What to Serve with Grilled Shrimp

Wondering What to Serve with Grilled Shrimp? Try These Delicious Combinations

Imagine this: you’re in the backyard, grilled up, and the tantalizing aroma of juicy grilled shrimp wafts through the air. It’s a culinary delight, no doubt. But here’s the kicker that leaves us all scratching our heads: What to serve with grilled shrimp? Well, my friend, I’ve got you covered. Today, we’re diving into the delicious world of shrimp pairings, and I promise you, it’s not your run-of-the-mill stuff.

I’m about to unravel 38 lip-smacking side dish ideas to turn your grilled shrimp into a gourmet masterpiece. These aren’t your everyday choices – we’re talking about flavors, textures, and colors that’ll make your taste buds sing! We’ve got everything from timeless classics to bold and spicy concoctions. Whether it’s a zesty summer salad or a savory side that adds depth to your shrimp game, you’re in for a treat.

By the time we’re through, you won’t just know “What to serve with grilled shrimp,” you’ll be hailed as the grill master among your crew. So, join me on this flavorful journey, where we’ll explore the art of perfect shrimp pairings. Get ready to ignite those taste buds because we’re about to reveal 10 irresistible side dish ideas that’ll transform your next grilled shrimp feast into a culinary sensation. Hungry yet? Let’s dig in!


Classic Pairings For Grilled Shrimps

Let’s dive into what I call the “Good Old Pairings” for serving alongside your grilled shrimp. You know, those classic duos that never go out of style and never fail to satisfy. These are the kind of side dishes that have stood the test of time for a reason – they just plain taste good!

1. Garlic Butter Rice:

First up, we’ve got the classic garlic butter rice. Now, I’ve got to say, the rich aroma of buttery rice mixed with garlic is like a warm hug for your taste buds. It’s the perfect partner for the smoky, grilled goodness of shrimp.

2. Coleslaw:

Next on the list is coleslaw. This zesty side dish is like a refreshing blast of flavor that complements your grilled shrimp perfectly. The crispiness of the cabbage and the tangy dressing are like a flavor explosion in your mouth.

3. Grilled Vegetables:

Ah, grilled veggies – a timeless favorite. Something about those charred bell peppers, zucchini, and asparagus works so well with grilled shrimp. It’s a match made in culinary heaven.

4. Corn on the Cob:

Moving on to corn on the cob. Imagine this: sweet corn slathered in butter with a sprinkle of salt. It’s a simple pleasure that pairs beautifully with the juiciness of grilled shrimp.

5. Baked Potatoes:

And last but not least, we’ve got baked potatoes. These babies are like a blank canvas waiting to soak up all the delicious flavors from your grilled shrimp. Creamy on the inside, with a crispy skin – perfection!

So, when pondering what to serve with grilled shrimp, don’t forget these classic pairings. They’re classics for a reason, and they’ll make your meal a hit every time.

what side dishes go with grilled shrimp

What Global Flavors To Serve With Grilled Shrimp Skewers?

Let’s embark on a culinary journey with some “Global Flavors” to elevate your grilled shrimp experience. You know, there are times when you want your taste buds to travel the world without leaving your kitchen, right? Well, I’ve got some international inspirations that’ll take your grilled shrimp to new heights and make your meal a delicious adventure.

1. Thai Coconut Rice:

First stop, Thailand! Imagine fragrant jasmine rice cooked in creamy coconut milk with hints of lemongrass and a touch of sweetness. This Thai coconut rice is like a tropical escape for your palate and pairs beautifully with your grilled shrimp.

2. Spanish Garlic Aioli:

Next, let’s transport ourselves to Spain! Get ready for some Spanish charm with garlic aioli. Creamy, garlicky, and a tad tangy, it’s the perfect dip for your grilled shrimp. It’s like adding a dash of Barcelona to your dinner.

3. Mexican Street Corn (Elote):

Hola, Mexico! Now, for a street food favorite – Elote or Mexican street corn. Picture sweet corn on the cob slathered with mayo, sprinkled with chili powder, and rolled in crumbly cotija cheese. It’s a fiesta of flavors that pairs brilliantly with grilled shrimp.

4. Italian Caprese Salad:

Let’s head to Italy for a moment, shall we? The classic Caprese salad is a harmony of flavors – ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, creamy mozzarella, and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It’s like a Mediterranean escape for your taste buds that complements your shrimp beautifully.

5. Greek Tzatziki and Pita:

And finally, we’re off to Greece for some tzatziki and pita. This cool cucumber yogurt dip with a hint of garlic perfectly matches warm, fluffy pita bread. It’s a Greek delight that adds a refreshing touch to your grilled shrimp.

When you’re in the mood for a culinary adventure, these global flavors will transport you around the world one delicious bite at a time. They’re all about infusing your grilled shrimp experience with diverse tastes and making every meal a tasty voyage. So, prepare to savor the world’s flavors without leaving your kitchen!

Before jump in to the next section, I recommend to read step by step guide on how to reheat a shrimp before jump in to the next section.

Light And Fresh Choices Goes With Grilled Shrimp.

Let’s switch gears and chat about some “Light and Fresh Choices” to go along with your grilled shrimp. You know, sometimes you crave a meal that’s not too heavy, something that’s light, vibrant, and just hits the spot. Well, I’ve got a handful of tasty ideas that’ll do just that!

1. Summery Citrus Salad:

When the sun’s shining, and you fancy a side dish as bright as the day, consider a summery citrus salad. Think juicy orange, zesty grapefruit, and tangy lime wedges, all mingling with crisp greens and a zingy vinaigrette. It’s like a burst of freshness that dances beautifully with grilled shrimp.

2. Cool Cucumber Mint Dip:

Why not whip up a cool cucumber-mint dip for a chill and revitalizing side? This Mediterranean classic combines grated cucumber, fresh mint, and creamy yogurt. It’s like a cool breeze on a warm day, perfectly balancing the smoky flavors of your shrimp.

3. Quinoa Herb Salad:

A quinoa herb salad is a fantastic choice for a light and nutritious side. It’s packed with aromatic herbs, ripe tomatoes, and a zesty lemon dressing. This dish keeps things light and adds a healthy punch to your meal.

4. Watermelon Salsa Surprise:

Now, here’s a delightful twist. Imagine the sweetness of ripe watermelon meeting the kick of jalapeños, a sprinkle of cilantro, and a squeeze of fresh lime. It’s a flavor adventure that offers a refreshing contrast to your grilled shrimp.

5. Spinach and Berry Bliss:

This salad is like a flavor fiesta. Baby spinach, sweet strawberries, and crunchy almonds drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette. It’s like a celebration for your taste buds, and it pairs perfectly with the smoky essence of grilled shrimp.

One more thing! If you are a beef stroganoff lover eat these side dishes with beef stroganoff to get a delicious taste.

Bold Flavors And Spices Side Dishes Go With Grilled Shrimp

Let’s get ready to jazz up your grilled shrimp experience with some tasty and spicy choices. Sometimes, you’re in the mood for a meal that’s not just flavorful but packs a punch, right? Hold onto your taste buds because I’ve got some exciting ideas that’ll do just that!

1. Cajun-Style Corn on the Cob:

If you’re up for some bold flavors, don’t miss out on Cajun-style corn on the cob. It’s like a burst of spices on your palate. The smoky paprika, a hint of cayenne, and a touch of garlic work wonders with the smokiness of your grilled shrimp.

2. Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries:

For those who crave a bit of spice, try out Chipotle sweet potato fries. They’re crispy, with that smoky chipotle kick that’ll add heat to your shrimp feast. The natural sweetness of the potatoes balances out the spice beautifully.

3. Zesty Mango Salsa:

Whip up some zesty mango salsa for a tropical twist with a spicy edge. Imagine the sweet mangoes meeting the fiery jalapeños and the freshness of cilantro. It’s like a party of flavors that dances beautifully with your grilled shrimp.

4. Garlic Parmesan Asparagus:

If you lean towards savory depth, give garlic Parmesan asparagus a shot. It’s all about the rich garlic, nutty Parmesan, and those tender asparagus spears roasted to perfection. This side dish adds a savory touch that pairs beautifully with your shrimp.

5. Smoky Paprika Potatoes:

And for that unique twist, consider smoky paprika potatoes. Coated in smoky paprika, these spuds bring a touch of smokiness and a hint of spice to your meal. It’s like a flavor adventure waiting to elevate your grilled shrimp.

One more thing, If you don’t have paprika in your kitchen, use these paprika substitutes to get same flavour.

When you’re in the mood for a meal that’s not just tasty but an experience, these bold and spicy choices are your ideal companions for grilled shrimp. They’re all about bringing excitement to your plate and making every bite an unforgettable adventure.

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What Vegetarian And Vegan Alternatives Go Good With Grilled Shrimp

Let’s explore some mouthwatering options that cater to our vegetarian and vegan friends regarding “delicious plant-based pairings” for grilled shrimp. Yes, you read that right – we’re keeping it green while still making your grilled shrimp shine. So, if you’re wondering how to balance your love for shrimp with a plant-based diet, I’ve got you covered.

1. Grilled Portobello Mushrooms:

First up, we’ve got these marvelous grilled portobello mushrooms. Imagine them marinated and cooked to perfection, offering a rich, savory flavor that’s a delightful partner to grilled shrimp. It’s a plant-based alternative that doesn’t skimp on taste.

2. Avocado Salad:

For a creamy and refreshing choice, consider whipping up an avocado salad. Creamy avocado chunks, crisp veggies, and a zesty dressing create a harmonious balance with your grilled shrimp. It’s like a party of textures and flavors on your plate.

3. Vegan Garlic Bread:

Now, who can resist the allure of warm, garlicky bread? You can craft a delicious vegan garlic bread with dairy-free butter and minced garlic that’s just as satisfying as the original and pairs perfectly with grilled shrimp.

4. Roasted Vegetable Medley:

A colorful roasted vegetable medley is always a winner. Picture roasted bell peppers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes seasoned with herbs. It’s a vibrant mix that adds a burst of freshness to your grilled shrimp.

5. Quinoa-Stuffed Bell Peppers:

For something more substantial, consider quinoa-stuffed bell peppers. Fill those peppers with cooked quinoa, black beans, corn, and your favorite veggies, then bake them perfectly. It’s a wholesome and satisfying option to enjoy with your grilled shrimp.

Beverage Pairings for Grilled Shrimp

Picture this: You’ve got a plate of delicious grilled shrimp in front of you, and you’re wondering, “What should I sip on to make this meal even more amazing?” Well, I’ve got some tasty ideas for you. Let’s discuss the beverages that can take your grilled shrimp to the next level.

1. White Wine Wonder:

When it comes to grilled shrimp, a chilled glass of white wine is my top pick. Think about a zesty Sauvignon Blanc or a crisp Pinot Grigio. These wines have that zingy acidity and citrusy kick that pairs like a dream with those juicy shrimp.

2. Beer, Anyone?:

If you’re more of a beer fan, don’t worry. A light lager or a pale ale is the way to go. The bubbly goodness and just the right touch of bitterness in these beers make every bite of grilled shrimp even better.

3. Sparkling Water Delight:

Not into alcohol? No problem. Grab some sparkling water, add a squeeze of lemon or lime, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing sip that won’t overpower the shrimp’s flavors.

4. Zesty Cocktails:

For a little more oomph, consider a cocktail with a citrus twist. A tangy margarita or a mojito with fresh lime and mint can give your taste buds a thrilling dance partner.

5. Herbal Iced Tea:

Looking for a non-alcoholic flavor? Brew some herbal iced tea. Chamomile, lemongrass, or a minty blend can bring a refreshing herbal note to the shrimp party.

6. Whiskey and Lemon:

If you’re up for a stronger option, try a whiskey cocktail with a lemony twist. Something like a classic whiskey sour can be a surprising match that complements the grill’s smoky charm.

7. Salsa Surprise:

Now, here’s something out of the box. It’s not exactly a beverage, but a tangy tomatillo salsa can double up as a flavor-packed “drink” to enjoy with your shrimp. It’s an unexpected pairing that might just blow your taste buds away.

grilled shrimp pairings

What Creative Pairings goes with BBQ shrimp?

Let’s talk about “Exciting Partners” for your grilled shrimp. Sometimes, it’s fun to venture beyond the usual and discover new flavors that can make your grilled shrimp stand out. So, if you’re up for some culinary exploration, here are some unique combinations that will add a twist to your shrimp dish and make it a memorable experience.

1. Pineapple Salsa with a Spicy Twist:

Imagine this – a zesty pineapple salsa with a kick of jalapeños. The natural sweetness of pineapple pairs beautifully with grilled shrimp, and that spicy twist? It’s like a fiesta for your taste buds.

2. Sesame-Ginger Slaw Sensation:

Want to add some crunch to your shrimp adventure? Try a sesame-ginger slaw. It’s a medley of crisp veggies tossed in a flavorful sesame-ginger dressing that gives your grilled shrimp an Asian-inspired twist.

3. Sweet Potato Fries with a Hint of Sweetness:

Let’s talk about the delightful blend of sweet and savory. Crispy sweet potato fries sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon sugar are an unexpected but utterly delicious pairing with grilled shrimp. Trust me; it’s a flavor journey worth taking.

4. The Berry BBQ Surprise:

Consider whipping up a blueberry barbecue sauce for a sweet and tangy surprise. The fruity richness of blueberries combines with smoky barbecue flavors to create a perfect sauce for grilled shrimp.

5. Tropical Flavors in Coconut-Curry Rice:

Take a culinary detour with some coconut-curry rice. Fragrant jasmine rice cooked in creamy coconut milk and infused with aromatic curry spices adds a tropical twist to your grilled shrimp experience.

These inventive pairings are all about breaking the mold and letting your taste buds embark on a flavor adventure. Who said grilled shrimp had to be predictable? These combinations bring a unique twist to your meal that’s not only unexpected but absolutely delightful. So, don’t be afraid to get creative and let your culinary imagination run wild!

Pro Tips for Perfect Pairings

Let me share some “Pro Tips for Delicious Combos” to serve alongside your grilled shrimp. When it comes to making a meal truly special, it’s not just about the main dish but also the fantastic companions that elevate it. So, if you want to step up your culinary game and impress your taste buds, here are some expert insights to help you pair your grilled shrimp like a pro.

1. The Art of Balance:

One secret to perfect pairings is finding the right balance. If your grilled shrimp packs a punch with its smoky flavor, consider a side that offers a delightful contrast. For instance, if your shrimp is savory and rich, a fresh and zesty salad can create a harmonious blend.

2. Texture Tales:

Pay attention to the importance of textures. Pairing your shrimp with a side with a different texture can make each bite more exciting. Imagine the creamy goodness of shrimp with the satisfying crunch of sweet potato fries – a match made to please your palate.

3. Colorful Companions:

Remember, your plate is a canvas. A colorful side dish looks inviting and enhances your overall dining experience. Think about adding vibrant veggies, colorful salsas, or fresh herbs to brighten your meal.

4. Playing with Temperature:

Variety in temperatures can add depth to your dish. Consider a cool and revitalizing side like a cucumber salad if your grilled shrimp is piping hot. The interplay of temperatures can make your meal more intriguing.

5. Explore Global Flavors:

Embrace the diversity of cuisines. Grilled shrimp is incredibly versatile and can harmonize with various culinary influences. Pair it with sides inspired by Thai, Mexican, Italian, or Greek traditions to infuse a worldly flair into your dining experience.


In wrapping up, my fellow food enthusiasts, remember that choosing sides to serve with grilled shrimp is a delightful journey of flavors. It’s like crafting your own taste symphony. Be bold, trust your taste buds, and follow your cravings. Whether you opt for contrasting or complementary tastes, it’s all about your unique palate. So, savor the thrill of culinary exploration in your kitchen, and let each meal be a delightful surprise. Here’s to countless more mouthwatering pairings and unforgettable dining experiences! Cheers to the art of serving grilled shrimp!

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