How to Grind Chicken Bones?

May 12, 2023

What do you think? Would you have to throw away the chicken bones? Well, don’t just yet. I will let you know how to grind chicken bones using a couple of kitchen appliances. Finding a meat grinder that can grind chicken bones also isn’t hard as you would think. Particularly, if you have pets in your household, this is one article that you don’t want to miss as the chicken bone powder is a magnificent source of calcium and knowing how to get it done would come in handy in more ways than one. Let’s get started.

Can You Eat Ground Chicken Bones?

Yes, people do eat ground chicken bones, and that is nothing new to the world. The only crucial factor is that you should grind the chicken bones to the fullest and make sure you chew to the fullest in order to stay away from unwanted consequences.

Perhaps “unwanted consequences” might have caused some doubts in your mind, and that is perfectly alright. As far as you are using the best way to grind chicken bones, there shouldn’t be an issue, which I’m explaining to you later in the article.

Factors You Should Consider Before Grinding Chicken Bones

Putting chicken in blender or any other machine is the most straightforward part of the process. However, there are certain factors you need to put emphasis on in order to come on the right side at the end of the day. Here are some of the vital elements that you need to look at.

Choosing the Right Chicken Bone Grinder

You got to have a good idea of the best meat grinder for chicken bones, and I recommend you choose an electric meat grinder for the job. A meat grinder’s primary task is to grind meat, not bones, and an ordinary meat grinder won’t last long if you constantly grind bones in it.

In addition, don’t guess it; take a second and read the manufacturer’s information about whether the machine is compatible with grinding meat bones. Otherwise, it won’t take much time for the blades to break for sure.

Further, I strongly advise you to read the previous customer reviews even when the manufacturer has stated the compatibility as banking only on words of the maker won’t be the best move as far as longevity is concerned. 

chicken bone grinder

Identify Your Requirement

This is another important factor and has a direct connection with the machine you have to choose. As an example, if your main objective is to feed one or two pets, it will be enough to go with a small size electric meat grinder. Also, that type of machine will stay with you for at least two years without causing any substantial issue. 

For those who have more pets and have a family to feed with ground meat bones, the obvious choice should be a heavy-duty meat grinder. Of course, they are expensive, but you will have to buy such a machine to match your intentions. 

All in all, if you want to feed ground chicken bones for dogs, a meat grinder is the best option you should prefer. That said, there are a couple of other ways you can try with more or less the same quality of results, which I will reveal later in the article. So, keep reading.

Selecting the Bones

Ideally, it is better to opt for uncooked meat bones for two main reasons, especially if your goal is to feed your pets. The number reason is that animals in the wild have no chance to eat cooked stuff, and that is how their bodies are created by nature. By using raw meat bones, you are providing the pets with what their bodies want. Moreover, the raw form of bones has more nutrients compared to the cooked version. 

The second reason is that cooked meat bones are harder and put more stress on your machine, which you don’t want to allow to happen if you want the grinder to last as long as you would want. Also, when making pet food, ensure you use meat bones that are not bigger than the size of your thumb. Anyway, its nice to learn about how to grind cooked meat in meat grinder!

Soften chicken bones are tailor-made in that regard. Stay away from beef, lamb and pork, provided you are not an owner of an industrial level meat grinder. Since that is not the topic of this article, I’m not going to touch on that more than that. 

Preparing Meat Bones

Yes, chicken bones are relatively small compared to most other meat types. Still, you want to chop them into smaller pieces to ease the pressure on the machine. Any meat grinder that will grind chicken bones would love you doing that.

The meat cleaver is my go-to option. If you don’t have one, a high-quality pair of kitchen scissors also should do the job. Another step I follow is that separating the bones. As an example, putting chicken wings in the machine by separating them from the rest will help your machine perform the job much more efficiently. 

Can You Grind Chicken Bones In a Meat Grinder?

You already know the answer to this question. Yes, you can grind meat bones in a meat grinder. However, it is advisable to use an electric meat grinder. Also, it is essential to take your requirements into consideration. As said, if you are a heavy user, you cannot expect a lower end electric meat grinder to function for a longer period of time. 

Although a meat grinder is the best option for meat bone grinding, it is super important to focus on the factors that I have elaborated on in the previous section of the article if you want to use ground meat bones frequently. 

When you use a meat grinder, no matter whether you grind bones or not, most pro users, including me, like to chill the machine itself before the start of the process. The thought behind this thing is that when the machine gets hot, it impacts the end results in terms of texture. I have said this aspect in a couple of instances in my previous articles well. So, consider that as well as an additional tip. 

best meat grinder for chicken bones

Can You Grind Chicken Bones In a Blender?

In fact, chicken bones are the ideal candidate to grind in a blender. It’s another convenient way to answer your question of “how do you grind chicken bones.” However, if you are using a blender, make sure you keep the following tips in mind, as blenders are not meant to crush meat bones.

Do Not Use Cooked Chicken

Other than the fact that cooked bones make the job harder for the blender, they are injurious to your pets as well. Cooked bones will get splinters, and it could cause health issues to your beloved pets. 

Blend Them to the Fullest

Regardless of the machine you use, it is crucial to crush the bones to convert them to powder. So, make sure you use the high power of your blender to crush. The powdered meat bones should remain edible at least for six months if you store them properly in the freezer.

The Ratio of Bones

Most probably, you are using the blender to prepare your pet’s food. If so, using more than 10% of meat bones from your pet’s meal is not recommended. You are grabbing the snake from the tail if you are using more meat bones than that, as it will lead your pet to get sick. 

Can I Grind Chicken Bones in a Food Processor?

If you are wondering how to make chicken bones crushed, using the food processor in your kitchen is another possible way you have in your hands. It is possible to grind bones in the food processor if you follow my instructions from A to Z.

How to Grind Chicken Bones in a Food Processor?

I consider it as a “homemade bone crusher.” Yes, I’m not exaggerating. Let me explain that via a step by step guide. 

1st Step

Selecting appropriate meat bones is very much important as you are not using a machine that is dedicated to the job. Raw, uncooked chicken bones should be your preferred option. Neck bones, wings and rib cages are some chicken bones types that are recommended by most that are using food processors to grind bones. The point is that you have to pick soft bones as they are easy to break. 

2nd Step

The second step would be to cut the chicken bones you selected into smaller pieces. They don’t have to be too tiny; all you have to do is make them smaller enough to fit your food processor. As I previously suggested, a meat cleaver would do the job here. 

In addition, to get the best results, remove the meat that is attached to the bones. This might be somewhat of a challenging job as getting rid of raw meat off bones is not an easy job.

Adding More Ingredients

Ingredients mean you have to include more veggies in the food processor along with meat bones. This will make the meal you prepare more nutritious for your pets. The vegetables you use also have to be cut into smaller sizes so that the machine can crush all of them to perfection.


Now add meat bones and veggies to the food processor. When doing this, ensure that you are not overloading the machine. Else, the grinding process will become a mess. Further, add a little bit of water to the food processor. Then switch on the machine and continue with the grinding process. 

Once you finish the grinding, you can store the output in the freezer or fridge in an airtight container for future use. 

putting chicken in blender


Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding grinding chicken bones. 

Will A Heavy-Duty Blender Grind Chicken Bones?

Yes, a heavy-duty blender would be more than enough to grind chicken bones. Although they are not specifically designed to crush meat bones, particularly the harder meat bones such as cow or pig, there should not be any problem in crushing chicken bones. 

I think you ask a question like this because you are concerned about the impact of the bones on your blender. Chicken bones are one of the softer types of bones that you can use to make pet food, and a heavy-duty blender should be OK for the task.

Is Grinding Boil Chicken Bones Good For Dogs?

No. Please try to use raw chicken bones to prepare dog food. The reason is that boiled chicken bones can injure the throat and other vital organs of a dog. Chicken bones are smaller in stature, and if you let your dog bite on them in whole, there is a high possibility of dogs swallowing them. 

That is why you should consider grinding chicken bones and adding powder to the meal. If your puppy hates eating raw bones, I would advise you to provide them with boiled larger meat bones such as beef to keep everything safe. 

Which Grinder Chop Chicken Bones?

An electric grinder. Yes, an electric grinder should be your pick if you have pets to feed and are planning to grind meat bones. For chicken bones, there is no need to buy a heavy-duty machine as a low-end electric grinder has what it takes to crush soft meat bones like chicken. 


How to grind up chicken bones? Now you have three appliances to try if you want to grind chicken bones. Well, let me tell you this. Grinding chicken bones is probably the easiest out of all meat bone types. Just make sure you use raw chicken bones, cut them into smaller pieces and use them in small batches regardless of the machine you use. You will be all fine if you keep those fundamentals in your mind. So, I hope you got everything you needed regarding chicken bone grinding. Until the next time, let me say goodbye to all readers. Have a great day!

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