best place to buy japanese knives online

Best Place to Buy Japanese Knives Online

The whole cooking world loves Japanese knives for obvious reasons. I know you are not here to read about the quality or the superiority of these knives but to learn where to buy Japanese knives. The thing about knives from Japan is that they are not available in every online store. If you don’t know the right place, it would be difficult to end up with premium Japanese knives. Don’t worry; I’m here to help you out, and let me tell you the best place to buy Japanese knives online.


Best Place to Buy Japanese Knives Online

Guys, there are no shortage of online stores regarding Japanese knives. As a person who loves to try and test products and services, I’m not getting satisfied with one option just because of someone’s recommendation. I want you to think like that as well; otherwise, you never know what others are offering.

So, these are my recommendations, and you are free to investigate them and pick the best place to buy chef knives. Also, I would appreciate it if you could take a second and let me know your preferred option in the comment section at the end of the article. Let’s go!

cheap japanese knives sale


It’s not only with Japanese chef knife brands, but for most high-quality consumer stuff, you have to roll your eyeballs around So, if you are wondering where to buy Japanese knives online, my first recommendation would be to check at Jeff Bezo’s place. 

Well, for those who want to read a Japanese chef knives review and buy a product accordingly, I cannot recommend a better place than The honest customer reviews of Amazon make it a good option for literally all the products you need, including Japanese kitchen knife sets.

If you are new to, please scroll down on each product to read the customer reviews. It’s not difficult to inspect the pros and cons in a matter of minutes before you come to a conclusion. 

Moreover, most of the world-renowned Manufacturers have listed products their products on, and it won’t be a Himalayan task to reach your dream Japanese chef knives set if you take a minute and wander around it. The product listings are comprehensive, and you can explore the knives with the exact keywords you use. 

Also, the purchases you make via are considered pretty much safe and reliable, and you would know that their deliveries are super-fast compared to other online web stores. Being the number one online web store, you are entitled to relish much more facilities if you prefer So, why not?


Situated in Manhattan, Korin is another popular place for Japanese knives. They offer Japanese knives, tableware, and many other kitchen-related products for around forty years. It is home to a ton of high-quality Japanese knives, and most of them are coming directly from japan itself. If you are fed up with searching for a particular Japanese knife, you will most probably find your desired product at without much of a fuss. 

Yes, Japanese knives are well-known for their aesthetic values, and the same quality often misleads buyers, and they end up with a low-quality product. However, you are guaranteed not to fall into that trap at Korin, as their fleet of knives only consists of high-quality knives made of high-quality materials while protecting the aesthetic values to the fullest. 

There are products on the website as well as their brick-and-mortar store to suit both restaurant level and household requirements. So, I have no second guess in suggesting Korin as the ideal and best website for Japanese knives. 


When you read an article on “best Japanese knives in 2022’’ or the best place to buy chef knives, there is a high degree of possibility of Walmart appearing on those lists. Do you know why? It’s because they have most of the Japanese knife brands that you want to buy. Also, you have the cushion of selecting knives based on price range, departments, and shipping preference. 

A KnifeNews survey once said that 6% of knife enthusiasts had purchased at least one Japanese knife from the Walmart website, which says Walmart is one of the most reliable places when it comes to knives. On a personal note, I feel that knives available at Walmart are relatively cheaper than other online dealers.

In that sense, if you are running behind of cheaper-priced Japanese knives, rather than typing “cheap Japanese knives sale,” I would suggest you visit They have some amazing products in their armory that don’t demand an arm and a leg.

If you are a rookie to the world of knives and want to start your journey with good quality and an affordable product, Walmart could be one ideal place. In addition, the coolest thing about Walmart is that more than 90% of US citizens are just 15 minutes away from a Walmart store. 

where to buy japanese knives online


Letcase is a dedicated online store for knife lovers, and it has all sorts of knives for you to select. Some of the knives types include steak knives, boning knives, Santoku knives, Chef’s knives, Nakiri knives, Gyuto knives, and many more. Other than the knives, the website has a separate section for knife accessories in which you can purchase knife sharpeners, knife bags, knife holders, cutting boards, and so on. 

I like the fact that they have a blog on their website to educate people about knives, which can be a great addition as most buyers don’t know how to choose and use knives, particularly concerning the new arrivals. Recently, I have noticed that they provide free shipping for all purchases.

However, that is something that I cannot take the guarantee, but the quality of knives and service they provide are definitely two areas that you can bank on with or without my recommendation. 

Further, is getting updated frequently, not only with products but with tons of news and articles related to knives. So, considering all these valid factors, I have no reason to exclude from my list of “best place to buy Japanese knives online.’’ Don’t just take my word, have a look at it and make your own decision. 

Chefknivestogo is owned by Mark Richmond, who has started his thing as a cooking enthusiast. Yes, I know you may raise eyebrows to see this option on a list that had big players such as and but make no mistake, I didn’t include by fluke. I will definitely elaborate on it a wee bit, but you have to visit to experience what I’m preaching here. 

There are over 75 Japanese knives brands listed on this website, with over 30 different knives types. One of the main reasons why I love this website is that it allows you to choose a knife by steel type.

If you have some sort of idea about Japanese knives, you would know that the fate of the knife is usually determined by the material used, and you know how difficult it is to find a place that facilitates this luxury.

However, that doesn’t necessarily say that newbies have no chance at, as there is a dedicated forum for those who have issues and concerns with regards to knives. In that forum, you can post your concern to get advice from previous users as well as the pros of the game, which I see as a wonderful addition to an online web store. 

As far as I’m concerned, this website covers most of the must-have aspects of a knives web store, and I see it as one of the best online chef knife stores. I want my readers to have a crack at their products at least once to see whether I’m exaggerating or not!

Can You Import Knives From Japan?

Whether you are importing from Japan or any other country, there are certain restrictions in place since knives are considered sharp-edged instruments. However, that is not something you will have to worry about with USPS, as knives are not listed on their restricted list.

That said, the packaging of the knife has to be secure and not hazardous to the people who are handling the package until you receive it. That is why you should go with a reliable store or a manufacturer who has a good reputation and customer reviews. If you select one of the places that I mentioned, there should not be anything to worry about.


Before I say goodbye, let me explain another thing. If you want a Japanese knife to buy, don’t just wait for a Japanese kitchen knife sale. That is not the way forward as there are great websites to buy cheap as well as high-end Japanese knives without much problem. Now you have five websites that won my trust. I hope those websites will do justice for you as well. If you have anything to ask from me, please use the comment section. Cheers!

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