its built-in ignition system.

1st Step

The first step would be to open up the lid of your gas grill. When dealing with gas-related appliances, it is always better to open up their lids as you never know what has gone wrong inside, and explosions can take place at any given time. There should be a knob on the control panel to open the lid.

2nd Step

Then, you have to turn all the knobs off. Don’t just guess it; they may seem all turned off to the naked eye but might not be so. So, verify closely all of them are at the off position. This step is super important as you don’t want to face a gas leakage while you are trying to light up the gas grill manually.

what is the chain hanging from my grill

3rd Step

Now, inspect the gas pipe and everything and carefully open up the valve of your gas tank. If you hardly have any knowledge of why your gas grill doesn’t light up through its ignition system, there can be various contributing reasons, and one of them can be gas leakage. So, be super cautious when opening the valve.

4th Step

Now, the thing is that you cannot light up the gas grill wherever you want. Also, as we explained earlier, it is not the wisest decision to light up the grill using a lighter, moving closer to the machine. That is the first reason behind the thought process of writing this post on “what is the chain on a gas grill for.”

Anyway, determine whether you need to go through the grates to the burners or if there is a hole available on the grill to light up the machine directly.

5th Step

After you decide on the most accessible place, it’s time for you to turn on the gas knob of your machine, allowing gas to the burners. It’s better to open gas only to the burner that you are planning to light up. Then, place a match stick in the grill chain and light it up.

Finally, carefully move it closer to your pre-decided place on the gas grill. If you notice nothing is wrong with the machine, you can go to the other burners and proceed with your cooking job.

Why Your Gas Grill Doesn’t Light Up Automatically?

Let us finish this report by briefly addressing why a gas grill won’t light up automatically using its ignition system.

Dirt or Rust

When the igniter electrodes are hit by dirt or rust, it will be difficult for the machine to spark the burner. So, check for the electrodes to see whether they are in good shape; make sure you disconnect the gas supply in the first place.

Connection Issues from the Gas Tank To the Grill

Checking this should not take much time. See whether the connection between the gas grill to the tank is properly working. Regulator might be a problem for this. In addition, you have to verify whether you have gas in the tank as well before blaming your affordable gas grill or finding remedies to other issues.

chain with metal on gas grill

Check for the Igniter Batteries

Certain ignition systems in gas grills require batteries for the ignition system to work. So, if they run out of charge, there is no chance for the machine to spark the burners automatically. So, that is another aspect that needs your attention.

Weather Conditions

Yes, the weather condition that your area is experiencing while you try to ignite the unit is also can be a reason behind why your gas grill is not starting up. Wind, rain, and cold temperatures are some of the weather conditions that can impact the work. I recommend to get an idea about how to protect the grill from wind is important in such a situation and grill cover give you some relief.

Other than that, you better check the ignition module of the grill and the loose wire connection in the electrodes.


What is the chain hanging from my grill? We got this question from our readers very often and thought this was the perfect time to write a blog post. The chain on the grill is there for you to place a match stick and start the grill when the automatic ignition system is not functioning. We hope our article has helped you and if you have found anything confusing, please let us have your query in the comment section.

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