how to reheat tater tots

How to Reheat Tater Tots?

Tater tots are one of the greatest snacks you could ever have. Not only are they easy to reheat and eat, but they’re quick to cook! They’re ready-made and prepared for immediate consumption. This makes them the ideal snack whenever you’re too lazy to make something for yourself. Some of these delicacies even taste like pizza! So, hey if you‘re ever feeling bummed out. Just follow this guide for reheating tater tots. Not only are you saving money on buying more tater tots, but you’re also saving yourself a superb snack for later.

However, keep this in mind. Not all Tater tots are meant to be reheated. Take this as an example. In case you left one out in the open for too long, it may have gone bad. Thereafter making it not only tastes bad but feels soggy too. So, ensure that you follow this guide properly if you want to get the best results.


Can You Reheat Tater Tots The Next Day?

According to my own experience, I can say that the taste of tater tots may not be as inviting unless reheated. Most of the time you may get a bland taste if you don’t reheat them. Not to mention that you may also get a very grimy and soggy texture. This makes them queasy to eat. So, just make sure that you properly reheat and store your tater tots to get some extraordinary results. In case you’re new to reheating and storing tater tots, just follow this guide!

It’s simple and easy to follow. Not only do you learn how to reheat your tater tots in multiple ways, but you also learn how to store them. Just make sure you read the guidelines properly.

how to reheat tater tots in the oven

Is It Safe To Reheat Tater Tots?

It depends on how you’ve stored your tater tots away. According to what I know, there’s a chance it may have gone bad if you haven’t stored it properly. Aside from that, if you haven’t stored it properly you may have left it out in the open for too long as well. This always invites all kinds of bacteria onto your leftover snacks. Just make sure that you don’t leave your tater tots in such conditions if you don’t want a bad stomach the next day.

Normally, what I would do to make sure my Tater tots are safe to eat, is check on them when they are being reheated. I’ll just make sure that they’re being heated evenly without being overcooked. This leads to making some extraordinary snacks that always leave a great taste in your mouth. So, in case you want to reheat some tater tots properly yourself, adhere to these guidelines.

I recommend to read step by step guide on how to reheat roasted potatoes before jump in to the methods.

How To Reheat Tater Tots On A Stove?

This is one of the best ways to reheat your tater tots in my opinion. Not only does it make them crispy again, but it properly reheats them within a matter of minutes too! Here’s a small tip in case you want to give your tater tots a boost of flavor. Just drizzle a bit of butter or olive oil onto the pan and place your tater tots over them. Then serve them with a dash of parsley. I know it already sounds mouth-watering, so just follow these steps carefully to get an extraordinary snack:

  1. Place a non-stick pan over your stove at medium heat.
  2. Drizzle a bit of olive oil onto your pan.
  3. Proceed to place the tater tots onto the pan and spread them out evenly.
  4. Leave them to cook for about 3-5 minutes until they’re brown and crispy.
  5. Filp them onto their opposing side and repeat step 4.
  6. As soon as they’re done cooking, serve them with a side of mayo and enjoy!

Just to impress whomever I serve these tater tots to; I garnish each serving with a dash of parsley and mayo. This riles them up every time.

How To Reheat Tater Tots In An Oven?

One of the smarter alternatives to reheating your tater tots is in an oven. This evenly heats your tater tots from all sides. Not to mention that they’re also cooked to a crisp within minutes! Just make sure you check on your tater tots every couple of minutes. If not done so, this normally leads to burnt tater tots. On some occasions, they may be overcooked leading to a soggy disaster. Now if you don’t want a soggy mess of a snack, just follow these steps:

  1. First, preheat your oven to 425°F (218°C).
  2. Then place your tater tots onto an oven-safe tray over a baking sheet.
  3. Place your tray in the oven and leave your tater tots to cook for around 10-15 minutes.
  4. Once you feel as if your tater tots are crispy enough. Take them out and serve them after letting them cool for a minute or two.

Now I would normally ensure that I check on my tater tots every 2-3 minutes to flip them over. This even cooks and crisps each side of my tater tot without burning it. So just follow this tip if you want an awesome snack.

How do you keep tater tots from getting soggy?

How To Reheat Tater Tots In A Toaster Oven?

In all honesty, I feel as if this is the same as reheating your tater tots in a toaster oven. The biggest difference is the size of the oven and the temperature. The results are just as great though. So just follow these steps to get the same extraordinary results:

  1. Preheat your oven to 400°F (200°C).
  2. Proceed to place your tater tots onto a baking sheet and then onto an oven-safe tray.
  3. Leave your baking tray in the toaster oven for 5-10 minutes.
  4. After you feel as if your tater tots are warm and crispy enough, take them out and serve. Enjoy!

Feel free to add whatever topping you feel is appropriate for your delicacy and enjoy!

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How To Reheat Tater Tots In An Air Fryer?

No this is one of my favorite ways of reheating tater tots. Not only does it crisp them, but it also leaks all the oil out of each tater tot. This then gives it a healthier value compared to before. Not to mention that the taste is just as great. The taste may not be as inviting as before, but hey at least you aren’t mowing down on calories. Ensure that you carefully follow these steps to get the best results:

  1. Preheat your air fryer to 400°F (200°C) for around 5 minutes.
  2. Place your tater tots into your air frying basket and evenly spread them out.
  3. Proceed to air fry your tater tots for 5-7 minutes while occasionally shaking them around to flip them over.
  4. In case your tater tots aren’t crispy enough, leave them in the basket for another 1-2 minutes.
  5. As soon as they’re done cooking, go ahead and serve them immediately.

Just in case you don’t like your tater tots without any of the greases. Feel free to add a small slab of butter onto each tater tot to get a much better and tastier treat. I normally do this only when I’m having my cheat day.

Can You Reheat Tater Tots In A Microwave?

You can. Not only is it the simplest way to reheat your tater tots but it’s the quickest as well. Just follow these steps to see how fast reheating your tater tots in a microwave is:

  1. Place your tater tots onto a microwave-safe dish.
  2. Place them into your microwave and cover your tray with a damp paper towel. This prevents your tater tots from drying out.
  3. Go ahead and leave your tater tots to reheat for 30 seconds to 1 minute at high power.
  4. In case they haven’t been reheated properly, leave them in there for another 15-30 seconds.
  5. Once you’re done heating your tater tots, take them out and leave them to cool for a minute or two.
Is it safe to reheat tater tots

Average Time and Temperature for Preheating Tater Tots!

StoveMedium heat3-5 minutes
Oven425°F (218°C)10-15 minutes
Toaster Oven400°F (200°C)5-10 minutes
Air fryer400°F (200°C5 minutes
MicrowaveHigh power30-60 seconds

How to Store Tater Tots For The Purpose Of Reheating?

It’s quite a simple process if you know how to do it properly. Just make sure that you leave your tater tots to cool to room temperature. Once they’ve reached room temperature go ahead and seal them in an airtight container. You may then proceed to leave them in a refrigerator for 3-4 days or freezer for up to 3-4 months. Make sure you don’t leave them in there for too long or they might go bad.

How To Keep Your Tater Tots From Getting Soggy?

Just ensure that your tater tots are properly reheated and cooked before eating them. Keep in mind that if you store your tater tots away without letting them cool to room temperature, they will get soggy. This makes them inedible and yucky.  Furthermore, try not to overcook your tater tots, or else they may get soggy. Additionally, if you reheat your tater tots in an air fryer, all the grease in it is drained. This leads to little to no sogginess in your tater tots.


Can You Reheat Tater Tots Twice?

Of course, you can, just make sure that you restore them and reheat them properly.

What’s The Best Temperature for Air Frying Frozen Tater Tots?

Normally, I would say that a safe temperature is somewhere around 400-425 degrees Fahrenheit to reheat your frozen tater tots. Just make sure you don’t go over this limit.

What Is The Best Way To Reheat Tater Tots?

Normally I would stick to reheating my tater tots in an air fryer, but in this case, I think reheating them on a stove is the best. Not only can you baste your tater tots in all kinds of oils. But you can also pan-sear each side to get the perfect level of crispiness. Aside from that you can flip each tater tot easily.

Hope you enjoy my guide and try your favorite recipe first and if there any leftovers use these methods to keep it little longer.

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