what size meat grinder do i need

What Size Meat Grinder Do I Need for My Favorite Meat?

I’m not going to preach about the importance of a meat grinder, as you already know about it. Also, that is not what I’m planning to discuss in this article. Have you ever wondered what size meat grinder do I need? When it comes to the size of a meat grinder, you got to consider the grinder plates and blades as they are the most crucial and must-look aspects. There is more to talk and let’s get started.


Why Is Meat Grinder Size Important?

The size of a meat grinder could come into play on several sides. The bigger the size of the meat grinder, the more capacity it provides. However, the size of a grinder is often determined by the size of the plates of the machine.

Usually, a meat grinder is an appliance that comes with a “T” shaped feeding tube that connects to the plate at the end. The size of the “T” shaped tube has a connection with the size of the plate, which says that the overall size of a meat grinder decides on the size of the plate. So, the meat grinder neck size equals the size of the plate.

Moreover, when inspecting meat grinder plates, it is essential to put more weight on two factors. They are the diameter and the holes placed on the plate. The first factor, which is meat grinder plate sizes, has a direct correlation with the size of the machine, and as you would assume, the size of the holes on the plate decides how finer the ground meat would become as the end result. 

Standard Sizes of the Grinding Plates

If you are in a dilemma thinking, what meat grinder plate sizes should I have? First, you have to know that there are different-sized grinding plates for meat grinders. You could see that there are numbered plate sizes for each meat grinder machine. To get a better understanding of it, please go through the below-mentioned meat grinder plate size chart. 

Size of the Meat GrinderDiameter of the Plate
52 1/8 inches
82 1/2 inches
122 3/4 inches
223 1/4 inches
323 7/8 inches
425 1/16 inches

What Size Meat Grinder Do I Need?

I’ll explain meat grinder sizes one by one so that you will easily figure out ideal electric meat grinder sizes to match your requirement.

Why Is Meat Grinder Size Important?

Meat Grinder Size 5/ 8/ 12

Yes, these machines come with smaller sized grinder plates, which means they are much suited for day-to-day home tasks. Ideally, it would be best to go with a size 8 meat grinder if you are planning to use it a couple of times in a month. Also, if the amount of meat you grind is not significant. 

In addition, the smaller-sized meat grinders are relatively cheaper than bigger-sized machines. So, if you are just starting the game, I would recommend opting for a smaller-sized meat grinder until you get a firm grip on things.

Meat Grinder Size 12/ 22/ 32

Well, these types of meat grinders can be seen in commercial use. That said, there is nothing wrong with choosing a size 12 meat grinder for your home if you need the meat grinding process to be a walk in the park or you want to grind bigger-sized meat portions. 

Also, the bigger-sized machines allow you to grind meat bones without causing any issues to the machine. If you have pets around or any other particular reason to grind more bones, it would be a good idea to prefer a 22 or 32 size meat grinder. 

Since such grinders possess a powerful motor, they become more suitable for commercial use where people grind more meat at a time. Having said that, if you are a heavy user, I don’t see any fault in going with a bigger-sized meat grinder. 

Meat Grinder Size 42

The diameter size 42 is not a common size for a meat grinder, and you won’t come across that type of machine unless at a restaurant that is playing with a huge amount of meat 24*7. So, that kind is really irrelevant to us as home users. 

How Do I Know What Size Meat Grinder I Have?

The most straightforward way to check the size of the meat grinder you own is to check the user manual that is provided to you by the manufacturer. If it is not with you, you can contact the shop or seller you bought the product or even the manufacturer. 

I can understand that not all of you would want to face this hassle; call and ask the size of the meat grinder that you have purchased, as it is kind of embarrassing to let people know that you have paid for something without even knowing the basics. 

You don’t have to worry about it. Just take a tape and measure the diameter of the grinding plate of your meat grinder. Once you have the diameter with you, check it with the grinder meat plate size chart I provided early in the article. Simple as that!

How do I Know What Size Meat Grinder I Have?

How Powerful Of A Meat Grinder Do I Need?

Like I said, it all comes down to how much meat you plan to grind on a regular basis. If your requirement is less than ten pounds at a time, there is no point in choosing a bigger and more powerful meat grinder. It is ideal to stop at a machine with a maximum size of 12. 

However, if you are a constant deer killer, buying a smaller or less powerful machine will be a waste of an investment as the frequent stress you put on the machine will lead it to wear down sooner rather than later. 

Yes, bigger machines are expensive for sure, but you should be trying to aim for such a machine if you intend to grind a significant amount of meat regularly. In addition, a powerful meat grinder has a superior life span compared to a smaller machine. So, weigh every bit of your requirements first and choose a product accordingly. 

Different Grinders for Different Meats

Make no mistake; it’s not all about electric or manual meat grinder sizes. You have to think about what you grind in the first place and choose the perfect plate. This FAQ section of the article will help you in that regard. 

What Size Meat Grinder Do I Need For Deer?

The simple answer to this question would be, “go big.” Yes, you need to have a 32 size grinder to grind a deer conveniently. Having a 32 size meat grinder means you are putting less stress on the machine, and it is pivotal when you are grinding a big amount of meat.

Further, it will prevent the machine from getting hot during the process. With a hot meat grinder, it will become challenging to get the ideal texture that you are looking for. Also, the time that you have to consume becomes much lesser with a 32 size machine. It will work nicely without letting you worry about anything. 

What Size Grinder Plate for Italian Sausage?

The grinder plate size for sausage, be it Italian or any other, is difficult to suggest a particular size simply because it is a personal preference. That said, I would go with 5/32 inches or 3/16 inches plates for Italian sausage.

Again, these are just my recommendations. You have the luxury of changing the plate and trying until you get the desired texture. Even some experts first opt for a coarse grind and then conclude the process with a finer plate. The type of sausage really has nothing to do if you have a good understanding of the texture, and it comes with the practice. 

What Size Grinder Plate for Summer Sausage?

The answer to this query is more or less the same as above. If you ask, what is my preferred size? I would say it is ¼ inches or 5/16 inches. In order to keep everything under control, the best option is to go with a larger plate first and finish with a smaller sizes plate. 

I don’t want to repeat the same thing over and over again, but the blade size for sausage varies from one person to another. So, just don’t rely on the results of Google because they also are personal opinions.

meat grinder plate size chart

What Size Meat Grinder for Turkey Neck?

When it comes to grinding bones, chicken and turkey necks are considered less hard than other meat bones. Still, you would want to have at least a 22 grinder in your kitchen to do the job with relative ease. If you have the opportunity, preferring a 32 machine will be ideal for grinding turkey neck. 

The advantage of choosing a 32 meat grinder is that it will not only allow you to grind turkey or chicken necks but also help you crush legs and other parts as well. In addition, it will prevent you from breaking the leg or thigh into small parts before you put them in the grinder, saving time. 

What Size Grinder Plate for Bratwurst?

You should pick bigger-sized plates for bratwursts. The coarse ground would be best suited since you want the ground meat to be a bit rough for bratwursts. ¼ inches or 5/16 inches are my preferred options, and bratwursts are also very much similar to sausage in terms of plates

What Size Grinder Plate For Hamburger?

For hamburgers, the texture of ground meat has to be smooth and consistent. So, it is essential to choose smaller plates to get the best results with hamburgers. In order to make ground meat finer for hamburgers, I like to use 1/8 inches or 2/32 inches for the job. With the smaller-sized plates, you can try some other mouthwatering dishes such as franks and bologna well.

What Size Grinder Plate for Snack Sticks?

For snack sticks, the most appropriate plate sizes are 3/8 inches or ½ inches. Choosing such plates will always ensure that the snack stick you receive has everything in it to call a “proper snack stick.” Further, it will help the ingredients you use to have a say you anticipate them to have in the snack stick. I want you to try the 3/8-inch plate first to see whether that matches your intentions. If not, stop with the ½-inch plate.

What Size Grinding Plates for Fish?

Well, grinding fish in a meat grinder is something that you need to do with utter attention. If not, it is highly possible to end up with mushy ground fish. The medium grind should be the ideal option (3/16 inches). Also, make sure you chill the fish and the parts of the grinder before you start the grinding process. 


I have tried to answer your question of what size meat grinder I need in this article. The size of the meat grinder is often determined by the diameter of the plate, and you have to choose a blade depending on the recipe and meat you use. If you find anything unclear, drop me a message. Cheers!

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