Why Are Some Coffee Makers So Expensive?

May 12, 2023

In this article, I will let you know why are some coffee makers so expensive. Let me guess; you are on the verge of buying a coffee machine and wondering why are coffee machines so expensive, right? There is no need to buy the most expensive coffee machine if you understand why they are so highly-priced. Let me be your mentor today and explain everything you need to know to make a better comparison between cheap coffee maker vs expensive machines in a meaningful manner. 

Why Are Coffee Makers So Expensive?

I was in your shoes about a couple of years back and thought, are coffee makers worth it. I found out these are the main factors that determine the price tag of a coffee machine.

Brand Name

Pretty obvious, isn’t it? Most of the big players in the game throw their products to the customers at a considerable price. In addition, these brands have been doing their business for so long, winning the hearts and trust of the consumers. It is not an easy task, and definitely, it took them a long time to be in the position they are currently at. 

This tells that the products they put on the market are high in price compared to newer brands. That said, it might not be applicable to all brands, but the chances are high that most of the expensive coffee maker brands are old and have magnificent goodwill. 

Custom Products 

Not all coffee machines are the same. The more tailor-made options a machine has, the more it will cost to own one. If you are running behind a coffee machine that matches your requirement precisely with more specific features, you will see comparatively high price.

Development Cost

This is something that we have not much comprehension of as it is irrelevant to us as consumers. However, to cater to your needs, manufacturers have to constantly research and develop new products to survive the competition. Ultimately, they have to recover that cost, and it’s we who are bearing that at the end of the day. I’m not explaining more than that, but I guess you get the point.

Features of the Machine

There are entry-level machines that do one or two main duties, while some have features that are designed for commercial-level tasks. So, it is important to understand what your requirements are before blaming the manufacturer for the price tag that the machine carries. 

Dealers and Middlemen

You would notice that third-party dealers or stores that sell the product say a higher price compared to the manufacturer’s price. In the modern-day business world, it is pretty demanding to eliminate the middle man from the process, and they are not involved in business as charity workers. So, try to purchase stuff directly from the manufacturer itself to prevent this from happening in the future. 

why are some coffee makers so expensive

Are Expensive Coffee Makers Worth It?

The straightforward answer to this is it depends on your requirements. If that answer is not enough for you, let me explain it a wee bit. First of all, get rid of the mentality of “the more you pay, the more you get’’ as it doesn’t help on all types of products, including coffee machines. Similarly, I strongly suggest you not search for the least expensive best tasting coffee maker as well. 

However, this is easier said than done, especially if you are new to coffee machines, as there is overwhelming number of products available on the market to choose from. In that sense, it is crucial to keep everything simple when considering factors before buying a coffee maker. As I said, the price of a coffee maker rises when there are more features, and you must think about whether all those features are required for yourself.

As an example, there are some coffee machines that make all types of coffee. In addition, some come with two coffee grinders instead of one. Yes, the final decision is always in your hands, but if you are vegan, there is no point in buying chicken pizzas, I guess. If you are not a barista who has more baristas in your household, I feel there is no need to buy a coffee maker at a higher price range. 

Difference between Cheap and Expensive Coffee Machines

So, how important is a good coffee grinder? Well, it is another thing that decides on personal requirements. Nevertheless, knowing the difference between cheap and expensive coffee machines will help you make a better decision. Let’s take some of the pivotal aspects of coffee makers into consideration and figure out whether it is best to invest in a coffee maker. 


Since we are talking about “cheap vs expensive,” the price has to be the main aspect to talk about. Depending on the type of coffee you anticipate a machine to brew, the price can fluctuate drastically. 

If you want to buy a drip coffee maker, you can expect a machine to be at around $200. Similarly, if you are aiming at a super espresso machine, the price may even go up more than $2500. 


The quality of materials is another thing that has a direct connection with the price of a coffee machine. Cheap machines often get produced of plastic material and as we all know plastic isn’t the most expensive kind of material of the world. On the other hand, the expensive machines come from premium quality materials that are known for longevity and to bear all kinds of wear and tear. 

A coffee maker usually has certain moving parts, so it is important for them to carry high-quality materials in crucial components such as grinder and been feeding part. Yes, the materials used are definitely a deciding factor of a cheap and expensive coffee maker. 

Note: Plastic-made coffee makers might have long-term issues, not only with the longevity of the machine but also with regards to your health as well. I recommend you to opt for a product that says “BPA Free” to stay on the safe side as you don’t want to put your health at risk just because of a cup of coffee.

Servicing and Maintenance

I predict that you have seen newer-looking coffee makers in trash bins; ever wondered why? When the coffee machine is built of plastic, maintenance and cleaning become a huge headache. Once the machine stops working, it is pretty much difficult to service and make it work again. So, they deserve only the trash can. 

In contrast, the expensive or the products with high-quality materials open up the opportunity for you to service and use again if something goes bad with the machine. Also, such machines won’t break easily compared to low-quality coffee makers. 

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Does Coffee Maker Affect Taste?

Do coffee makers make a difference in taste? Yes, they do. It’s more to do with the quality of the grind. The better the grind is, the better the taste it provides. If you have tried a machine with a blade grinder, you must have a crack at a coffee made from a machine that has a burr grinder to understand what I’m saying here. The grind quality of the burr grinder is higher than the blade grinder. 

The taste is notably different and rich. Burr grinders have the ability to grind the coffee beans so fine, making your cup of coffee more tasteful. However, it’s not only the quality of the coffee machine that determines the taste of coffee. The quality of coffee beans is the key, and then comes the quality of the machine. Can your coffee maker affect taste? You now know the answer to this query.

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Buying Your Own Coffee Machine, Pros, and Cons

Nearing the final decision, right? Wait before you buy a coffee machine; you have to consider the pros and cons of owning a machine. Let me explain that as well. 

Pros of Buying a Coffee Machine

Here are the advantages of owning a coffee machine

Coffee Making Becomes Easy

For me, time is the most important thing in my life, and I think it’s the same with most people. Although we want to relish mouthwatering all the time, we cannot sacrifice our valuable time for it. With a coffee machine, it is not demanding or time-consuming work to brew coffee. The automated process of coffee machines requires little to no effort from the user.

Saves Money

Suppose you are a heavy coffee user, no wonder it affects your monthly budget if you visit coffee restaurants. You can easily save a considerable amount of bucks if you can invest in a coffee maker. Also, the coffee you make at home is 100% pure, and you know that it doesn’t have any harmful substances, which you have no control over when buying from a coffee shop.

You Can Use Your Favorite Coffee Beans

If you have a coffee machine in your arsenal, you can try different kinds of coffee beans available in the market. I don’t know about you, but I always like to try new and foreign coffee brands to see what they have to offer me. 

why are coffee machines so expensive

Cons of Buying a Coffee Machine

Here is the flip side of the story, the cons of owning a coffee machine. Let’s see.

Cost of Coffee Beans

Although I mentioned that the overall cost is low when you have a coffee machine, you will still have to buy coffee beans or pods to brew coffee. Yes, the amount you spend on coffee beans is nowhere close to the amount that you pay for your coffee at restaurants, but it is definitely something that you have to take into consideration. 

I would suggest it is better to think about this factor before you buy a coffee maker; if not, in certain situations, the cost of coffee beans for a given period of time might be higher than the price tag of the product. 

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Some Machines only Work with Specific Coffee Bean Brands and Pods.

If you are new to the game, you better understand that some coffee machines function only with one coffee bean brand. Actually, the machine you buy may be coming from the same coffee bean manufacturer. 

If that is the case, you won’t have the opportunity to try and test with new and other coffee brands, which I see as one of the biggest disadvantages of owning a coffee machine.


Now you have enough factors to answer why are some coffee makers so expensive and to buy an appropriate machine taking everything into consideration. It can be a considerable investment, so make a wise decision to prevent post-purchase disappointments. If you still need my assistance to buy a coffee machine with grinder, drop me a message in the comment section. Have a great day!

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