chef'schoice 615a best electric meat slicer

Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

You might know the name of Chef’sChoice, if you are a food lover, chef, or kitchen product lover. Chef’sChoice is one of the famous brands owned by “EdgeCraft Corporation manufactures” for advanced electric small kitchen utensils. The company started in 1984 in Avondale, Pennsylvania, the USA with the introduction of the manual knife sharpeners and electric food slicers. During the ’90s the company put its effort into developing electric sharpeners, slicers, and diamond steels. At the beginning of the year 2000 the company focus on expanding the product range to introduce the most successful products to the global market. As a result of this success, they have introduced Chef’sChoice 615A electric meat slicer for more advanced meat and food slicing.


A meat slicer is one of the commonly used equipment in restaurants, hotels, and houses. As a result of the popularity and common use, several companies introduced different types of meat slicers to compete with the Chef’sChoice 615A electric meat slicer. So it is really important to have a deep understanding of the product and features before you taking the final purchase decision. Our industry experts are gone through the several advanced testing of the products and bringing out the analysis using the below Chef’sChoice 615A electric food and meat slicer review.

Structure of the Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

Structure or the body is an important factor to consider before purchasing the best meat slicer because structure decides the life span of the product. The use of cheap and low-quality material directly affects the durability of the machine and machine operations. This Chef’s Choice meat slicer developed with stainless steel and cast aluminum to resists the stains and damages. Stainless Steel Metal pusher ensures the strength and correct placement without damaging to the blade.

This handsomely styled Chefs Choice meat slicer is designed to keep the minimum space of the kitchen and it is 15.5” of long, 10.4” width and 11” height. With the lightweight, you can carry this food slicer easily and it weighs only 10.61 pounds.


The power of the motor is important for efficient meat slicing. Chefs choice meat slicer 615 comes with a 120-watt power motor with unique features. “EdgeCraft” engineers designed high torque motor with cool running technology. A reliable gear drive facilitates continuous meat slicing. If you prefer smoking meat for a larger number of crowed, having this slicer makes more advantages to you.

Features Overview

The manufacturer always concerns the safety of product users. Therefore they developed a special blade guard to protect the users from unnecessary damages and to protect the blade. This guard can be moved on the cutting edge of the blade and can be locked. If you have little children in your home this feature helps to protect when it is not in use.

You can control the machine by using an easily accessible on-off button. Chef’sChoice 615A electric meat slicer’s food carriage can carry a larger amount of roasts, hams, and other foods for fast and efficient slicing.

The 7-inch stainless steel blade of the chef’s choice 615 premium electric food slicer facilitates slicing a wide variety of food items. Where you can slice the food by using precision thickness control slices from deli think to approximate a 1-inch thick level.

The food pusher of the machine is manufactured with metal and it is easy to grip. Foods are not slips away due to the non-slip design of the food pusher.

Cleaning of Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

Cleaning of an electric device is a tricky thing. You can clean this chef’s choice of meat slicer by using the below facts.

Before you start your cleaning process make sure the machine is unplugged from the power outlet. It is essential to go for a thorough cleaning process to remove the food parts from the slicer.

First, you can use soft cloth or sponge to remove the residuals, but you shouldn’t put heavy pressure on the machine, because it might be harmful to the machine and blade. Then it is better to use a mild soap or spray cleaner to remove the food parts. After proper cleaning, rinse, and dry the machine for a considerable time.

More importantly, don’t use the steel wool or sourcing powder to clean the slicer. Immerse the slicer into the water or use of dishwasher to wash any part of the machine cause damages to the machine functionality.

You can clean the blade by removing it. For that put coin into the slot of the blade fastening screw and turn the screw clockwise until the blade is fully removed.

As well as cleaning, sharpening the meat slicer blade is also essential. It will help you slice different meats, vegetables, and fruits for daily cooking and special occasions.

Safety Tips for Using Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

  • Make sure to thin thoroughly before slicing the meat.
  • Meats should be boneless.
  • Remove the seeds from fruits and vegetables.
  • Better to freeze the part before slicing the meat or fish, because uneven textures are difficult to slice.
Features of the Food Slicer
  • Made up with cast aluminum and stainless steel
  • High powerful motor with gear drive energizes the slicer
  • The 7-inch blade is made with stainless steel
  • All the parts can be separate and easy to clean
  • The blade can be locked by using a special button


Chef’s choice 615 vs 615A

According to the facts given by the chef’s choice, both the products are designed based on the same features. The only difference is under 615 you can slice from deli thin to 3.-4 inch but under 615A you can slice to 1 inch. Other than this, suppliers of the meat slicer also differ. 615A was made by a different supplier. You can identify this difference by checking the serial numbers. 

Chef’s choice 615 how thin?

Chef’sChoice 615A electric meat slicer comes with the 7-inch blade. You can slice your favorite food from deli thin to 1 inch.

Wrapping up..

Different food recipes required different sizes of sliced food parts. Therefore selecting the right meat slicer for home use is critical to every food lover. Out of all the varieties available in the market, Chef’sChoice 615A electric meat slicer makes your life easier. The manufacturer provides this machine to customers’ hands with unique features and modern technology. If you prefer a mid-range slicer, chef choice 615A is perfect for you. Don’t waste time, grab your product now!

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  1. Another type of meat slicer is the drum slicer. These appliances will be perfect for cooks who like to take large pieces of meat and use them as the main ingredient in another dish. In fact, some people even choose to leave out the bones when making a drum slicer.

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