Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo CharcoalGas Smoker & Grill

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Charcoal/Gas Smoker & Grill Complete Buying Guide

Smoke or Grill! What you prefer? Now you can grill or smoke your favorite barbeque with Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn combo grill and smoker. World-famous Oklahoma Joe smokers started their manufacturing in the plant located in Oklahoma State in the 1980s and the company founded by Joe Davidson. In 1998 Char-Broil acquired the Oklahoma Joe and develop the company under the guidance of the experts in the industry. With the combination of the two technologies, they have introduced different types of smokers and grillers to the market.


As a result of the successful business integration and innovation, they have introduced the Longhorn Combo Charcoal/Gas Smoker & Grill for all BBQ lovers across the globe. Unlike other smokers and grillers in the market, it has unique features to give you the best taste for your food. After deciding the best time to buy a grill, you can check this offset smoker different features and factors before making the purchase decision.

As I am a frequent griller, I know how these different grilling and smoking machines benefitted me. I have used flat-top grills, and electric smokers for testing purposes during the last couple of years. Out of all these machines, I prefer Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo because of the following features.

Smoking and Grilling Surface

This multipurpose Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn combo grill and smoker can make delicious food for your loving once. It comes up with the two separate grilling and smoking chambers. 19.25 inches Depth and 18.5 inches wide same size two chambers create 750 sq. inches primary cooking space. Smoking and grilling chambers allow you to smoke two 8 lb. pork shoulders or four 4.5 lb. whole chickens without any hesitation. 

10-square-inches of secondary cooking space help you to make Barbeque for a large number of peoples of your family. Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn was designed with two Professional temperature gauges for accurate measurement of the temperature of each chamber.  

Fuel and Heat Control

The company developed this Oklahoma Joe longhorn for more convenient use. You can either choose gas or charcoal to heat the firebox. Three separate burners are attached in the gas grill chamber and each generates 12,000 BTUs and a total 36,000 BTUs. As well as the main burner, the side burner also generates 12,000 BTUs for the smoking machine. It is essential to control the heat of the smoker when you’re smoking to the family. You can control the heating by using multiple adjustable dampers.

Ignition is another factor you should consider. Just like most smokers, this best smoker comes with an electronic igniter; you can light your burners with a simple button press. So this is perfect for ideal grilling for people with a busy life.

Structure of the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Grill and Smoker

Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn is one of the largest smoker and grill combo in the market. It is 31.5” long, 74” width and 50.6” height. With the large size of the machine and 750 sq/inch of cooking space, you can grill a large amount of meat or your favorite food. Oklahoma Joe combo grill’s grate built with the Porcelain Coated Cast Iron for longer life.

The manufacturer uses stainless steel to develop the burners and side shelf to ensure the strength of the grill parts. The heavy-gauge steel construction ensures the strength of the smoker and durability.

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Combo CharcoalGas Smoker & Grill

Other Features

You don’t want to worry about the storing of extra fuels and cooking utensils, this famous smoker and grill combo have a separate metal storage shelf underneath the cooking chamber. With the large space of the storage, you can store fuel tanks, charcoal, or cooking pans, knives, or any other utensil. Another special thing about this Oklahoma Joes longhorn combo is the firebox.

They have designed the firebox with an easily accessible door. This convenient access door allows you to make stoke the fire easy without opening the chamber lid. It is helpful to maintain the heat inside the chambers and even distribution throughout the smoker.

Innovative cool-touch handles of the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Grill and Smoker protect your hands from the heat. We always advise to use these handles and keeps small ones away from the smoker.

Further, you can easily move the smoker to the place you want. Large wagon-style wheels are making easier the mobility of the grill. The grater lifter tool is really important to move the grates when they are hot. A separate towel/tool rack helps you to keep your stuff when you’re smoking.

Cleaning and Care

The manufacturer recommended the routine cleaning of the grill. They have strong advice to use a nylon grill brush to clean inside the grill. You can easily detach the smoking box for the advance cleaning of the grill. Before you are entering into the cleaning, make sure the charcoal is completely extinguished from the unit.

It is better to keep in cool even after the cooking before entering into the cleaning process. And clean out all the remaining ashes because moisture leads to rusting and decay.

They are advice to clean the grill with water thoroughly and use air dry before it using again. Don’t forget to wipe out the inside of the Oklahoma Joe longhorn smoker with a paper towel or clean cloth. We highly recommend using a grill cover to protect from the moisture and dust.

Use the below method to clean the grill parts.

  • Plastic Parts – Use warm soapy water –Do not use abrasive cleaners, citrisol, degreasers, or concentrated grill cleaners
  • Porcelain Surface – Use baking soda or water – Better to use nonabrasive scouring Powder for stubborn stains
  • Painted Surface – Use a non-abrasive cleaner or a mild detergent with warm soapy water
  • Cooking surface – Use a bristle brush
  • Stainless steel surface – Use mild detergent and warm soapy water

Safety Tips for using Oklahoma Joe Longhorn combo

  • Make sure the tightness of the compiling nut of the LP gas cylinder before opening it.
  • Turn off the cylinder valve and cylinder knobs, when you’re not using it.
  • You should not move the smoker on cooking or still hot.
  • Always use long-handled BBQ utensils and oven mitts to avoid burns.
  • Side burner and side shelf carry maximum 10 lbs. of load
  • It’s better to change the grease cup after using the Oklahoma Joe smoker
  • The manufacturer recommends the frequent cleaning of the grill.
  • Keep the cylinder open for ventilation.
  • You can setup humming or whistling noise during grilling.

Cooking Tips for Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Grill and Smoker

We highly recommending and advising to light the fire with the smoker lid open. This eliminates the trap of fumes from the charcoal lighter.

You can make a good fire with the arranging pyramid shape wood or charcoal briquettes on top of the charcoal grate.

You should not add charcoal lighter fluid to warm or hot coals, because it may cause injury.

It’s better to decide the cooking method promptly and you can leave briquettes in pile or spread evenly across the grate using a long-handled poker.

Learning Point: Learn how to keep mice away from the grill for healthy and safe grilling.

Features of the Smoker
  • 1,060 total square inch cooking surface
  • 750 square inch primary cooking surface
  • The size of the cooking surface in the firebox chamber is 310 square inch
  • 3x 12,000 BTU Burners
  • Professional temperature gauge
  • Multiple adjustable dampers


How to use Oklahoma Joe smoker?

Simply you should follow the below 3 steps before starting the cooking using Oklahoma Joe Grill. Seasoning is an important factor to closely follow, failure to comply with the below steps may damage the finish of the cooking and impart a metallic flavor to your BBQ.

1. As the 1st step, you must use the vegetable oil to brush all over the grills and grates.
2. Secondly, make a small fire on the pan or fire grate. You must ensure not to lay coals against grill walls. 
3. Thirdly you must close the door. Proper grinding and smoking require long continuous smoke/bum, therefore make sure to provide continuous and even heat power for at least two hours thereafter you can increase the temperature by opening the damper and adding charcoal.

If you follow these three steps you can grab the solution for how to properly use a Oklahoma Joe smoker without any hesitation. 

What is the ideal Internal Meat Temperatures for grilling/smoking meat?

If you are a convenient reader of Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn combo grill and smoker reviews, you must know the exact temperature for grilling. Outside of the meat turning in to the brown quickly when you are using the Oklahoma Joe Grill. Therefore use a thermometer to check the internal temperature of the meat.
However, it’s better to follow the below recommendations recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to measure the safe minimum internal temperatures.

Lamb, Steak, Roasts, Beef, Veal, & Whole Pork (with a 3 minute rest time)145° F
Fish145° F
Pork, Veal, Lamb, and Beef – Ground160° F
Egg Dishes160° F
Turkey, Chicken & Duck Whole, Pieces & Ground165° F

Char Griller vs Oklahoma Joe

Wrapping up..

This comprehensive guide on Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn combo grill and smoker covers all the features and factors you must consider before making the purchase decision. As one of the best offset in the world, Oklahoma Joes longhorn combo gives a wonderful cooking experience to you and our family. So why you wasting time on spending lots of money on other products without investing in Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn combo grill and smoker. Grab your grill now.

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