6 Things You Can Do With Stale Marshmallows

December 28, 2022

Do you know what to do with stale marshmallows? Isn’t this an interesting topic to discuss? If you are thinking of ways to use marshmallows, I can be the ideal man to provide you with some great suggestions. Without wasting words here, let’s dive into the topic straight away.

What Are Stale Marshmallows?

I don’t know whether the use of “stale” justifies the dry marshmallows. Anyway, stale marshmallows are dry, and you will feel the wither nature when you touch them. However, there will not be much of a difference when it comes to the taste compared to fresh ones; having said that, the texture of them won’t be the same. 

One of the unique elements of fresh marshmallows is that they melt in the mouth unbelievably, but stale marshmallows won’t melt. They are dry and a little bit hard. 

How to Recognize Stale Marshmallows?

As I said, stale marshmallows are dry in nature, and there will be no moisture whatsoever. When they lose moisture, there will be a hard shell developed on the surface. Another thing that comes with the parcel is that regardless of the effort you put in, it will become impossible to melt in the mouth.

However, if you get a firm feel first and a softening feel after, you are most probably dealing with cold marshmallows, not the dry ones. Identifying cold and dry marshmallows isn’t hard.

The dry version doesn’t stand a chance to come back to the original nature but remains edible. On the other hand, the cold marshmallows will gain their consistency when you hold them in your hand for a little bit of time.

How to Stale Marshmallows?

There are a handful of things to do with stale marshmallows, but first of all, you have to know how to stale them. Actually, staling marshmallow means getting rid of the moisture, and there are various methods available to do the job. I’ll explain the two easiest methods before I take you through what to do with stale marshmallows.

Microwave Method

First, take a microwave-safe pan and lay down the marshmallows keeping enough space between each other. Then, microwave them on high for about one minute. You will notice an increase in size while they are in the microwave.

Finally, let them rest for about five minutes before you do anything. Now they will come back to their original size and harden.

Oven Method

The first thing to do is cut the marshmallows into manageable and small pieces. Then, place the marshmallow pieces on parchment paper leaving adequate space between the pieces. Finally, bake the marshmallows at 170°F until you meet the desired dryness. 

I recommend you prop the door of the oven with a wooden object like spoon if possible and check the condition of the pieces every 20 minutes until they reach the ideal state.

Usually, it should take around one and a half hours to get completely dry. However, keeping a close eye on the marshmallows is imperative in order to prevent them from getting burnt. 

Can You Eat Stale Marshmallows?

This question may sound obvious and stupid, but I know that people are searching for this thing on the internet. Yes, you can eat stale marshmallows without any problem.

Even after they pass the expiry date, you should be able to consume them. The fluffy texture won’t be there when you stale marshmallows and will be hard compared to fresh ones. 

There are loads of recipes using dehydrated marshmallows that you can try; keep reading the article. I will explain a few later.

Are Stale Marshmallows Bad For You?

Like I said, the word stale makes people thinking stale marshmallows are good. However, I can confidently tell you that stale marshmallows don’t make you sick. It doesn’t matter whether you stale them or marshmallows are beyond the expiry date; as long as you store marshmallows properly, you can consume them without worrying about the health side of things. 

But, you will definitely notice a change in texture as well as taste. I’m not saying the taste is horrible; it is slightly different from the original taste. Even one could argue that stale marshmallows are better than fresh ones. It is more of a personal choice. 

what to do with stale marshmallows

What to Do With Stale Marshmallows?

If you love marshmallows, you got to love its dried version as well. There are many different recipes and methods to use stale marshmallows. Let me explain to you my favorite ways to use them and a few stale marshmallow recipes.


Renewing Them

Do you know that dried marshmallows can bring back to soft nature again? Yes, it is not a difficult task to execute. This is how you want to do it. First, take a re-sealable plastic and put a few fresh slices of bread into it. Then, add the stale marshmallows into the plastic bag, seal, and keep the bag in the freezer for a couple of days. 

If you want a fast method to soften the marshmallows, you can use the microwave to soften them as well! Yes, but you will have to keep a cup of water alongside marshmallows in the microwave. It won’t take more than 10 or 15 seconds for marshmallows to get the soft nature again. 


Using Them with Hot Chocolate

Yes, it is absolutely delicious. All you have to do is make a cup of hot chocolate and put some dried marshmallows into it. Actually, the stale marshmallows in hot chocolate taste better than the fresh ones. Don’t just take my word; try it by yourself. You will love it for sure.


Just Staling 

As I mentioned in the staling marshmallow section, you can consume just by drying them as a side snack. Don’t get too concerned about the shape; it looks weird for sure, but the taste is awesome. 


Make S’Mores

Stale marshmallows can be used to make S’Mores, and S’Mores is one of the famous treats in the United States and Canada. You can roast stale marshmallows using an oven or microwave and mix them with chocolate. Then you can sandwich it between two graham crackers and taste it with a cappuccino from perfectly extracted coffee beans.


As a Dog Food

Marshmallows do not contain any toxic xylitol; therefore, it is safe for dogs. Some of my friend’s dogs love to eat the stale marshmallows, but I’m not recommending giving it daily.


In Cereal

Oh yes! This is one of my favorite methods to use stale marshmallows. I have come across that dried marshmallows go well in cereal and gave it a try. By adding finely chopped dried marshmallows, I’ve noticed that it can be used as a sugar substitute as well. All I did was adding marshmallows into a bowl of cereal with milk. It’s incredibly delicious.

In addition, you can use stale marshmallows for the following recipes as well.

  • You can mix the dried marshmallow as a topping for ice cream. Else, it will give you a different taste by mixing them with ice cream.
  • Before I fry a pancake, I add dried marshmallow pieces into the mix. The pieces have to be small and even to get the best results.
  • If you are a fan of cookie recipes, you can use stale marshmallows in many kinds of cookie recipes without much of a problem.
  • Stirring marshmallow pieces with frozen yoghurt also is a great treat and it is another popular method most marshmallow crazy people use, including me.
  • Similar to cookie recipes, you can put dried marshmallows into a brownie mixture before you bake.

Can I Use Stale Marshmallows for Rice Krispies?

I’ve seen people suggesting dried marshmallows to use in stale marshmallows rice crispy treats. I’m not in a position to approve that. I have tried the same, and it has ruined the entire recipe. However, using fresh marshmallows would be a good option in place of dried ones.

If you don’t have fresh marshmallows, you can use either the microwave or oven method that I explained to soften up the marshmallows. 

Why Do I Like Stale Marshmallows?

Chewiness, change of taste, and soft hardness are the main reasons that attracted my heart to the stale marshmallows. Not only that, stale marshmallows have less sweetness than fresh marshmallows. Most of the time, I really love to eat stale marshmallows with liquid chocolate, and the hardness keeps the chocolate and marshmallow taste in my mouth for a while.


So, I guess now you know what to do with stale marshmallows. I want you to understand that the expiry date on the marshmallow packages is irrelevant as far as you have no issues in consuming dry marshmallows. I love stale marshmallows similar to fresh ones. In addition, it permits me a bucketful of other recipes as well. I know you are also going to love them from here onwards. Have a great day!

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  1. Thank you for the great information 😀. I found a jar of stale ones, and a friend gave me a couple of bags of marshmallows and 1 was stale. I really needed these ideas. I can’t wait to get started. A cup of white hot chocolate to the rescue. Maybe some brownies too.

  2. Thank you, THANK YOU! I hate wasting food…and tossing stale marshmallows has always frustrated me! 🤨 Appreciate your thoughts, and the time you took in posting. Literally came across your post after inquiring “recipes for hard marshmallows”! 😁👍

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